Saturday, April 27, 2013


She just arrived to spend summer in my Baltic Sea :-)

She is a lovely red head- waiting to relax in the soon warm water!

For now she is resting while the sun sets beautifully, in my 
back garden view.

I want to thank you all for the most wonderful comments you
left on my last post about the book I made,- you all
made me very happy, THANKYOU SO MUCH.

I hope your weekend is lovely and filled with happy hours!

Love and hugs

Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is the  final result from my workshop made from dear Nellie`s 
wonderful DVD where she shows and covers every aspect about making a book,
filled with whatever you choose yourself.
I wanted to incoorporate nature from my surroundings, together with old
lovely laces and embroideries. I also added smal pieces fitting this ,which was send to me from friends
in blogland- !!

Here you can see the spine made from laces ,a piece of bark,and old embroidered white fabrics.

Opened up to see the whole cover!

A stone heart I found on the beach ,paired with a lovely blue 
pearl bough my dear friend LIZ send me  thank`s dear friend---The 3 sisters
kind of reminds me of my two sisters and me, approximately the same age!
long time ago!

Bird copied on tissue paper,with a driftwood piece..

Beautiful stamped feathers and butterfly gifted me from my dear BETTINA
Thankyou kære ven!

A beautiful leafe found together with my dear daughter some years ago- the bird also a gift from Bettina, 
---a teabag- and so much more!

Here a spread with a pressed Orchid flower behind mica flake,a piece
of rusted metal from the beach, a bird and driftwood on the other page!

Photo I painted on,- and decked with a piece of embossed plastic!

The inside cover of the front page. 

Wonderful findings from the beach-

And sweet gifts from dear TERRI :----feathers,button,shell and little tags, bow
and tulle,too--fitting perfectly to this project, thankyou dear Terri!

Here the bound and finished book standing on my outdoor table,I
so love all the wonderful laces and fabrics you can see spilling out!

And last the back cover also with a bit of tulle sewed to this
amazing spine, learned from NELLIE
I`m so happy having made this book, after Nellie`s workshop dvd- Thankyou my
dear friend, you are a wonderful teacher and a stunning artist!

Now for the next 4 dayes, I will spend my time with my grandkids, so there will not be
much time for blogging- therefore I wish you all a happy weekend-
and send you many smiles and hugs.
Love ---Dorthe

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This was the wiev over the fields last night before going to bed,-
isen`t it so very beautiful?  As you can see the trees are still bare ,and nothing
green have appeared yet,-I hope it will soon show!

These last weeks I have had beautiful gifts in my mailbox, and this so
wonderful and lovely little hanger came from my also so lovely friend
See the driftwood she used -it came from "my" Baltic Sea, and am now returning back,to me. 
I love this sweet collage.----Lynne also send me a piece of pretty lace,
but the photo came out very bad, so I`m not showing that.
I know you all know her, but if some of you have not visited her blog 
please click the link, to see all her amazing creations.
Thankyou my dearest friend, for your beautiful art, and even more your
beautiful friendship.

And from another dear-and danish friend-
I got this beautiful giftbag, and a bunch of wonderful stamped and coloured
images, she had made at home,before visiting me! Yes we are that close,
in distance on our little island,that we can visit :-)

Isen`t it beautiful- I love the embossed bag,with Bettina`s so 
lovely flowers. Thankyou my dear ,sweet friend, so much!
Please also visit Bettina`s new blog,to see her wonderful creations,in felt ,paper and fabric!

And another surprice came from CHERYL
The sweetest woman I met on Facebook.
Cheryl, just send me this book because she is a  very kind woman!!!
It is filled with her wonderful handmade and hand stamped pages, with
beautiful adds of butterflyes and birds, 

Amazing tecniques, 

And beautiful pages. I was so touched to recieve this ,
dear Cheryl,-THANKYOU so very much my friend.

Those of you ,not knowing Cheryl, please visit her blog by clicking
her link above!
There will soon be an envelope off to your adress Cheryl  :-)

Thankyou also to my new followers, you are all so very much appriciated,
and also your comments makes my dayes brighter and warmer.

Today at last we had a beautiful warm day, not much sun, but so
lovely warm, that I could keep my door in the studio open for ceveral hours ,
so wonderful!
Now it is evening and dark, here, and I will wish you all
a wonderful day / evening and send you
love and hugs

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I alwayes love to see what my dear friend LIZ  from Lululiz in Vintageland have to offer in her Etsy shop,
and therefore follows both her blogs. I love the many French religious pieces she tracks up,
when on her tours there, and have once again purchased a beautiful
old thing from her .Please visit her wonderful shop, filled with beautiful and exiting finds!

Here is my beautiful silver piece with Virgin Mary, isen`t it lovely.

And a very lovely friend is Liz, too !!!--see this so beautiful tag she also send me , with
the old papers above!!

The beautiful card,old stamps and labels and the loveliest pieces to add to my 
creations, the blue flowers I have added to one of my book pieces :-)

Thankyou so much my dear Liz, you alwayes makes my purchases to the loveliest
gifts from your hands and sweet heart.

And here are then some new pages to my book, that I so enjoy to create!
Here I used a dried flower under a piece of Mica , and a bit of rust found on a tour to the beach!

Here I used a photo from last summer of a wonderful black- birds nest with 5
eggs,--I painted over the photo in some places and added a plastic piece
I have embossed ,on top of the photo-then some stamps and a bit of 
nature roots!

This page is painted ,  ceveral  times,-- and then I added
a piece of  (gold) trasch-some seaweed and a glass piece, which have "dansed" in 
The Baltic Sea for many years

I think I will soon have to stop making pages ,that the book will not be too heavy :-)

I want to thank, new followers ,--you are all so very appriciated !

And to all my wonderful friends- I hope you are feeling good, and wishes you
a happy rest of your day,-and /or evening- sending
you many hugs and love.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The first page I show, I used a photo I shot myself , and thereafter
painted on the photo ,to give it a totally other expression that it was 
"born" with. I also used Gesso around the text, and the most beautiful seaweed below!

This page is mostly black,white and with a touch of green and brown.
The envelope is made from handmade paper (with real leaves)and I
added a feather and a driftwood piece to it.
Inked the page .....and stamped the bird.

And as you can see better here, also used a piece of bark I found yesterday
on my tour to the beach. The laces are an old piece,and a new one at the bottom.

This is very simple with paper napkin glued to the left, inks 
on the right, and the beautiful embroidered leafe ...I 
wrincled , gathered ? the fabric to get a beautiful effect!

Here is the spread- with a stamped and painted flower, a piece
of the most beautiful old  collar and other old pices.
The threads are from a fishermans netting.

Well enough for today,- but I want to show you these most beautiful
earrings that dear Rhonda from 
have gifted me - I love the French charms and those beautiful crystals hanging below.
They came in sweet Rhonda`s lovely  :France packet.
Thankyou my dear, this was so very sweet of you- giving them to me
just because you knew I love them -Hugs and love and thanks from my heart,

I also recieved TWO postcards from  my mailman this week-
They both came from  sweet Tanya from
both send from Colorado where she spend some dayes , and also visiting
the grave of Buffalo Bill ! I would have loved being there ,studying a bit about those
proud people. 
The beautiful lady I don`t know her story , but will google her....isen`t it
fantastic we can just do that ,and ...learn!

My dearest Tanya, thankyou so much for your handwritten cards to me,
I love them and think it is wonderful recieving real mail, from the
postman ,just once in a while! and so special when arriving from the other side of the world!

This is a long post for me, but I also want to thankyou all my new followers and sweet commenters
to my blog, you all brightens my dayes !

Hugs and love