Monday, November 5, 2018

Sunday tour ....and collage

Dear friends , a part of a collage , made, using Lynne`s newest stamps, and
an older one too- I love her  style as you well know ! 
They are to find here , if you are interested in buying them :

Yesterday my husband and I visited a beautiful part of  the island,
to see the glory of nature, while still leaves on the trees.

We also walked the beach and found a lovely handful of stones with
holes in, made by the Baltic Sea through years and years .... they 
were brought home , and will be hung on a string, later.

Here the sea, - it was very windy  yesterday, and lots
of whitecaps on the seat , cold but beautiful.

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, and wishes you all the best for the coming week .

Hugs and love