Saturday, November 28, 2009

Few new pictures from my shop, showing new items

I made a golden fairy ,to welcome christmas this year

A little Bornholmsk farmhouse,-(looks a bit like the one I`m living in )

More candles, to gift as a little something

A little simple, but sweet misses

3 Graces,-one hiding behind a branch

Flying angel with wings made of gauze

And my blue fairy , -sold

I have had a christmass bazar today, in my shop.
And although the day started with rain, and cold weather,
it ended up, being a very good day, with many
wellknown faces to greet me, and to buy my goods and art.
Thankyou for a lovely day to all whom visited me here.
And sweet wishes for all friends out there,
hope you are having a wonderfull saturday.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A wonderfull packet from across the oceans

And this was inside, --a beautifull collage from JoAnnA Mosshill Studio.I knew at once when seing it ,that this was a very beautifull thing, and holdingit in my hands, it gives me a sense of tranquillity and times long gone by.

I love all the old materials ,so soft and worn, and I love how the green and red, gives ita wonderfull freshness, that makes it live.

It is ever so beautifull Joanna, I love it dear friend.

Wishing all of you a wonderfull evening, and to all my american friends, a very happy Thanksgiving.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pictures from my christmas shop

Here at last the first finished --nisser-- they are all in wool, and olsfashioned -pixies-as we love them here in Denmark,-hope you likes them too.

The beautifull box, and globe, is made of my very dear friend Solvejg. She makes so very beautifull painted things.

One of my dolls waiting here for christmas to arrive.

This is a wooden oval wood tag, picturing Mary and Jesus,
I made it last year, but think it is so beautifull, that I did some more this year.

And this is also an oval wood tag,with a beautifull angel.

One of the tables in my shop ,showing different christmas items, my
lilac doll, and a Mary figur.

Another little table, also showing virgin Mary,
and the little house I created so it looks like old houses here on the island.

Last yet another doll of mine ,gold dresses,and sitting among
wonderfull christmas stuff.

Hope all of you dear friends, are having a lovely day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Exchange of ATC

This beautifull envelope arrived in my postbox last week.
I had asked Viola if she would exhange ATS with me, and
I was very happy, that she said yes.
Is`nt it just sweet?

Inside was this little envelope, fitting perfectly the ATC ,I had chosen.
It is so very great.
Look at the round tag, with her name on,
so professional.

And then here the ATC, -it is so fanta´stic, beautifull in colors, and emage.
(the colors much more vibrant ,than shown here).
I can`t tell you how 2wonderfull an art piece this is.

And then Viola also added a beautifull card for me, The photo here also don`t give justice
to the colors in real. It is full of texture, and wonderfully stamped.
I love the text :"inside you can be anything"

It is realy a gift to know this so very sweet and talented lady from Germany.
I`m happy I met you here in blogland liebe Viola.
Vielen dank für dieser wunderschönes brief.
Hope all of you friends out there are having a lovely monday, and wish
everyone a happy evening.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas creations

Tiny new cristmas creations , first a little angel (10 cm.) made from a
velvet heart, and rusty wing, lined with gold glitter. She is meant to hang on the
christmas tree.

A sweet present ,when you just want to give a little something.
candles wrapped in old paper, beautifull picture,buttons, sweet wooden heart, and a little glitter.

The image is a freebie, that I found not long ago, but for now I don`t remember where,
but thanks.

Hope you are all having a wonderfull thursday, and wishing you a lovely week-end.
Love and hugs to everyone visiting me here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decorating a christmas tree

Every year , for the last maybe 6 years ,I ( with other artists on this Island) am invited to
decorate a christmas tree ,in the most faschionable hotel here on Bornholm, Called :
Radisson SAS Fredensborg. Today was the date to do that, -and while on my way, I discovered this absolutely beautifull rose. Don`t know the name , but it was so wonderfull against this pale rosa wall.

This ovals (showed some of them before) -standing :Merry christmas- together with
white bows made from crepe paper, and some silver angels, was the theme ,for my tree.

It is a very beautifull tree -very tall and big, and as you see, it is very simple decorated
( as we most often do ie here in DK.)

The pictures don`t do it justice , because of very much light, but I guess you gets an idea.

Hope you are all doing well, and wishing everyone a lovely
day, and evening.
XOXO Dorthe

Friday, November 13, 2009

new items for christmas sale

BUSY ,BUSY , ---but have to play a bit in between.,---So today wheil setting my shop up to christmas, I just had to do this tutsi, it is quite simple, made of a new reproduction of the
christmas evangeliun written in frensch.-Just folded it, used a very beautifull image from
Artist class - a dow in her nest, and some glitter.
This little doll 14 cm high, is totally made of cloth besides her face, that is a beautifull old image
from a card that I used.
She is dressed in an old handkerchief, a warm jacket, and is bringing a rose, and a magic wand.
It snowed a bit on her

For the card I used an old image of a beautifull deer, old wallpaper, some lace and glitter

Hope all of you are having a lovely friday. Here it is dark, almost 9 o`clock evening, and I`m off to the coutch to handsew.
Wishing you all a wonderfull week-end.

XOXO Dorthe

Sunday, November 8, 2009

NISSE- PIXY-KOBOLD -the very same little fellow

This is a danish pixy, he is alwayes wearing red and grey, and alwayes dressed
with his red cap, and wooden shoes.

This one standing on his own ,and bringing a basket with red apples, is the
sweet one .We also know the teasing, and sauer ones, but they do not live here.
He is here app. 40 cm. high

Theese are 200 wooden shoes (you can`t see them all) ,drying after painting, and
waiting for 100 little -nisser- to put their feets in. the shoes here are only 4 cm. long, and the pixy that will use them, maybe 12 cm high. I will show you more pictures later.
I had a dear friend help me painting them, Thanks a lot Lena.

I`m off to make more NISSER in my cauch,looking at the TV in the same time.I hope you are having a lovely sunday all, ---
Thanks so much for sweet comments, and new followers, it means a lot to me.
XOXO Dorthe

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Artist Class

Rember I told you how bussy I am just now? Well I also joined Artist Class, and every evening seeing all the wonderfull projects,makes me want to do some of the tutorials.So when this little :"Matchbook" tutorial showed up yesterday, I knew I had to do it. Here is the place it came from: Ruthann ,- it is a sweet little notepad.

This is the original from Ruthann

I kind of wanted to make it a little more romantic, so here is mine .

I used an image from one of the other tutorials from Beth Leintz , isn`t she beautifull?

Inside some old calender pages ,cut to size and a beautifull stamp.

And a lightblue piece of embroidered material, on the back.

I had lots of fun doing this, after working all the day on 4 : nisser,-
That is a danish thing, kind of pixy,-I will show you next time blogging.
I wish you a wonderfull day, and evening.
And want to thank everyone of you commenting on my blog, and all the followers.
You all makes this blogging adventure even more wonderfull.
Thank`s dear friends.
XOXO Dorthe

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just to show a bit of what I have been doing lately

This two angels are just an examble of what I have been doing the last 2 weeks,
they stay now in a big box, together with 12 others of the same kind, waiting
to be hopefully sold next month.

Aren`t they sweet ?

I had to show you a photo of my almost last rose in the garden
for this year.

And here some oval tags made to put on a christmas tree ,that I have to
decorate-there are 30 pieces.
Some images are bought, others are gifts from different bloggers.
The message in danish, means : Merry Christmas

Now I have to go work in front of the TV,I will show you later what I`m doing there.
Hope all of you dear friends ,are having a lovely day, and evening.
Love and hugs