Monday, December 30, 2013


So I want to wish you all a happy new year !
But first I want to show you some of my beautiful christmas gifts!

This amazing banner arrived from Australia from my dear SUZY

I was totally in awe over this wonderful and so gorgeous piece
of art.

I love the images Suzy used,

and all the lovely laces -

and wonderful old linen pieces.

I love it so much dearest Suzy !
You are a fantastic artist, and a beautiful friend, with whom I
have become very close,-I admire your skills, and you as
woman, and am so happy for our friendship.

An adorable card with Mary and Jesus-so 
serene and beatiful.

Also Suzy sweetly  send me wonderful tags with wemen ,a golden star, 

and this bag filled with flowers and gorgeous strips of lace,
and braids.
Thank you  so very much my lovely friend,- You so spoiled me Suzy.

From another very dear friend YVONNE 

I recieved this beautiful christmas stocking, where she used a photo
of little me, ( 1 1/2  year ) I love Yvonne`s gorgeous
creations, and that she uses embroidery in many of them,
like here ,with my name.

Isen`t it wonderful collages with a tiny bit of blue,and the buttons,bling and pearls.

These  vintage cards were attached the parcels,
they are so sweet.

And my dear Yvonne also send me this so lovely and beautiful
hand crocheted heart,filled with flowers,and leaves ...I
love the colours and your wonderful work my dear friend.
Thank you for surprising me with all this beauty, 
I treasure your gifts and I treasure your friendship very much!

The last thing to show you in this photo-heavy post is
this sweet card I recieved from ALEXANDRA

Inside she sweetly added this old post card.
I love them both dear Alexandra, thank you, so very much.

This photo was taken 6 dayes ago, on a tour with my family,
to a nearby forest. Almost looks like spring is here,
but the trueth is that we have yet not had any real winter-weather.
So the new year will also start looking green, and with no
frost anywhere.

I hope you all have had wonderful christmas dayes, and wishes
for you and your families that you will be blessed with a
happy and healthy new year 2014.
I look forward to seing all of you in the new year, and 
visit to see and hear news.

Thank you from my heart for so many beautiful hours with you
in the year soon gone.

I send you love and hugs

Saturday, December 21, 2013


so I will not be much on my computer the next 5 dayes.
Therefore I want to tahnk you ,you all for a beautiful year
with you my friends.

This card I have send to a dear friend,- madentirely in nature tones and a little 
treasure gold and silver.

But I also want to show you a few more gifts from sweet friends .
This lovely little hanger I recieved from 
LYNN  as a thank you for her winning my last give away,
isen`t it beautiful, I love the skates.

Lynn also sweetly send me lovely pieces to play with and this 
sweet card. Thank you dear Lynn, it was such a kind gesture .

From a Danish blogfriend EMILIE

I recieved this wonderful card , and her dried beautiful leafe ,
which she altered with little white dots,-isen`t it the sweetest !!
Thank you so much dear Emilie, and thank you for your
kind comments on my blog this year.

This last amazing beautifully collage my dear VIOLA , send me 
for christmas , I am alwayes in awe when unpacking her gifts,
and this  is also so gorgeous.

See all the wonderful details and texture.

This is the card  Viola also created for me, I love 
very much.
Thank you dearest Viola, you have also spoiled me this year.
I treasure your gifts and I treasure our friendship, so much.


Enough for today,  so  even I have gifts from very dear friends : 
Suzy- Paula and Yvonne, I have to wait shoving them till after christmas,
I hope you will return to enjoy the beautiful things they created for me , they are worth
waiting for !!!


I wish you all a merry and happy christmas, I hope 
your holidayes will shine with happy hours with family, and friends,
and I hope you will all feel happy and well.

Loving hugs and love 
from Dorthe

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The postmann has been bussy visiting me again, and my home is 
filled with gorgeous gifts from dear friends !!
This most beautiful angel I recieved from my very dear BETTINA,
I love it so much ,with her beautiful handmade flower

and look at that wonderful star she made of Frienly Plastic ,isen`t it fantastic!
and the most lovely cross added on the star doily !

Thank you dearest friend ,she is so sweet and special to me Bettina .

From my dearest NELLIE look at this wonderful christmas package !

Inside was this amazing handmade bauble,that Nellie painted ,
with the 3 crosses from Golgata .
and the sweetest bag with her little funny angel.
I love Nellies art, and this ornament is so wonderful.

I also love the verse written by Longfellow .
Dear Nellie thank you do very much ,you are such a dear and long time friend ,
to me- and I tresure you so very much!

This amazing canvas was a totally surprice packet from dear   MARTINA  
isen`t it fantastic. She creates the most gorgeous work with the paste on stencil, I am so in awe over this
wonderful hanger .
And see how she incorporates leaves and flowers and makes them look as a part of the whole.

Here you can better se the beautiful stenciled work, and the sweet angel on top.
Danke meine liebe freund , du hasst mir eine grosse freude gemacht Martina, I`m happy we
have become closer friends this year.

Another totally surprice came from dear Katherine Wolak,
I was so  exited to see her sweet little package with lovely bling, and look !!

This salt shaker,beautifully decorated and with the tiniest christmas tree
inside. Isen`t it the most lovely ornament for my tree!!
Thank you dear Katherine, this was so sweet and kind of you- xoxo.

The last,--but certainly not least presents I want to show you
today, came from another dear friend NANCY.
She totally spoiled me with her beautiful and gorgeous creations.

This heart in white felted wool, is the most wonderful hanger, so gorgeous with
hand embroidered pearls and beautiful laces. And the image is so adorable.
Look at the sweet details.

Dear Nancy also send me this little bag ,also in wool and with the 
lovely image and buttons and laces , -it will be filled with little sewing notions !!

Also she dearly made this amazing tag ,that is so wonderfully christmassy.
I love the big bow, and the bling.
Sweet Nancy, thank you so very much dear friend, you also
totally spoiled me , and I treasure your art so much.

I feel so blessed all year round, having such fantastic friends 
from around the world, that is the biggest gift!!!

I send everyone much love and hugs
Dorthe, xxx

Friday, December 13, 2013


And therefore I`m happy to very soon have been sending all my cards, and tiny gifts 
off to far and near! 
This is a card I made for a friend, -I hope it will soon be with her!

I love the old image of the kids in the snow !!

From far away, cards also started to arrive to my door, and what a
delight to open dearest  LYNNE `s envelope and find this beautiful and so romantic card.
I`m sure most of you know Lynne and her beautiful creations,but if not ,the link will take you to her blog,
where you will find all her gorgeous and amazing creations.

Look how gorgeous a background and the wonderful image on photo paper,
with the mica flakes around ,and the paper doily behind is the sweetest ,-and so adorable.
My lovely friend, Thank you  very much , I so love your card, Lynne .

And arriving home from town today, I found another very beautiful
card in my postbox:  from another very dear friend  MARIE.
I love how she added the french paper and the seambinding,
-it is the most beautiful christmas card-

gorgeous with the lovely glitter around this sweet girl, and the wonderful snowflake 
and sign. The stamp is so sweet, -I would like to have it myself.
Inside my dear friend added the adorable heart with the Holy Virgin .
Thank you so much my dearest Marie .
I do believe that most of you also know Marie`s lovely blog, but if not the link will take you to her, where you can admire her gorgeous soldered pieces and her paperworks.

Not long ago, I purchased another beautiful rosario from my 
friend,-dear Liz .I have purchased quit a few the many last years,
as  LIZ  alwayes is tempting me with new wonderful finds, from her tours to La France.
This one is tiny in beautiful warm yellow tones and so detailed 

Isen`t it beautiful, and so sweetly packed in the little envelope
Liz made herself.

My dear friend, also send me this gorgeous tag , beautiful in those
red and yellow colours,and filled with wonderful old laces.
Can you see how lovely the rosario matches her hairdress ,-and the hand crocheted doily too!!
Thank you sweet friend, you once more gifted me with one of your gorgeous creations, I love it very much!

This was long for me, I I better start doing something else
than sitting here,- but before I go, I also want to say 
Welcome to new followers, I`m happy to have you liking my blog.


Dorthe  xoxoxo

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Way back in Oktober, my friend Astrid  from
showed a kind of tutorial, about how to create a wonderful book "adventure".
Click the link and se her amazing autumn book, it is totally stunning:

Thank you my dear Astrid, for your step by step tutorial, I hope it was ok,-
me lending your methode - xoxo


I got so inspired and so in love with trying to create one myself, but wanted
to do a christmas version.

And here is the result , a winter wonderland of snow and glitter, 
girls sledging and deers and a rheindeer passing in the background.

You can see how the book is folded and then decorated after.

The little family is a die cut from Memorybox ,

and the flower string is different pieces strung together,to make an icy appearance.

I am not sure about the beautiful image, so if any of you know
from where it is I will love to hear from you.

This is one of the few pieces I have created for christmas, apart from cards,
it is now in my sitting room in a window !!

Have you created christmas pieces for yourself to enjoy?
If not I hope you will have time to do that!!

It is raining and storming again, and I`m happy to be inside,
and to be able to send you all warm sunday and second Advent  greetings.

Much love and hugs