Tuesday, March 31, 2020


It seems rather a long time since I was here,, but wanted to
show you what I have been trying to distract myself with through the 
last many weeks, of covid-19 worry .

The book is made with old coffee dyed papers, and envelopes , and here
are the first 5 spreads . I used old pieces of papers, and fabrics, from my 
paper and fabric junk-boks - handmade flowers and tags. 
If you click the photo, you will have a bigger image . 

And papers from https://papergarden.fi/gb/ a lovely Finnish shop .like
the Lily -of -the -Valley above and others. The birds are all from
an old nature journal.

The stamps are from FB : June Mac ------and the tree stamp below ,and some words

There are little clusters like the one below flower rosettes
and old book pages, already yellowed by time . 

I so hope you are all safe and well ,-- here we try the best and
only goes out for a walk every day, and not meeting many persons .

Take care dear friends, all over the world, we are in this all together
and we will stay positive , hopefully, with a daily creative time . 

Hugs and love