Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A week ago, I recieved a wonderfull packet from Diane.
I knew it was our swap pincussion, and opened with big joy, because I know having
post from this dear lady ,is alwayes a very wonderfull experience.
Now my friend is back home from her trip, and I see she posted ,what she recieved from me-
so please laydies  just take a look here!!!

See how beautifull she packed this , with romantic ribbons and flowers.

And there is alwayes the most beautifull tags, from Diane-isn`t the motif wonderfull?

And sooo pretti stamped tags on every little back, with lots of great
art materials to play with.

See here--the stamped ribbon in the left  is so lovely, -stamped in brown,on the most beautifull rosecovered
pink fabric piece-and the silk ribbon rolled around a sweet beautifull
rose-tag--- I adore it all.

But what you are all waiting to see --the pincussion-is the most beautifull work,of art.
See how Diane hand-embroidered this sweet thing, all over the top.(PLEASE CLICK THE PHOTO TO SEE THE DETAIELS)
----small flowers at the cheesecloth, and the tinyest pearls, on the old handmade lace.----
It is so beautifully made dearest, -and you are a precius friend, whom I admire,in every way,
-- as woman, and artist--and yes I`m so very happy we met here, as everything else, as you say-will be impossibly.
Thankyou so much for this gorgeus swap packet, dearest.

I have to show you one more thing from the packet-----I could not resist this sweet wonderfull
mini pillow, when seing it in Diane`s shop,--and therefore bought it.
It is now standing on the back of my couch, in the sitting room, with its friend from home- another fantastic pillow made by Diane.It is the most cute pillow, ever- with the eggs in the nest-and the bird parents waiting on the branches!!!!  LOVE IT, TOO , sweet Diane. 

Hugs and love, to new-and old friends all over the world,
I`m so happy for all of you following me, and everyone commenting here.
XO Dorthe

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Just a quich hello, with a new ATC ,I made today, using
images from  Victorian Vignettes
-----there are so many wonderfull digi sheets, to choose from----

And here a fairy, saying goodnight from me---or
good afternoon!!!!!

This is from my entrance, where I startet decorating a bit, for
I love green and white pumpkins, -but the white ones ,I haven`t seen here ,yet.

Well,- Happy  afternoon -and evening, to some of you
---and good night and sleep well, to  someone else-

Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My own version of Beth`s mini gothic quilt

I still haven`t had time to make all the lovely projects,from
But yesterday after finishing 3 angels, I gave myself permission
to make this mini Gothic quilt.
As I was in a hurry, and did not have any image from the workshop printed on fabric,I chose something ,quite different--a beautifull PaperWhimsy girl.

I used a most beautifull old kerchief with tulle,
and a wonderfull old handembroidered flacon. I added a little "bag" as the leather purses I have ,was far too,big!
Inside the pocket ,is two small tags.One a copy of a beautifull tag, I recieved from Diane,in a swap
we just did.I will blog about it when she has recieved my swap packet.
The piece is all white, and cream, --only photografed upon a green velvet chair!!!

Last week I found a ,for me , new shop :  My Broken Art Etsy shop
Where I bought a bunch of rusted old treasures, to use in collages--
but also this lovely roses

and a piece of handstamped and handcolored ribbon.
the color is much more beautifull, pinkisch,than shown here,
but you can see the how beautifull the background , and the stamps are.

How was / is your day, dear friends? I hope,- happy.

love and hugs,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nature pincussion , and beach finds

Although I am sewing angels for my own shop, I just had to make this little pincussion
today, in the mittle of all the angel creating.

I loved to ecco the branches on the beautifull image (I will try to find out,from where I got it)
with some real branches.It looks beautifull together with all the white.
__________It will be in my Etsy___________

On one of my beach tours, I found those small driftwood pieces
(the black one is from a tire)

And turned one of them into a holder for some stamped cotton ribbons,
that are now on it`s way to a sweet blogging friend.

I so hope you all have a wonderfull week-end
it has turned cold and very stormy here, but I have seen the sun,too .

Many dear thoughts to you all,with
hugs and love.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little heart angels for my ETSY

I made 3 small  ( app.6")  heart angels for my Etsy-
here is one of them- --you can click the link to go see all 3.

They are made in beautifull cotton fabric , with wings of tulle
and a "heart-wort" added with buttons


Thiese other pincussions with some spoonfulls of  lavender inside,
are made with old embroidered flower flacons, where I added a vintage
immage, and some buttons .
Some of them may be in Etsy later.

And this is a fabulous buquet, of gorgeus roses.

I`m sending all of you lots of hugs, and love-
with hopes for a happy day/evening.


Monday, September 13, 2010

A new idea, ---and photoes from my house and shop

This is a  ATC like small thing, that just had to be done today,before closing up my shop....
The new in it  -for me anyway- is the bupple plastic,that I used between
the layers of fabric--it gives the piece a feeling of heaviness,and I like the look ,when adding a bit of paint over it.

Yesterday my dear friend Diane and her daughter Holly (click to see their wonderfull Etsy shop)
asked me to see where i`m living on this beautifull island,--So I took some photoes of my house, and shop,for you to see.
This is the yard, the windows on the right is my kitchen.

The  angel in front of the parkingplace, and the privat house in the right.

You can see how close the water is...

This is in front of my shop

Here a funny street sign,that my husbond had in birthday gift from our friend Matthias Masswig, a german friend  and artist visiting us every summer.
The sign over my shop

An old mail box, with a plant inside

The privat house and garden again

Here around the corner to show you the view to the sea again

I got the photoes mixed up, and blogger will not let me take them back,---so this is how it will stay for this time.
I hope you enjoyed the trip, and wishes all a happy evening-
also I welcome the newest followers, ---I`m now at my 200-----
I`m so happy to meet everyone of you, thanks to you all to visit me here, it means a lot to me.
I will soon celebrate the 200 followers with a little sweet giveaway!!!!!

Lots og hugs, and love

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NOTEBOOK- from Beth and Karla`s workshop

Back home again, to a wonderfull september weather,
I could not resist making  Beth`s notebook, from the
Gothic tales .

I would have used the images given in the workshop, but then I discovered that JAN  from
Digital Antiques just offered a wonderfull dige sheet with Gothic Arches.
I bought it straight away, and used some of the images, for a
quick and easy , mini noteboog.

The little bird on the right is a stamp!

But the rest is from the digi sheet-in wonderfull brownish tones.
My book is for now with 5 pages-I used old hanging maps ,from some office, as background,
and have more or less note- place on the pages.
This is the backside of the book.

I will try to find time for making the Tote bag, too, but ----I must also sew to my real shop,here.
I hope all of you are having great september dayes, and wishes you
a beautifull day.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am truly blessed

Blessed with new friends, met here in the year gone.
One of them is MARIE   from Lost Bird Studio, she is
a wonderfull artist ,and a so sweet person, that i treasure very
This week the post brought me the sweetest gift, this dear lady made me.....

Isn`t it lovely packed? I love the little tag

But then take a look here,--the most beautifull necklace- I love it to pieces Marie,
see all the pearls, and little blings added , and the wonderfull photo of the two friends.
I`m honored to be your blogging friend, dear.

This is the ever so sweet backside

Thankyou dear blogging friend-Marie- I will alwayes treasure this,and
wear it with joy,and pride.

Also a  big thankyou to all the sweet persons now following my blog, I can see i`m soon to reach 200 :)
for that i`m honored ,too---
I`m sure there must very soon be a giveaway- something, to show my gratitude for all this.
But for now- a happy week-end to you all,-----------
this evening I`m off on a grandma-trip -to se my grands in Copenhagen, (my husbond staying here to have the shop open)--so maybe you will not hear from me untill next week ----
Untill then-- many happy houers-
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New golden mermaid

This little sweet mermaid will be added to my Etsy later.

She is a lovely creature from the East sea.

A beautifull flower greeting, I love them rose colored .

But there are not many flowers left here anymore, some of my roses
will bloom again, but almost everything else, have said goodbye for the summer,
waiting to gather power, for a review next spring--where did the summer go?
Passed away so quickly!!!
But some of you are just about to enjoy summer now, the rest of us will enjoy autumn,-
I will anyway.
Have a lovely evening all,
Love to you, with hugs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last artch piece, and the finished banner

Today was the last artch-piece , for the banner,and I thought I would use
a photo I just took,the other night --of the moon--
The poor hunted woman standing under the artch,waiting for something to happen--

Here you can see, my use of gold glitter

I made the banner to hang from a tiny golden methallic thread,
on a cord---black/white.
As you maybe notice I added a twig to the second piece,-and a black lace to the first one--
just had to ,to make me feel sattisfied!

Thanks for this first great class.
Hope you are all well,
love and hugs, Dorthe