Friday, September 30, 2011


I have got a big problem!!!
Trying to comment on certain blogs, my comment dissapers into the sky- ??? dosen`t matter how many times I try ---NO COMMENT - Are there anyone of you out there having the same problem, and know what to do ???
Today I have had the problem with :  and   and others too- I so want to comment on my dear friends posts- and therefore asks you for help.
I have asked BLOGGER--and it seems other have the same problem-but NO ANSWER from Blogger.

Thankyou on forehand- dear friends.
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Thursday, September 22, 2011


This little lavender sachet, is off to a very dear blogger and Etsy friend, whom have alwayes treated me so very sweet.

And this one- also filled with lavender in a little front bag ,is now in my Etsy
I have long neclected my Etsy shop, as there have been so much to make for my real shop, but now I will try to come back :)

I also added an angel doll.
She wears rusty wings-and old laces over callico-she also wears
her heart outside- and have sand in her legs to give her a heavy hanging.

And today, one of my dearest blog friends -Paula- have birthday-
I wish you the most lovely day-and sends you birthday kisses- and warm hugs.
You are such a wonderful friend. I love you, dear.

This altered old napkin bag and the heart-tag,below- are a few of the gifts Paula recieved from me .

I love the poem I added to the tag...:
"If you keep a green bough in your heart,
then the singing bird will come"  (Chinese proverb quote)

I can see I have almost reached 400 followers- and I want to thank all of you ,whom finds time to watch, and also to comment, it is a very importent part of my life, to have you here.
So in not long time from now- I guess there will be a giveaway--I will start thinking -and creating, so I have something finished, when I reach the 400- :)
Also thanks to all new bloggers, some of you have already become dear friends,whom I treasure very much.

Hugs and love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I finished two more pumpkins for me to enjoy in my new room,here they are on white painted old wooden candle-holders-in the window.Have you seen my new find, in front of the candle sticks? - the old french ink and pen holder- a beautiful old doll sits now in the ink-bottle hole

The old lovely  flowers used on the pumpkins, I once bought from Karla -Karla`s Cottage she has a wonderful Shop.

I found this two vintage candle glasses in a flea market ,this summer, and thought they could look sweet with a little lace and a "french" charm.The beautiful lace, was  once wrapped around an order I recieved from dear Rhonda, from


Some time ago I saw a wonderful sea horse, reading  Rosemary`s blog  ---
and at once followed her link to Robin`s fantasi world-and Etsy shop
Here I fell in love with Ernestine-so totally different from what I create myself.
Isen`t she cute with her pumpkin?

This is Lydia, that I so wonderfully won -because I was number 200 buyer -JUUBIII

And this is Tombs- Robin tells me she might be a Zombie ,lol
-Now someone might think, this bunch are ugly-but I think they are the most adorable,and charming beings-
and love them very much.As a special touch they all comes with a written story-.

With my first order Robin so generously gifted me with one of her sweet birds

And this one -:BOO- I bought ,as I thought they could become friends .

Robin also made this wonderful ribbon and added it to my first buy!

Thankyou so much dear Robin, for adding this new joy to my life-
You are a wonderful artist-and thankyou for your special gifts.
I hope you are all well, out there -all over----here it is dark-and the wind blows very loud-
Autumn has surely arrived to Denmark.
I wish you all the very best- and sends you hugs and love.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Not long ago, I found a blog named : 612 Riverside and was so taken by Theresa`s pumpkins made from woollen sweaters, and all kind of other materials.
And seing this little sweet ,in her Etsy shop, I ordered it - here it is on my little doll chair.

It is so beautiful, and I love the rose added.
Theresa was so very kind and added other goodies, like this tiny sweet paper pumpkin,the beautiful
LoveLove-bling bling

and inside this paperbag,there were also

sweet old and lovely things for me to create with.
Thankyou so very much Theresa, I love your pumpkin,and all the little gifts

Here I photographed it together with some pumpkins I made myself.
They are made in canvas,with curled tangles, and a bit of frost glitter.

Those 3 are more summerlike ,and made for dear friends.
Se my beautiful rose blooming for the second time.

And an abundance of vegetables from our garden. Carrots in white,yellow,orange,and dark red.
and beans also in dark black and green.
The wonderful flower is a Cafè au lait  Dahlia , so huge and very beautiful.

Can you believe it is already week-end again- I almost can`t .....
Tomorrow I will go to the almost last bootfair to see if there should be something exiting-I hope so .
What are you doing this week-end my dear friends?
I hope it will be a good one, for all and everyone.

Hugs and love,Dorthe