Sunday, August 31, 2014


I lately recieved some greetings and gifts from the heart, from some
of my dear friends. Here are some of them.

I love my beautiful heart, that my dear ,lovely friend LYNNE 

created for me, It is so lovely made in I think paperclay ,both heart
and the sweet rose, and with just a little glitter around the edge.

Here it is displayed on a beautiful box, in almost the same douce pink,
and on my old dresser in the living room.

Thank you dear friend, it is adorable ,and the dearest thought 
from you, to create this for me, just now!!

From another dear friend MANUELLA 

I recieved this so beautiful card , with the mourning angel
and the wonderful flowers coloured in tea I guess, and giving
a fantastic warm glow to the card.

I love it my dear Manu, thank you for your heartfeld words to me, too,
and for alwayes reaching out with a lovely and warm greeting ,
when I and other friends are  down !

This is the view to my window, just now, the white pumpkins are
telling that autumn is here, and the weather has changed
drastically, but even it is raining ,all day, I love the cozyness
of being inside and the warm colours that will soon fill
the trees and streets from beautiful red/ yellow leaves .

My dear friends, I wish you all a wonderful new week !

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here we have had both rain and sun today, but my husbond
and I managed a lovely walk together.

I also managed to finish something for a birthday present, 
this is a part of it !!

A photo from our walk today, -this is a tiny beach along the coast line , only 
half an hours walk from our own home. Look at the beautiful sky !

Also the Elderberry busches are so beautiful, now , with both green 
unripe berries, and black wonderful ripe  berries ,too.

Thank you again dearest friends whom so lovingly comforted me
with your comments after the death of my dear mother.
I can never thank you enough for all the love and kindness 
you gave me . You are the best friends anyone could wish for.

With love and hugs

Monday, August 18, 2014

I will alwayes love her !!

My dearest mother died saturday evening , 91 years old.
She desited to stop eating 3 weeks ago, tired of many years
with a very bad sight, and  osteoporosis, with many fractures!!

It has been hard to see my loving caring and selfless sweet mother,
slowly getting smaller for each day, she was a strong woman.
I will so miss her !!!

I know many of you already read this on  FB , but also ,that many of you visiting
here are NOT  on FB , and wanted to tell you, too , and that  I will be away from your blogs
 ,those coming dayes .
To all whom have already written me on FB, I`m so very thankful for your
loving kindness and your prayers for me and my family.
Thank you from my heart dear friends, you being here for me is a blessing.

With love

Friday, August 8, 2014


Hello my dear friends, here I`m back after so many wonderful dayes with my 
daughter and sweet grandkids - we have made so many beautiful memories together
this summer, that I will treasure for alwayes, and I hope they will,too.

In the same time, my dear mother have desited she don`t want to live anymore,
and stopped eating,- she is 91 years old, and fully conscious of what she does.
Her reason for doing it is much pain, almost no vision , and no possibility to get around on her own feet.

It is painful to watch, and I feel so sad , but accept her doings-
I dearly hope she can soon fly freely like the seagull, feeling happy
in her new home above !!

This new sitiation of loosing one of the most importent people in my life, might
take me away from the computer for some time, in the near future, -but I will
stay in contact, and know I will find joy in following your blogs in between , for a
little beauty and happiness.

Love and hugs, Dorthe