Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cards made for dear blogging friends- and gifts recieved -

A little collage with cards ,made for some very sweet friends, whom wished me a happy birthday-
I hope they will soon arrive, on their doorstep.

Some weeks ago, I saw that Sharon, a wonderful jewlery aritst- and one very sweet and dear friend, -had made yet another wonderful necklace,-and as I just had my birthday-and my mother gifted me with some money-I had to order it .Sharon makes many beautiful  ,beautiful art pieces, and I have bought some few from her,when I can effort it,-as I LOVE all she makes.

those wonderfully wrapped packets --and the tea (so special for me) were inside the envelope.

This is the most beautiful necklace-so special,-and  fantastic !

Here in it`s full lengh-and laying on the wonderful fabric`s from Sharon.Also she gifted me with this other so sweet necklace with the ballerina, hanging in a lovely sari silk cord-I love it also very much my dear Sharon-Thankyou so much from my heart. 
 And have you seen this wonderful collage - made by another sweet friend Cindy
from Whimsical Musings-  I love Cindy`s art , and all her different doings-and she is the sweetest woman,also. Thankyou so much dear Cindy , it is so beautiful. 
 This card made on very heawy watercolor paper (I think)  came from dear Suz  - I can`t figure out how she made this so beautiful card , it is wonderful textured, and the colors so rich , in real-and very cleverly  made-I love it dear. Thankyou from my heart for thinking about me.
And look at this cute little chick- it arrived, also  from far away ,-from Sherry  --her blog is  named Createologi-and Sherry is a very sweet lady -thankyou also ,so much for thinking about me, dear Sherry.

 And this, this is a very special gift.Some weeks ago, I -as alwayes,-when there is a new post from her--- visited  Petite Michelle Louise
and in that post she showed the most beautiful treasures from the sea: white glasses-or china pieces , that she so wonderfully displayed in her home. I was so loving, the sight of them, and told her, naturally-- and the dear Michelle, wrote me back, offering to send me some- isen`t that sweet... 
look what came to me some dayes ago-beautifully packet ,with two sweet tags, and a lovely Paris card
this" Cadeaux de la Mer"---- Michelle I love those pieces so much- They will go on my dresser in the sitting room -with other treasures-Thankyou sweetie. 
I guess many of you already knows all those lovely ladies, but if not ,just click the different links to visit them and say hello.
Isen`t blogland fantastic ? I would never ever have thought I should meet so many beautiful people -and even I know you are all very pretty :)  I now speaks of your inside beauty- I feel so blessed -and so happy being a part of all the love shown here, and thankyou all from the bottom of my heart-
Also welcome, and thankyou to new followers- I know I have not visited many of you, but my summers are alwayes very bussy in the shop-(selling-or not)- I hope to get time to come say hello -later.
For now have a great and beautiful day all, I send you all
hugs and love ,my dear friends.

Monday, July 25, 2011

HI I´m here back again

Hi all dear bloggers and friends,-yesterday my daughter and her family left for home, and we are here "allone" again,  after one week of many wonderful hours together.

As I have not been creating for this week-I thought I would show you the gifts I made for my dear friend Julia , `S  birthday.
This driftwood angel ,I can only show you the top of, as the other fhotoes unfortunately were very bad!

This is an  old wooden curtain stopper, found on fleamarkets- if lucky....
My husbond made the foot for me, and then I decorated with paint ,silverleaves,old text and image.

Also made sweet Julia a bird, and decorated the old spool with silkthread, with a domino charm.

Another domino charm, that I knew Julia loved, and a tiny envelope with letter inside.

and ofcourse a card for my friend.

Some time ago I was the unbelivable lucky winner in a giveaway, from
Terri Heinz  from Artful Affirmations

Just look what she send me ...a wonderful bunch of everything beautiful, and funny to create with.

Look at this old document, and the two transparent tissue sheets Terri made herself-you can see a tutorial on her page of how she does that-I just love them.

Dominoes, pearls, flowers

papers of all kind-beautiful images, tags , little books to decorate,

laces, blings, and more fantastic images, and papers.

Can you believe all that wonderful stuff,?  I got my eyes wide open when I saw it all.
THANKYOU  Terri ,so very much , I feel like the luckyest girl in the class  :)
and can`t wait to play with all this.
You have to VISIT TERRI  and her blog,-it is a wonderful place--just click the link above, to go there.

The sun is shining here on and off -raining almost the whole day- and did that for now one week !!!!
I hope this week will bring  a better weather, for all the ones having hollyday.
I also wish everyone else a beautiful week- and will try to visit you all and see all the lovely blogs I have missed last week.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Saturday, July 16, 2011


A dreamy fairy ,with diamond dust on her wings.waiting for dark, to come out  to play-

It is mounted on top of an very old, and beautiful worn book cover.

Beautiful rose from my garden ,soft and wonderfully smelling. 

Sweetest friends , from tomorrow my daughter ,son in law, and the kids comes for summer hollyday, and It might almost surely mean, that there will be not much time here on the computer.
So PLEASE If I can`t visit you the coming week- know I will be back as soon as possibly-
and know I will miss you all very much.
But I love spending time with my little family, when they are here at last.......

Till then happy summer, and love and hugs,-

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This angel page, I created to be a part of a :"feel better" book--made for a friend whom also attents "Roses On My Table" we made each one page -one side the collage,-the other side the greetings- 

And this I found in my post today OH MY- Dear Lynne from U.K.
have made me this so beautiful birthday card- I am in love with it, and the beautiful tones of brow and robins egg blue-isen`t it just wonderful- I also love the stamps Lynne from blog :   ADORN --used.

And this wonderful collection of laces and beautifully stamped seambinding were there too.
How very sweet of you dearest Lynne- I love the text stamps-they are gorgeus,too.
Thankyou so very much , what a lovely surprice- you are such a sweet friend.

Today is the last day with Mathilde, -so tomorrow we take the fairy to Sweeden, and from there bus to Copenhagen-where mom and dad, comes to meet us. I will be back home late tomorrow evening.
Till then thankyou for all your wonderful comments, and for being out there somewhere.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Monday, July 4, 2011

Waxed Collage - and more gifts, from dear friends of mine.

As some of you know, I am taking part in some of the classes on Roses on my Table and this is my first waxed collage. I love Zinnia`s  workshops, they are wonderfully teached with lots of videos, and you can take all the time to create-as they are not time limited.
I`m kind of out of my zone hier with all the colors, but I loved to try working like that.

This beautiful little pillow is from my dear friend Marie of Lost bird Studio
can you see the beautiful details ? I so love the nest.

Here from the behind,with a pocket, and verce -it is the most lovely pillow,from a most sweet friend.

And this wonderful tag, ,with the D and the sweet text , isen`t it lovely?

Sweet Marie also send me some beautiful serviettes-I almost can`t bare to use them, as they will be gone then-hihihi- look closely to also see the beautiful embossing thing Marie gave me to my Big Shot maschine.
Thankyou sweet, for all your lovelyes, -I adore them.

The next packet came from my very dear friend, from Denmark :Anni

She made me the sweetest fabric card, with the two soul friends,isen`t it just so romantic and beautiful?

And the most lovely pink tussie mussie--We had agreed to swap a tussi for our birthdays which were only3 dayes apart from each other. This is in my favorite color- pink :) I love the tag,too.

Anni also made me this beautiful icon fastened on an old music sheet-and the madonna made on an old
domino brick.The doily and all fabric used for my gifts Anni colored with Avokado- so wonderful colors.
This is also a beautiful icon-in such a lovely color-and another domino on top ,with
vergin Mary- so very lovely-
Thankyou so much dearest friend- I love it all, Anni.

And last week I had a wonderful surprice, recieving the most beautiful present from dear Sharon from Livewire Jewlery  see the sweet tag, with the hearth lock-

Inside I found the most gorgeus vintage rosary - I collects them and this is so beautiful.
It was hiding in Sharons lovely pouch- real shabby and wonderful.I love the rose with bling inside.

Sharon even added beautiful bits and pieces -beautiful babric and buttons-and the juicy green handcolored doili. Sweet friend, I love it all. Thankyou from my heart.

The rest of this week, I am having my Mathilde here, her parents have had a huge water disaster in their cellar and garden, because of a very big thunderstorm that hit Copenhagen ,where they live- so the sweet little girl will have some dayes on hollyday with her grandparents :)
Well now you know that I will be not that much on my computer this week- but I will have lots of fun here, and return very soon.
Till then  I wish everyone all the best- and sends you love and hugs.
Also welcome to new followers,  I am so happy to see you all.