Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yes I have catched a cold/flue and am feeling tired and bad,-it luckily first really started yesterday
after I left Mathilde with her parents, and went home to my island again!

As I have had this post ready for some time, and also wanted to say Hi
after having been away more than a week, I agreed with myself to post it now.

This very beautiful and amazing packet arrived start January from my dearest friend JULIA.

I know most of you already knows this wonderful artist, but if not,- click her name, and visit her!

Isen`t it a beautiful card,capturing the quiet white christmas?

Those two adorable necklaces, Julia made herself for me, they are so gorgeous,and with so many sweet little 
charms -I love the brass tone of the metal.

Julia also made me this beautiful christmas wreath,filled with laces-old and new ones-and
so lovely with the old music sheets,headlines  behind!
And OH have you seen the wespnests piece!!!

My dear friend knew I SOOO wanted to find one for myself, and generously 
shared a piece from one she found herself!
The little wonderful decorated box , hold 2 gorgeous snailhouses,
Julia also found where she now live. I`m so thankfull for recieving
all those treasures!

On top of all this there were also lovely bathing products -sweet little charms, and a scented bag,
making the box smell wonderful, when I opened up.
Thankyou my dear lovely Julia, you gifted me so many gorgeous pieces, from your heart-
and I love every  artpiece, both from your hands-and from nature .

Now off to bed with some hot tea, a lot of paper for my nose,
and hopefully I can sleep better than last night, where I couldn`t breathe!

Love and hugs from Dorthe


Monday, January 14, 2013


Just a little break in the gift showing- as I wanted you to see
my last two pieces, made after visiting my friend  PATTY... not on her blog but on her Facebook page,
where she showed some fantastic boxes she had "grilled"  to alter -and after 
that adhered different layers with beeswax!!!
The link takes you to the "GRILLING" :-)

This first piece is made from a piece of handmade paper, where I used
some of my favorite materials-like the driftwood,seaweed and a fearther-
all layered with wonderful birds nest paper,and fabrics.
And after that I used beeswax, as dear Patty had also used on her boxes.

Cas you see the soft look it creates on the birds wing , the papers,and the
driftwood piece...I just love it!

As I don`t have a grill outside in wintertime, and as you, if playing with boxes in fire,
need to take care of the eventual fumes from the paint,- burning...I throw this box into my
owen in my shop and working room, (not using my heating tool inside,for this----)
closed firmly,- and let it there for some hours.The result
was a beautiful altered box ready for decorating.

Also here I enjoyed the wax on top of papers,flower,and fabric, and
used a plaster angel  and old thread with its label still attatched!
It was wonderful playing with these pieces -the first ones after christmas!

Now from tomorrow I can look forward to a whole week together 
with my dear Mathilde, whom is visiting us- she hope to play in
the snow, with us, and make long tours on the beach,-so no doupt there
will be a grandma, very tired every evening! meaning
not that many visits with my blogging friends....
So I wish you all a wonderful week ahead, and sends

Love and hugs -
See you in 8 dayes again :-)


Thursday, January 10, 2013


She is hiding now in all this rainy weather, but will later
show herself in the green woods :-)

I also wanted to show you two more christmas gifts -the first one from my dear,
sweet friend   VIOLA

I think you almost all know Viola and her gorgeous creations-but if not,
click her name to visit her wonderful blogs!
This is the most sweet card ,and a wonderful collage she gave me.
The handmade and altered ,spool is filled with lace-
and the old photo and the sweet angels were on one of the gifts. 

Here a better photo of the gorgeous collage!

And this fabric collage so beautiful,there are so many lovely layers,
and so lovely in the low colour tones.

And isen`t this canvas absolutely gorgeous! if you could see it in real you would see
exiting layers, and wonderful adds of old papers!

Dearest Viola also send me a beautiful stamp,and lots of bits of old papers.
See the gorgeous envelopes she had created to hold them!
I so love every thing süsse,- von hertzen danke schön liebe freund.

And from another sweet friend ALEXANDRA (click her name for visiting her lovely blog)
came to me a most beautiful wintery doll ,all in white!
See how lovely dressed in laces and fur,-it is so great to 
recieve dolls from other friends, but very seldom ,so I am alwayes very
happy when it happens.

This beautiful white dream, filled with lace and a wonderful doll head.
I love the old image Alexandra have used,and the laces around it.

Two lovely paper angels
and the most beautiful card- so wonderfully embossed!

In the white bag with the beautiful image and sweet text, was hidden 
all those gorgeous pieces of laces ,OH my -they are so

This is the big old dolls head ,I love it Alexandra, as I love all your beautiful gifts to me.
Danke auch dir von hertzen liebe freund!

Now I have two gifts left to how you.
one from dear Julia and one from dear Anni- but that will be another day.
For now all the best to you all.

I dearly hope that the fires in Australia will soon be on return,and that the ones whom lost 
homes and all, will be able to rebuilt and have a life worth living again!


Thursday, January 3, 2013


                     please go and visit her and her blog, and say hello.

We have known each other for ceveral years now, and often send mails and 
little notes to each other.
Dear Paula also send me a christmas packet filled to the brim with beautiful things.
Look at this sweetie, in her stocking, she is a perfect and so beautiful  little doll, in her lovely dress, -so adorable- and made by my dear friend.
I love her.

A so lovely white mitten ornament, with laces and sweet  seambinding.

And OH MY look at my new bracelet, I adore this beautiful cuff,
made for me, with old beautiful laces and materials,and it fits me perfect,
dearest Paula.

Paula also painted the wonderful lady on the box, she looks much like the dolls she  also
sews, and that you one day may find in her new Etsy shop. Click here to see!

I love the beautiful box, and the wonderful seam bindings and velvet,and old buttons!

To my delight I also unwrapped this most cute and beautifully sewn little cat
pincussion, and the most wonderful strawberries.
All made in the most gorgeous old red wool.
I do have another pincussion Paula, made, that I purchased from her shop
with the sweetest bird on it,and I love them both!

Here a tiny wiev of some lovely pearls and lace in the box.

And this is pure old beauty, the most gorgeous and fragile ,lovely
old  tulle laces.

So much and so wonderful,and special. And something I 
hardly never finds here on fleamarkets !
Thankyou sweetie!

Papers with birds and eggs, lots of them!!
SO pretty and some I have wanted for long !!

Wonderful old cabinet cards and photoes

-stamps, white cards,an old sweet birds card, and little papers
 to use for collages and cards, and an acrylic pad!

And more creating goodness, a punch and wonderful TimHolz materials,
glitter,wooden spools, a key , SO MANY GOODIES!

My dearest precious Paula, thankyou from my heart, this was a beautiful gift from your heart,
-I know that, and I am so thankful for all you send me,
and even more for our  beautiful friendship, I love you!


Also thankyou to all you dear friends whom have send me loving 
greetings for New Year,- you are all so much appriciated and 
so dear to me.