Friday, August 8, 2014


Hello my dear friends, here I`m back after so many wonderful dayes with my 
daughter and sweet grandkids - we have made so many beautiful memories together
this summer, that I will treasure for alwayes, and I hope they will,too.

In the same time, my dear mother have desited she don`t want to live anymore,
and stopped eating,- she is 91 years old, and fully conscious of what she does.
Her reason for doing it is much pain, almost no vision , and no possibility to get around on her own feet.

It is painful to watch, and I feel so sad , but accept her doings-
I dearly hope she can soon fly freely like the seagull, feeling happy
in her new home above !!

This new sitiation of loosing one of the most importent people in my life, might
take me away from the computer for some time, in the near future, -but I will
stay in contact, and know I will find joy in following your blogs in between , for a
little beauty and happiness.

Love and hugs, Dorthe


Tanya said...

MUCH love to you, my friend...keeping you and your dear mother in my heart! XOXOXO

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

My dear Dorthe,
I wish you much strenght during this difficult time and send you love and big hugs,

Lululiz said...

You know I am thinking of you every day and hugging you in spirit. xxx

Thelma Findlay said...

Dear Dorothe - just in the past two weeks, two of my girlfriend's Mothers have passed, and I was so reminded of my Mom who left me seven years ago. I hope that your Mom does not suffer in in life's journey and that she finds peace. It's like reversing roles now, where the child becomes the mother. And I know you will be a good mother for her in the next while.

Someone shared the following with me many, many years ago when my Father passed, and it brought me great comfort - perhaps it will for you too:

Perhaps God is a poet who writes with words of flesh and bone and leaf and flower ...

Every hour of every day,
words pour out of the Poet's heart,
and every word is beautiful and true and worth the telling.

And when each poem is perfect, and there is no more which ought to be said,
the Poet gently takes the words back into His heart where they are safe forever
... and then begins again.

Author Unknown.

Dortesjs said...

århhh kære søde Dorthe, hvor må du ha det hårdt. det er bare så slemt i ens hjerte når ens mor giver op. jeg håber inderligt for dig at du klarer dig og er glad for at du har din familie og de gode minder fra i sommer. hun er her endnu så nyd den sidste stund. sender dig mange knuser her fra mig og sender dig kærlige tanker.

Bente said...

Kjære Dorthe, så tungt dette må være for deg. Sender deg en stor og varm klem.


Miss Rhea said...

I am SO sorry Dorthe,
The hardest thing in the world is to say goodbye. Sending you much love and hugs as you walk through this.........Rhea

Yitte said...

Dear Dorthe,
Sending you much love and strenght for the coming times.
Hugs Yvonne

Yitte said...

Dear Dorthe,
Sending you much love and strenght for the coming times.
Hugs Yvonne

Paper Profusion said...

Sending you very best wishes Dorthe during an immensely sad time. Nicola x

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Dorthe, sending big hugs and good thoughts for you during this difficult time ahead! But at least you have your wonderful daughter and grand children to support! Glad to hear you had such a good time with them!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It is so hard seeing our parents age and leave us...sending loving thoughts and prayers...xoxo

Karin said...

Dorthe I hope you find the strength in the beautiful things that surround you, to get you through this difficult time. Sending you cyber hugs. x

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Dear sweet Dorthe,
I will be thinking of you and I hope that you will be surrounded by those you love and love you. Blessings to you and your dear Mother.


Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, My thoughts are with you, I hope she finds peace.


Createology said...

Dorthe Dear my prayers for your family as you travel this difficult journey. Know you are hugged and cared about every moment of every day. Loving Hugs...

sharon said...

My dear sweet friend Dorthe, I send you love and light and prayers for you and your mother and family. Sending hugs and love.

May said...

Dear Dorthe,
Sending you & your precious Mum strength & prayers, such a difficult time for you..Much love May x x

Jayne said...

Sending my love to you Dorthe.

Jayne said...

Sending my love to you Dorthe.

Anonymous said...

My heart is with you dear one. Big hugs. xox

~*~Patty S said...

My dear Dorthe ~♥~
It is not easy to know what to say at times like this.
I will continue to hold you and your mother and all your family very close to my heart...sending prayers for Peace and Light and Love ...
Take care dear ones!

Claudia said...

I understand, Dorthe. My mother died in April and she didn't want to be here anymore, either. She stopped eating, as well. She is now free of pain and the limitations of her body. I miss her so much, but I'm happy she is now free. Thinking of you and your mother.


The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh, sweet Dorthe, I am sorry this is happening. I understand, as my Mother went to heaven last year. I asked her to save me a seat. It was so good to know she was not afraid and ready to be in the arms of Jesus. Every day is so precious.

Suztats said...

Oh, Dorthe, what a painful time this must be for you and your family. May their love give you strength during this time. I am sending hugs and wishes for Blessings to you and your mother.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh dear Dorthe
I'm so sorry and I understand what an anxious time this is for you.
There comes a time I feel when we all will decide "enough is enough".

My dear mother did the same, as she was blind, deaf and bedridden too.
She is now at rest with her God and family.

It's hard for you and I'm sending you love and hugs - stay brave and comfort her as best you can dear Dorthe.

Much love
Shane xox

June said...

I want to take this opportunity dear Dorthe to tell you that you are in my heart at this time. I am glad you are respecting her wishes even though I know it's hard. My father made this same choice when he had suffered with Parkinson's for about ten years. He also chose not to eat anymore and while it was difficult for us all to lose him, we knew we would have no regrets allowing him his own choice. My thoughts are with you at this time, wishing you peace and much comfort.
my love,

JansArtyJunk said...

Sorry to hear of your sad news Dorthe....sending lots of love & hugs from the UK...Jan x

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

So sorry to hear of your dear Mother, sending much love and hugs at this difficult time for you.
May you have strength and comfort, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mother.
Glad you had a happy time with your daughter and grandchildren

Viola said...

Oh,Süße, das tut mir so leid! Ich melde mich gleich bei Dir. Alles Liebe, Viola

Unknown said...

My dear Dorthe, I wish you again a lot of strength and energy to get through this difficult and sad stage of your life. I will pray for you and your Mum. Be strong and brave, my friend!
Sending you many well wishes and much love <3


Aspiring crafter said...

I love your blog Dorthe and I am so sorry to hear that you have this sadness in your life .
May LOVE sustain you and your mother,