Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I`m in such a moode to create for christmas already, so I
will show you a few more cards .

The first one on recycled cardboard is kept in the nature tones,
of cardboard, sepia and white, with a touch of silver !!

I used a snowflake stencil and plaster on the background,
and a little music tissue paper,-- crumpled papers behind the image, to
give the 3-d effect, a little lace and the cross !!

This is stamped with the beautiful stamps from  Artistic Outpost,
which are so lovely I think, I coloured the stamps after with watercolours!

Also here I added the magic of glitter, a little snow and the sweet image, which
I don`t remember where I got!!! Maybe some of you knows ? The big star is a 
die-cut and the smaller ones punshed out !!

How about you, have you started creating something for christmas ? 
I is so enjoyable this year ,for me, as I don`t have to create for my shop !!

Have a wonderful week, and see you soon !!

Hugs and love

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yes I know it is early, but I like to start creating my 
christmas cards early ,this year !! 

I have had to face ,-dear friends, that now ,as I`m a retired, I simply
can`t afford to send heavy packages around the world for
christmas, with gifts, - so from now on it will be a beautiful 
card!! I so hope everyone, with whom I normally,  "exchange " gifts,
agree with me, and think it is ok !!!

This card is mainly papers, with a tiny lace, 
a  gloss photo , stenciled snow, and 

a little glitter ! 

I loved crumbling up old papers to give texture and let the
image kind of fly!! 

I hope you liked it !!

Thank you alwayes for your lovely visits and sweet comments, 
they make my world brighter  and lovely !!

Welcome also to new followers, you are so very welcome.

Hugs and love

Friday, October 10, 2014


Following Sandy`s  beautiful blok I read about this tutorial created by 
another wonderful artist  Karla from http://karlascottage.typepad.com/creating_an_art_journal_t/
If you click the link it  will take you to her blog, to let you read the deatils and see some wonderful examples .
The tutorial is wonderfully photographed and explained!

This is my first attempt 

I choosed to make a book with a closing flap ,
as you can see I used only old fabrics and laces ,and the sweetest
little metal  heart with an angel ,a gift from a dear friend.

The book is bound with lovely seambindings!

This is the backside.

And here opened up on first page, showing the still empty pages!

This is the back with the flap opened up, the beautiful paper I used inside is old 
wall paper.

And here you see the spine .
I loved creating with Karla, and can`t wait to fill all my empty pages.

It woun`t though be the coming week ,which will be spend with my grandkids,-
speaking of experience, there will be no time for creating or blogging while they are here :-)

So forgive me for not visiting you next week dear friends.
I will return and follow up ,where I left !!

Hugs and love from Dorthe

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I`m sure some of you remember the beautiful book ,my dear friend
YVONNE  gifted me for my birthday !!

Here is a new page I created, to try using the
newly bought Bistre or Bister.

Here is a tutorial but only in Dutch language.

I used it on the tag and love the effect .
The birds are from a piece of Tissue Paper , they are so sweet.

The leaves are dried ones from my garden,-

I used gesso and paints 

and added a piece of real bark,too.

Here is the tag close-up with a very dissolved
piece of leaf ,too. 

Have you tried Bister ?


I hope your weekend has been wonderful,
and wishes you a very happy  new week.

Love and hugs, Dorthe