Thursday, April 8, 2010

The first tutorial in ArtistClass Spring, and a beautifull Gift.

When I saw that Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered was one of the artists that offered a
tutorial, in Mary`s Artist Class, I was sure I wanted to take part in this wonderfull event for the 3 time.
Lisa is a dear friend, and she makes the most beautifull, and special art,-I love her style, and have several pieces from her.
She made a Mothers day collage tutorial for this class,
and here is my interpretation.

My center piece is made with packing tape transfer, as I did not have the actual
materials.It is mounted on many different laces, that are glued to an old book cover.

Here is the mother mounted on an old crystal
and the beautifull image from a magazine, a painting from
a danish painter.
I first met Sissie
when she won my first giveaway, and since then we have "talked" together
here in this wonderfull blogland.
Sissie is a so very dear, and sweet person, and a maker of the most beautifull and
romantic pillows.Her blog is filled with fantastic photoes from her beautifull home,and from her shop,filled with all the most lovely creations of hers.

Look what this sweet woman ,send me ,just like that-----
A little packet full of the most gorgeus old laces,rolled around a sweet tag.

Inside this organza bag,there was a little box filled to the brim with
small wonders of

this beauties,-Sissie ,I loved them when you showed them on
your blog, thanks so much dear.

and on top of that a card with a beautifull heavy old lace

I did not want to roll it off,but here a little glimpse of the card.

And here, all the lovely things. As you can see there was even a piece
of band with flowers too,
Dear Sissie, this is a wonderfull gift, and you are a very dear woman,-sweet friend,
thanks from my heart for such a precius gift.
Entering this blog land, I never immagined what kind of happines,love,and
dear,sweet weemen I would meet.
It is overwhelming, and a daily joy to be here.I can only hope, you feel, I`m returning
some of all this love, to all you fantastic friends, out there.
Love and hugs, Dorthe


Sandy said...

Oh wow Dorthe das ist ein Traum.
So ein tolles Werk. Hugs.

Diane said...

Your creation is beautiful, Dorthe!! And what a wonderful post with all of this eye candy! said...

Whow.. Dorthe what a lucky day for you!!!
It's really a great beautiful present from your friend. And...
I love your fantastic fabric art especially the girl with the music stamp.Great work.

Gillian .... said...

Hi Dorthe ... Oh my your latest creation is simply devine, the different layering of lace/organza just makes this piece, your image transfers are also incredible, this piece is truly inspirational. Your gift from your friend is so generous and wow what beautiful stuff she sent you x

Beth Leintz said...

I love your version of Lisa project. All the lace is so pretty and romantic. I'm looking forward to catching up on the projects from Mary's class this weekend.

Lisa said...

lovely goodies you've been gifted Dorthe!
Your collage is very romantic and delicate..i hope you post it on collage's a keeper!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
I just love the piece you are showing us today. It's so very pretty with all the laces and the crystal with the art. Very pretty.
Isn't that Lisa the sweetest?

I am so glad that you received your package. You are so welcome my dear. If you are like me, I often just pile up my laces and look at them over and over again for inspiration.
Thanks for being such a dear, sweet friend. I'm so glad that I met you.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such lovely items! Your creation is beautiful, Dorthe!

Createology said...

Your creation is lovely! What a treasure-both your friend and the goodies she sent you. Happy creating...

Debby said...

Hi Dorthe, what a beautiful gift from Sissie, awesome. I truly love your beautiful collage, I must get busy and get started, sure are a lot of beautiful things in the new artist classes.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Dorthe,

What a lovely creation you made!
I agree Sissie makes somelovely things and she sent you lovely you can go play with all the wonderful things she sent to you!!

Hugs and a Smile,


Michelle Palmer said...

Very beautiful!
Love all of your laces...
Hope you have a wonderful evening~

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

You are a lucky girl, I love your dolls. Just found your blog I will follow you . I'm new to blogging Come visit

Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, Your art class project is lovely, I think the packing tape transfer worked so well. (I enjoy using them in my work too)

Your sweet friend Sissie must know that you will use those special gifts to make some beautiful artwork.


Inspired-Simplicity said...

Love what you did with Lisa tutorial. It is just beautiful. I copied off the information,and hope to create something with a picture of my Mother. You are so inspiring to me. Love all the goodies you got in the mail.

Anonymous said...


BellaRosa said...

Dorthe amor, I LOVE your beautiful piece that you made from Lisa's tutorial! It is just gorgeous! I can't wait to get the classes myself :) I also love all the lil beauties that you received from Sissie, she is such a love, I so enjoy visiting her beautiful blog and seeing what beautiful new pillows she creates :) Have a beautiful weekend amor! Besos, Rose

Lisa said...

Hello my far away friend,
Oh, I just love your tattered collage. I saw the one Sandy at Quill Cottage made too. It's wonderful to see how different everyone style is, that is what makes us unique. I love your style Dorthe, I cherish each piece you've sent me. As far as Sissie goes, well, I just think she is the BEST, funniest, most clever person around. I don't miss her posts, that's for sure. How generous of her to send you such treasures. I know you'll put them to good use. Have a beautiful weekend. Lisa

Unknown said...

What a fabulous job you've done here! I wish I could do something like this. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

My Creative House said...

Dorthe your collage is amazing and so beautiful. Nu håber jeg at denne kommentar går igennem, der er noget der driller, mon der er problemer med blogger, nå jeg prøver,hvor er den blevet skøn, og billedet, fantastisk godt overført, den teknik med klar tape må jeg prøve. Kære ven ha en rigtig god weekend.
Knus Anni

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your collage is beautiful Dorthe! And you sure got a lot of the crocheted flowers!

Karen Valentine said...

Dorthe your fabric collage turned out beautifully!!! And, oh, what wonderful goodies you got in the mail! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for coming over for a visit!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dorthe,

I love your beautiful fabric collage, how very pretty.
How wonderful you got such a gorgeous gift from Sissie ~ love all the lace and crocheted flowers, and you are so lucky.

Happy weekend

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hallo, liebe Dorthe, Deine Collage ist traumhaft! Du hast so viele schöne Spitzen verarbeitet und das packing tape transfer ist super geworden! Der Kristall mit dem hinterlegten Bild gefällt mir auch sehr gut!
Wie lieb von Sissie, dass sie Dir ein so nettes Päckchen geschickt hat. Die Spitzen und Häkelblümchen sind sehr hübsch und die Karte ist ganz entzückend!
Viele, liebe Grüße und hugs
Julia said...

I absolutely love your collage project from Artist Class, it is so beautiful and inspiring. I have to catch up on my projects from Artist Class this weekend, the only problem is the weather is so beautiful outside that is keeps pulling me out there to work in my flowers gardens!! Thank you for sharing your most wonderful collage!

June said...

Oh Dorthe, they are so beautiful. Your work is always so stunning and i envy you having all that gorgeous lace. Its beautiful
hugs June xxxxx

Lovey said...

Dorthe your art is stunning. I love the way these came out! Beautiful! You are also so blessed to have so many wonderful women sending you such gifts with love and respect in them. Good for you! Smiles..Lovey

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, I know what you mean about the sweet friends in blogland! 3 years ago I hardly knew what a blog was. I thought it was just something that TV commentators had and not something that could be so beautifully creative! The sharing we've discovered around the entire world is wonderful, isn't it!! We are spreading joy, inspiration and thoughtfulness that is so much needed!

I just love, love, love your beautiful creation! How ever did you do this with packing tape and not have it get all wrinkly?!


Abi said...

beautiful art work you produced... so romantic.
I'm off to visit your friend Sissie - what lovely gifts she sent you :O)
Happy Sunday

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, yes, we've had bears visit our garden too! And I don't like it at all! They're HUGE! One destroyed our bird feeders and also pulled the railing off our our back porch before it was an enclosed glass porch! We make certain that we put no food out for the birds when we know the bears are no longer hibernating!

Diane :-)

Viola said...

Deine Collage ist wieder so traumhaft! Einfach wundervoll! Und ein tolles Geschenk hast Du von Sissie bekommen!