Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Just a sneak peak !!

Have you visited Caterina Giglio and seen her beautiful videos,, if you have , you have also seen she made 2 videos ,showing how to create a wonderful concertina book, her way ! 

I got so interested that I had to try my hand, and I`m not finished at all, but wanted
to show you 3 pages, I did. I am not totally following ,or trying to
copy ,Cat, but have added a little different things myself, like the 
paper napkin and little more color.

I painted the very simple flowers, without adding much color!
they are indeed very simple, as I`m not a painter, but I loved trying!!

4 pages are now waiting to get their own little flower decoration,
and then the binding starts.

Ofcourse I will show the finished result,
Thank you dear Cat, for your lovely video, your art is amazing,
and I love your tiny book, so had to give it a try, my way !!

Maybe you will like to have a look,too, dear friends ,on the  video,
you find it easily, following the link, and then searching !!

Hugs and love 
from Dorthe 

Friday, February 10, 2017


Back again with a new card, as ,almost ,usual, lol, made
with both papers and fabrics. I transferred the old photo ,
to cotton, and layered it with old laces , wall paper,
packing material, and a few flowers and buttons 

I just had to add the cross to her necklace ,it seemed
to belong there !!

On one of my tours, this amazing collection of fungi, caught
my eyes, there were a huge amount on the old tree stump!!

Aren`t they beautiful !!!

And so is the sun shining so lovely into the sea. 

Thank you for your visit, it makes me very happy 
seeing and hearing from you here on my blog !!

Hugs and love, Dorthe 

p.s. forgot to tell you, that Mathilde is visiting here, the coming week :-)
She has winter vacation from school, and will spend it here ,for which 
I`m so happy . 
Only thing is,that you will not see me around for a week, but I promise to 
do some following up, on your blogs, after !!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Already entering February, after January disappeared just like that...
I wonder if you felt the same , ...the days are just running, one 
after the other .

This collaged hanger was created for a dear friend, I have known
for many, many years. 
She has the most beautiful blog ,showing her wonderful
creations - I`m sure many of you, know her, : Jillayne  A Fine Seam
It is so lovely, to go on being in contact, with old blogging friends.

This amateur embroidery, is surely not to compare,
with Jillaynes stunning creations, but I love to 
have a needle in my hands, some evenings.

And a spring card, to just remember how
wonderful it will be, when it is here, -maybe late
next months !!
I used Tim Holz flower die, and word,- leaves, and buttons 
are other companies , -and old tea dyed laces, to create
the card, onto handmade paper. 

I hope your week is good, hope you enjoy it,
and hope you are all doing good !!

Hugs and love