Saturday, May 31, 2014


I`m so happy to feel better and well again, looking forward to summer
and happy hours in the sun.

During the last months I have not created much, but here are a little 
sampling of bits and pieces .

This is a fabric tag, using a lovely
image ,and the wonderful paper buttons I purchased
on Etsy .
It was created for a sweet dear friend.

Here a tiny part of a gift to a very dear friend, showing 
the bust of a rubber mold made charlotte doll.

And this part of a heart created for another very dear friend.

I`m so happy for all my special friends ,from blogland.

Big and wonderful seagulls photographed on a walk to the 
Baltic sea shore , playing in the sunny water !

It is cold here, this week, but the sun is out and soon we 
will have real summer .

 ~****************** ~

I hope all of you are also enjoying the weather,- if it is
soon to be summer, or soon to be winter , does not matter,
what matters is to feel good , and be happy .

I send you all smiles and wishes you
a lovely weekend.

Hugs and love, Dorthe

Friday, May 16, 2014


Some time ago I ordered these most beautiful and gorgeous earrings
from my dear, and long time friend SHARON
whom creates the most beautiful jewelry and sells it in her Etsy shop :

I love Sharon`s jewelry, and have collected earrings and necklaces through
the years.

I was so looking forward recieving my wonderful purchase, and loved them in first sight.
 I have alwayes been spoiled,- by this wonderful sweet  friend, when buying from her-, with an extra gift ,- but this time it was with tears in my eyes ,when opening the extra one , Sharon lovingly, and generous had wrapped to me .
Have you ever seen anything so stunning as this necklace!!!!

Sharon it is a dream piece- so very special and beautiful. I love the Resin heart,
with the rhinestone, and , the smaller charm with the butterfly ,also in resin , so lovely created.

The piece of old jewelry with the metal heart attached , and the 
other charm with the crown, the chain and extra little bling hanging from it , everything makes this
an extraordinary and so amazing piece of jewelry.

Have you seen anything as beautiful as this heart !!! -my photo does not do it justice, as the resin 
reflects light and gives it a wrong colour-tone.

The beautiful tag, with loving greetings from Sharon, -with whom I share a lot of my life , in form of
e-mails, whenever our lives allows to "chat".

Lovely old religious pieces , and beautiful old laces and handkerchiefs.

Beautiful images and papers .
THANKYOU from my heart my dearest friend. I wish I could better express my gratitude
Sharon. You are a very treasured friend, and so very loved by me , for many years.
I send you hugs from far away Denmark, and I feel blessed you are my friend.


Thank you to new followers also, you are so very welcome, and I hope to be able to
visit you all  soon.

I wish you all a blessed weekend, and sends you
hugs and love 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Some of you may remember that I a few posts ago showed you my 
fantastic " christmas " gifts from my dear friend Marie!!

This doll is what I made for her -(also adding a collage and a card .)

I used one of my charlotte dolls , to create this angel , giving her a lovely
dress of old fabrics and laces.

The fabric pearls and the flower are handmade , and also the tupe
I altered .

Her wings are old French text,  and I added a little bling for her to 
feel real beautiful. 

I`m happy knowing that Marie love her,  some of you may have seen her post about my gifts
on her blog lately!
Thank you,- all of you ( you know whom you are ) for being with me in your
thoughts yesterday, it really helped me ,- you are all fantastic and dear friends!!!
 I`m so happy all went well!


It is raining here today, and we so need the water to the plants and flowers,
so I`m happy about that,too .
I wish you all ,and everyone, a wonderful weekend,
and hope you are safe and sound !

Hugs and love, Dorthe