Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello all,- I just want to show you some more beautiful gifts I recieved for my birthday from, 
lovely and dear friends!!
The ones I`m showing you today, I also add as they arrived to my mailbox- and they all came from some very sweet German friends, I`m sure you know them!!!
The first is from my dear  MARIE  from Lost Bird Studio- ,
she is a wonderful friend, and make such beautiful art pieces, alwayes.

See what the opened box showed of goodies!!! ,- (please click the photo to see real)
A wonderful map wherein are some great papers, to play with- and on the old dish towel---(I collect them and use them in my kitchen)-- a matchbox  with the sweetest image,-Marie`s beautiful tag, and a charm made from an old domino ,with a tiny key attached-and a clothes-peg with lovely old lace !! as seen below!!!

And you won`t believe that Marie made this gorgeous feed sack transfer , herself!!!
Dosent it look fabolous!!-I love the old stamp she used on the sack,-and as she 
lovingly gifted me the whole sack, I will have some thoughts about how to use it best -
Thankyou my dear sweet Marie- it is so wonderfully done !! and looks as it was alwayes there!!

And Marie also created this gorgeous hanger for me, showing the most beautiful woman,wearing her cross,
underneath the glass in this wonderfully soldered matchbox--

Isen`t it so gorgeous!!

Here is what was hidden in the  lovely matchbox -
beautiful little charms, and old metal numbers!
I so love my gorgeous gifts from you dearest friend,- you have spoiled me Marie, and I thank you from my heart  for your gifts of love, and for your special and wonderful friendship, which means a lot to me.
Love to you, dearest!!

The next gift ,arrived totally unexpected for me, and came from the wonderful artist MARTINA  from
Stempel-Gewerkel .. she totally surprised me with some most gorgeous gifts...
This fantastic canvas !!!

Look the amazing layers of paper doilies and old book page-and Martinas 
fantastic way of using colours and papers, to create a stunning result !

She also gifted me this beautiful box- matchbox,-
altered to something very gorgeous,...

and filled to the brim with pieces of papers, watch parts, and ,-and.......
Thankyou dear Martina, I love your gifts, and feel so thankful that you send me all this beauty!!
I send you warm hugs and love, dear friend!!

Now I hope you are still here, as I also so want to show you those beautiful things, that arrived on my birthday from dear ALEXANDRA of  Xelas Art Blog.

Isen`t the card she made me giving  such a lovely summer feelings!!
And maybe even the feelings of :Paris in spring!!! 
It is so beautiful!!

And oh my!! a stunning collage,-I have tried to capture all the beauty, but the photoes dosen`t make it 
justice, so please take a look at Alexès blog for more wonderful photoes, of this piece,
in nature and blue tones, so wonderfully created !

Alexandra used wonderful old buttons, which highlight the old image transfer, so beautiful,
together with the bow,and gorgeous old brooch!Se how Alexandra embroidered the lace below, with the tiniest blue pearls,- so beautiful!!!

Thank you sweet dear friend,- AND for the most gorgeous 
earhangers, lovely tucked away in the little sweet envelope !! Aren`t they beautiful!!I love
their blue tones and litte rhinestone pearls -and am in fact wearing them just now :-)

Dear Alexandra, thankyou so very much for those beautiful gifts,- and thankyou
for thinking about me , you are so very kind and sweet.
Warm hugs and love to you from me !!!

A ,for me totally unusual long post, and I so hope you took your time to see all those amazing art pieces,
made from lovely and kind blogging friends - --where in the world do you find such kindness and love between people,- as you experience between blogging friends !!!!!
I am so thankful for all my friends !!!

A little update on my mother, for you, whom dearly send me well wishes and prayers, in my last post-thankyou also for that !!!!!! She is happily feeling a bit better, and have started to be up from bed some hours every day, again... I am so happy for that, and hope she improves!!

Thankyou to you all, for alwayes being there, with a kind word, and a well wishing,-you all means so much to me!!!
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As some of you might know by now, I love to collect rosaries, and my sweet friend LIZ  alwayes seems
to fing ,just what I can`t live without :-)!!

Aren`t they amazingly beautiful,-I think so!!!

As the dearest friend Liz is , she had packed them inside this gorgeous box, that she created herself ,-see that wonderful old image, and the laces!!

And inside more goodness,- I love the trims and braids,-

on top of the sweetest decorated box buttom -I adore Liz`s craftmannship- and her lovely
romantic style, and this is the most beautiful box, that I will save lovely pieces inside ,alwayes !!
Thankyou my dearest Liz, so much!!! you are such a treasured friend, and alwayes so very generous and lovely!!

Beautiful roses from my garden, decorated a table on my birthday this monday!!
I has a most lovely day with my husbond ,family, and some friends!
AND I recieved amazingly wonderful gifts from near and far away, too.
As their are many dear friends whom so lovingly gifted me, I will show the gifts , as they arrived,-

So first here, from my dearest loved  SUZY , from  far away on the other side of the world!! but alwayes near
in spirit and a helping hand!!

This is her loving card to me, beautiful  outside and in, with wonderful laces and images,
and her beautiful stamps!!

Suzy made me a most gorgeous bag, -a bag for going visiting with a phone, and a comb or such little things inside- or for storing little pieces inside , hanging lovingly in my room!!! I love it and it`s shabby look,
so romantic and beautiful, in nature colours.

Isen`t it gorgeous, with all the layers of laces ,and her handmade bloom!!
I had to take photoes in a very dark room ,(bad weather ) with the light on, so the photoes dosen`t do Suzy`s amazing work justice, I`m sorry my friend!!

She also sweetly send me a lovely collection of laces and fabrics, with those 4 metal forms
from dayes gone by!!----

and another fabric rose, and two beautifully stamped muslin pieces!

It was such  beautiful gifts , all adorable and I treasure them from my heart , my dearest Suzy!
Thank you so much and most for your true and wonderful friendship !!!
I send you love and hugs across the oceans, sweetie !!!

From another very dear and loved friend, VIOLA I also recieved stunning gifts!!
Just loook at her card, isen`t it wonderful, !!

And a very big surprice , : the sweetest doll , called Dotti waited paitently ,for me to unpack her 
after a long journey and dayes here in my home waiting for the birthday to arrive!!
Isen`t she the sweetest little huggable dolly , Thankyou so much Viola, for
creating a doll for me,-I love her ,and she will keep me compagny here in my room!

Oh and this stunning tag purse, just truly beautiful!!

And with an amazing tag inside ,-see the paper pearls ,Viola created!!!

And last but certainly not least a beautiful collage,  wonderfully made with laces and 
sweet adds from old books, and trims!!
I love the hanger, and 

the wing , the lovely flower and old sign !!

Thankyou my dearest "old" friend ,so very much - thankyou for your ongoing friendship and
most beautiful gifts , I send you love and hugs Viola ,liebe . 

The last photo for today, I shot on Midsummer Evening 23/6 when we had the 
almost biggest full moon ever!!
Here it shines beautifully on my yellow roses , late night!

Thankyou to new followers, I so hope you will go on following me from 
Blogloving  or some other place, when Google closes their Friends Connect first July!!!

I want to also thank all you dear friends whom send me well wishes to my mother ,and to me,-
She is maybe a bit better, and I hope it will go on that way , so thankyou for your prayers ,
we will see what the near future brings!!!

I send you all many hugs and love from a very cold and wet evening in Denmark!!!
Dorthe- xoxoxo

Friday, June 21, 2013


This doll I recently made for a very,very dear friend,
Sharon Borsavage, as a thank you for all the lovelines she brings me in 
being my friend, and her wonderful gifts she sends me!!!
I hope she likes her, with her curly hair and little smile!!

She wears a dress made from one leg of an very old pair of 
under trousers.

And from my dearest SHARON I also recently purchased
those amazing earrings- I love all Sharon`s jewelery and have
a lovely collection from her.
If some of you are new to her blog, please visit to see the gorgeous 
jewelery and collages she is creating, and her ETSY shop, too -
where you find her fantastic pieces for sale!!!

But my dear friend did not only send the earrings I bought--, also she gifted
me so gorgeously with all kind of goodies ,and beauty!

See this amount of wonderful pieces!!

I so love her cross, she created herself with a special
tecnique of soldering- and see all the little pieces for me
to create with!
The most beautiful handkerchief in the background, is so very lovely embroidered!

I also love old religious pieces and sweet Sharon alwayes dearly sends
me some wonderful pieces from her own stach...isen`t the
medaillon gorgeous, and the plaque behind,too!!

And this sweetest necklace with her resin filled charm, 
I find so adorable, too. Simpel and beautiful!!!
Thankyou my dearest sweet friend,- I`m so happy for our friendship,
and treasure our chats, you have long been an importent part of my
blogging world and now on fb, too--
I love you Sharon,- thankyou from my heart for your 
friendship, and for all those beautiful gifts.
My dear mother, 90 years old, have suddenly turned very weak, and as I don`t know
what the future brings, I ask you to bear with me,if I am not
able to be visiting your blogs as often as I normally do!!
Please think of me!!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and sends you 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One of my latest little collages  made with lovely old laces  and the frame 
from an old photo album!
The image is a copy I got from a kind friend whom collects
old photoes !!

There are also a few lovely paper pieces, from
old magazines and wallpaper!!

Have you seen anything as beautiful as these salmon
coloured poppies!!!
I love them and have had them in my garden for some years now,
where they gets bigger every year !!

Sweet friends , my grandkids and daughter will be
spending time with us the rest of this week, so excuse me
for not being on your blogs untill monday again!
I will miss you, but am SOOO happy to be seing
my little family !!

Warmest hugs and love, to you and a 
wonderful rest of the week all!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here they are,- aren`t they the sweetest!!
When seing them in my dear friend DAWN  `s new Etsy shop  where she sells
her own collected treasures, I just had to buy them!!

Dawn being the most dear and wonderful friend, made me 
so very happy , adding all this huge bunch of lovely seambindings, and buttons
from her stasches!! It is not possibly to buy them here, so it is a most
treasured gift!

Here all the beautiful laces dearest Dawn had hidden in the shoes!!
Thank you from my heart my precious friend-you are the most 
caring ,and lovely person,- and an amazing friend.

Another very dear friend BETTINA also gave me a very special
present ,in lending me her needle felting machine for some dayes!!
I had so much fun trying this,for me  total new maschine,-
and had a great time creating two pieces!! 

This bird collage I made for her as a thankyou.

I used a birds stamp, Bettina also gave me, some time ago!!

Thankyou for being so generous my dear friend,-It was so
very sweet and kind of you !

This is the other collage I made with wool ,papers,fabrics and laces!!

A little close up, of all the textures !!


Thankyou for all your wonderful comments on my last post,
showing the gorgeous gifts from dear Yvonne! 

I hope your week is filled with happy creating ( among other things)
and wishes you all a wonderful friday and weekend!