Thursday, November 22, 2018


Wishing my dear American friends, and everyone else celebrating Thanksgiving,
a wonderful day ,evening and weekend!!

May your dreams ,come true, for the next Thanksgiving, and
may you all, have only good experiences the coming year !!

Hugs and love
from Dorthe 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Sunday tour ....and collage

Dear friends , a part of a collage , made, using Lynne`s newest stamps, and
an older one too- I love her  style as you well know ! 
They are to find here , if you are interested in buying them :

Yesterday my husband and I visited a beautiful part of  the island,
to see the glory of nature, while still leaves on the trees.

We also walked the beach and found a lovely handful of stones with
holes in, made by the Baltic Sea through years and years .... they 
were brought home , and will be hung on a string, later.

Here the sea, - it was very windy  yesterday, and lots
of whitecaps on the seat , cold but beautiful.

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, and wishes you all the best for the coming week .

Hugs and love