Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JUUBIIII 100 followers and a giveaway

I just have to share with you, that I reached my 100 followers, and as that is a very happy
event for me, I want so much to have a giveaway for all you dear friends, out there.
Here is a little glance of the sweetie I will send off ,to the one of you ,being the winner-
She is still waiting to be finished ,but as you can see ,she is a little oldfashioned girl, all neutral in
colors, and very kind.

This is a bit of her skirt, I so hope you likes her and wants to see her in your home.

As I`m not good with the computer tecnick, I`m not sure if I can find out placing a button,well I will try. But all you have to do is to make a comment on this blog, and the 14/4 I will draw the winner. You are all welcome.
I haven`t had much time to make up for easter, but I displayed my beautifull gifts from Julia
in this lovely white oldfashioned bowl,
I so love them resting on the mossy bed.

I hope you are all well, and having a good and restfull start on the easter hollydayes.
Blessings, and loving wishes, for a happy easter to everyone.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post to a dear friend, new blog head, and a rose

Here is a very little taste ,for my dear friend "J" , laying on top in the package I send off to her
yesterday. I hope it will arrive before easter, but ............... if not ,she has to wait till after.

I know I already told you about Karen helping me with a new background on my blog,
but after that, my blog head did not fill out the space,- so I was happy when she made me a new head.
I think she did a wonderfull job, and I`m so very thankfull, and happy for my new look.
If you want a change on the look ,at your blog, visit Karen ,-she is very pleasent to work with, -sweet, and her prices. are very reasonably ---just click on her blog link below-


I have long wanted to make a flower, using the tecknic of burning a thin material over a candle.
And when I two dayes ago saw this wonderfull blog of Linda`s ( go to older pages , to find the beautifull photoes showing how to do)--- with the most beautifull flowers made like that, I had to try the same. And this is how it came out,--it is burned a lot, to show a ragged
and used ,shappy style, ---I turned it into a hair buckle for myself, and Love it.

IT`s soon to be easter, and I wish all of you some wonderfull easter hollydayes,
I`m seeing my mother here for a cosy dinner, thursday, and the we are invited to two sweet girlfriends of mine ,to have dinner ,too, --so the dayes here will be spend in lovely compagny.
I hope you can relax and enjoy, and be thankfull for being here.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Friday, March 26, 2010


After walking with Mathilde yesterday,by the beach, coming inside my kitchen, there on
the table, was a packet. I had not ordered anything,so I flew over to se the sender, -and my eyes opened wide up, as I read, the name JULIA .Julia from Vintage With Laces, has become a dear friend, but never in my life I would have thought she would -just like that- send such a precius
gift to me...

I opened up and here was the most beautifully packed things inside

This wonderfull way of making an envelope was on top of the parcel

and underneath the most beautifull egg, I so love this polka dottet paper,
and see the beautifull flower the sweetie made on top.

opening it up ,peekt out a nother little egg,
isn`t it beautifull,all nested up in old paper cuttings

Next to ahhh and ohhh over, was the handmade yarnholder,filled with
the most thin and wonderfull old laces,
Julia I so love this fragile old laces--
and on top of that a clothes-peg also filled with wonderfull laces.
I am sure you want to know what was inside the paper envelope!!!!!!!
a collection of wonderfull laces,-see the sweet little hearts,and the so special
I think ,chrochted flowers-and Julia`s flowers are so beautifully made,

Here the 3 eggs ,and this sweet little bird, just look how all goes so elegant and wonderfull together, -I`m going to didplay it together,-maybe in an old silver tray,you will see.

And -yes I know it was lots of photoes, but I had to show all of my many treasures,from the ever so sweet, and loving Julia, -dearest friend, this is such a fantastic feeling ,to recieve a wonder of a packet ,without any other reason, than you Julia being a lovely person.
From my heart thanks, and love and blessings to you dear.
I know what to do,-just give me a little time Julia.
Also thanks to all my other friends for your alwayes sweet,and inspirering words to me,it means a lot, to open up my mail every morning ,and recieve words from each of you.
Today I trawel home with Mathilde, and will be back here again sunday.
Till then , love and hugs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See my blog make-over

Spring has arrived, and with that a new "face" on my blog, I hope you likes it?

Do you need help to arrange,-or change your blog?Then visit Karen on her new blog
She opened a wonderfull new place where you can seek help, ---and that I did!
So now my blog is having a lovely new "face", and I`m so happy for Karen`s
make-up on my blog. She did a wonderfull job ,and a very quick one, -and
not expensive at all.
So be sure to go visit her, and her helping "hands", She is a very sweet person.
Have a lovely evening everyone
Love and hugs, Dorthe

My first piece of fabric paper

Hi all,--------- having 5 minutes here, and 5 minutes there, I tryed to do my first fabric paper,
I`m not sattisfied, because my paper napkin was too heavy I think, so I remouved a bit from the face (it is only the upper part of the collage ,that is fabric paper), but I love the texture this tecnic gives,--I have white threads under the napkin,as well as old book bits, don`t know if it shows on the photo....

The rest is made from old remnants of lace, paper, driftwood, rust and a stamp.
I will certainly work more with this, trying to be better.
Hope you all are doing great, and wishes you a wonderfull wednesday.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A wonderfull giveaway, and finds from the beach

But first take a look at this great book, that is possibly to win over at Kristin`s blog
she is a very dear and sweet woman.
She is also selling the most wonderfull things, take a look for yourself

look here what I won from Rhonda at A Little Bit French, last week.
Beautifully packed in old french music sheet, and a lovely tag with Marie Antoinette
Inside was this lovely and sweet little fairy needle pillow. Thanks so very much Rhonda,
I just love it, dear.


Mathilde and I just had a tour at the beach, and this is some of the things we brought home

wonderfull driftwoods, old rusty stuff, empty snailshouses, spring flowers,----- and sea blatter.

I took it home to show LISA from Tarnished and Tattered, --are you there sweetie?
and is this something you can use, ??it is not the same as you showed me,I know.Write me dear, if you think you can use it, --------------

I`m a wery bussy grandma for the moment being, so please excuse me for not visiting you every day this week. I will return to all of you dear friends, in one week, again.
Have a lovely sunday,all
Love and hugs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AND another gift arrived

Another wonderfull gift arrived today!
Last week, I got a mail from Vicki, ,- (also a new, and dear friend ) that I had won a giveaway from her.
Vicki and her husbond made a wonderfull tropical trip , -and returned home with 3 beautifull gifts, for the giveaway,-and I was the lucky one to be drawn, for one of them-

It arrived today, together with this beautifull card---just look at this:
Are`nt they just sweet and wonderfull, this little bitty glass jars with ocean shells inside, I already tryed them on, and they are so sweet, hanging.
Thanks so much dear Vicki, I just love them. They will be perfect to wear, the whole summer.
If you have`n t visited Vicki, just click on her name above, to see all her beautifull knitting,-
among many other wonderfull things, she also knits fantastic birdsnest -yea it`s true-take a look.
Once again today, .....have a wonderfull evening, and a lovely week.
I so look forward being with my grandchild for a week, I will try to visit all of you, if possibly,while she is here....if not--see you in a week again.
Love and hugs from me to all of you. Dorthe

A little Easter pot, and a beautifull swap

I did two little easter pots more, with my "pot maker", in this one, I added a little stone egg,
that I painted first ,to look like a real one.
Here you see it in its little nest

And here the second one with a bought egg,in its nest made of
Islandisch moss.
The verse in danish, is about how everything starts to bulp....


Last year, when participating in Mixed Media Monday, I was welcomed by Anni, another danish woman,( see her blog, here:) Fabric Art
we have become friends , sharing thoughts, and ideas, and she is a wonderfull artist.
Not long ago we desided to swap ATC`c, and this is what I recieved from Anni.
First her beautifull card made with fabric paper,it is so lovely ,and soft to touch.

And here the ATC,
in soft whites, -paper and fabric, decorated with pearls.
Even more beautifull ,than in the photo.
Thanks so much Anni.
Anni even gifted me with som laces ,and an old white
embroidered piece.( not shown)

Tomorrow, dear friends .I`m off to Copenhagen to
meet my little family over there.
My granddaughter, is then to return with me, to my island ,satturday, and stay for the week.
So dear all, there will not be much time to visit you, with this 3 years old little lady visiting.
I will miss you, but will also be back in one week, ----and maybe a sneak-peak in between.
Hugs and love ,from Dorthe

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two white and soft lavenderhearts

Two lovely lavenderhearts, made all in fabric, in the soft tones old materials are giving.
I love to use white in many tones, to make the end result live.


This one is all in fabric, too, I love the emage of this little girl.

And A fantastic giveaway
This is just a photo ,but imagine recieving all this , wouldn`t it be real wonderfull.
Take a look at Robin`s egg blues to read more of this beautifull giveaway, Linda is offering.

My little pot with Thyme, resting in my shop, for a bit of spring

Hope you are all having a lovely sunday,

Hugs and love ,Dorthe

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A teddy satturday hello

Many years ago, Tina from Tiny Bear came through my door to ,at that time, a very small shop,-showed me some bears of hers, asking if I would sell them.
I certainly would, loved them from first sight,----aaaannnnddddd have collected many
small wonderfull bears ,since then, from my dear friend .

Theese 3 are family as you can see, I so love the worn and tattered look of the big one, and the two small ones are just so sweet.

This little white bear touched my heard ,once visiting Tina, so she came home with me.

And ofcourse being a pink woman, I do have many in lots of wonderfull
shades of pink.

Aren`t they cude? I love all of them,---and there are many more ,living in my home.
Tina is a wonderfull bear-artist, if you did not visit her yet, you should take a tour, to see all she is creating.

Today sun is shining here, -alwayes helps some, even there is tons of snow, in my garden still.
Hope lots of it will soon melt
Tomorrow I will go to look for some old "junk", I hope there will be something to show you.
Thanks to all, for dear comments, it makes me alwayes happy, that you visit my blog.
Have a wonderfull week-end, dear friends.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 small tags

As a follower on Dezinaworld I read about dear June`s wonderfull challenge, where every one using a freebie from her, or an image bought in her shop, can take part.

Simply make something using one of her wonderfull images, send the photo to her mailadr.and you will be in the challenge, where the lucky one can win one of June`s great sheets of images.
So click on Dezinaworld , and go read about this wonderfull oppertunity.

My two first tags shown here, are from her big stasch of goodies.This first one, I called spring, --so long to see a little bit green in nature soon.

This next one, is one of the freebies, I love the fairy image, and the feeling of sunshine created with this.

My last tag is made with stamps,- a cutout, and an image from an old german pattern magazine, dated 1863. I only used the head.

Hope you all are having a wonderfull day/ evening,
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new paperclay doll, and no 2 OWOH gift.

My number 2 paperclay doll found this wonderfull old chair, well you can`t see much chair!!!
but she likes it.

She is proper dressed, and brings her bonnet

I glaced her this time, and think the result is a little bit too shiny,have to buy something
semi shine.
I also gave her real eyes,(not the black button eyes )Think she should be able
to see a little more into the wuewers eyes.

And my number 2 gift from OWOH arrived here last week.
it came from Coralie A Vintage Cottage Home
This magic book, full of wonderfull storyes.

Look at this wonderfull little storyes, I love particulary the ones
from Dorothy Hall

The drawings that follows her little storyes are so lovely too.

Thanks so much Coralie, I love it.
Wishing you all a wonderfull monday, dear friends
xoxoxoxoxoxo Dorthe

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I made a little new collage today

It just about little girls, 3 years my grandchild.
When telling her that I love her, she tells me : I love you too.
what could make one more happy.
This is for all the little girls we love.

And a wonderfull giveaway, Liz , my sweet friend from Lululiz In Lalaland
is having a beautifull and lovely giveaway.
Please click her name, to visit and read what it is all about.
I would love winning .

Hope your day is great. I `m off to start making our supper, so hi for now.
Love and hugs ,Dorthe

Two little tags, and new goods in my shop

Two little new tags, have to get a hanger, but I just wanted to show you something new today

A new delivery, from my ordered goods arrived yesterday, look at all this lovely things.
Nye varer i butikken.....

Wonderfull metalhearts with french text ca. 11 cm high dkr. 30,- dollars 6,-
Beautifull sheepmilk soap white and green 5 dollars
Metalhjerter -grøn/hvid m. fransk tekst, kr. 30,-
smukke og dejlige fåremælkssæber a 25,-

Beautifull boxes 2 sizes

Little birdhouse,in wonderfull springcolours
Fuglehus, i forårsfarver ca.22x30 cm. dkr. 250,00

White bird house, here with my flower inside.
hvidt fuglehus måler 35x46 cm dkr. 375,-
Hope you are feeling good all,and wishing you a lovely day.

xoxoxo Dorthe