Friday, July 25, 2014


This is a part of the first page I creates in a gorgeous birthday gift ,journal, I recieved from my dear
friend YVONNE . I made it while on vacation,and with very few materials.
The stamps are from

I did not believe my eyes opening it up, seing this most beautiful journal-book

Yvonne created it on a workshop made by another dear friend of mine NELLIE

this is the back, and beneath you see some inside pages .

There are lots of papers for me to create on, and the journal folds over twize .
I love the blue-red-white colours Yvonne used and little sweet words ,embroidered in ceveral places.

I hope you click for bigger photoes to see, and to read the lovely poem.

Here another beautiful spread .

And on top of such a gorgeous handmade gift I also recieved this most beautiful bag filled
with lovely scenting dried lavenders! I is such a wonderful creation, now hanging in my  eating area in
my kitchen .

Look at this lovely doll attached the packet ,isent it a sweet idea!!!

And this postage stamp writing Denmark.-Copenhagen I have never seen
in a danish shop !!, I don`t know where  Yvonne found it, but so sweet of her to
think about me, and also gifting it to me.

THANKYOU from my heart again, dear friend, You made me so happy with those 
gorgeous gifts, Yvonne. Thank you dear and so very much also for your friendship.


As you might have guessed I`m home again after a vacation celebrating my grandchilds birthday.
Sunday I will see both him and Mathilde again ,here, with their mother,-to spend 10 dayes with us :-)
I am having a lovely summer, and hope all you dear friends, are also enjoying your dayes,
summer,- or winter aproaching, for some of you!!

Love and hugs and see you as I try to catch up with your wonderful blogs.



Dortesjs said...

heiii, tak for dine søde kommentarer hos mig..ajjj fedt lille stempel du lige fik det var da sjovt.og super søde gaver du altid får Dorthe.HÅber at du har haft og har en dejlig sommer nu har vi da rigtig fået varme.

Suz said...

Sending and receiving gifts from friends who care so much for each other is really a wonderful part of life! I get such pleasure watching the joy and love you put and into gifts sent and the joy you get from gifts received. i am slowly getting back into creating, mostly beads again, but am doing some volunteering which makes me very happy, too. Someday soon, I hope to get back into the blog part of my life and my friends in the blog world. For now, I get pleasure just from reading about these beautiful things, Dorthe!!!

Maureen said...

Wow, it is so very lovely Dorthe - how lucky are you to receive such thoughtful gifts! Love those stamps too...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer indeed!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
lovely gifts for a lovely Lady:)
The Journal is to die for and your page came out beautifully.
Have a lovely weekend.
Sending hugs and love,

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for making today beautiful like it says in that lovely poem by sharing your art and sweet friends art creations too!
What a beautiful journal and very thoughtful to leave pages for you to work on too.
Thank you for making me smile and for inspiring me always...such a sweet dolly and that stamp is perfect
Your vacation page turned out so soft and beautiful are amazing!
Happy Weekend and wishing you more happy summer days with your precious family...
Enjoy ♥ Enjoy oxoxo

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe- what a wonderful and beautiful journal-- a marvelous gift from your friend. Your first created page is so lovely-- it's going to be an amazing project.

Welcome back-- we have missed you-- I know you are having a wonderful summer :)

butterfly said...

Your page looks absolutely beautiful, Dorthe - such delicate colours and lovely stamps and texture. Would love to see more!!

And what a lovely, lovely journal - amazing creation!
Alison xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Absolutely love your stunning page Dorthe and the gifted journal looks totally amazing!!

Waving hello from far away Australia where I am spending the last few days with my grand children.... enjoy yours when they come to visit!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Love the sweet journal from your friend, the first page is just beautiful. the dried lavender is pretty, as is the cute doll.
Glad you are enjoying the summer with your family.
Have a happy weekend

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dearest Dorthe, Yvonne's journal is gorgeous and the other gifts are so wonderful as well. Your page turned out beautiful and I know that you will fill the other ones with more amazing creations.
Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. It sounds like you had a great time with your grandkids. I'm so happy for you that you can spend so much time this summer with them. Have lots of fun with the little ones!
Mange kys og knus to you, sweetie,

May said...

Hi Dorthe,
Your page is so Beautiful... the Gorgeous gifts you have received from your dear friends are amazing creations...enjoy your time with your precious family...Hugs May x x

Inkypinkycraft said...

gorgeous gifts and love the softness of your page x

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear another lovely gift created just for you. Your page is beautiful. What a unique stamp for Denmark. Fragrant lavender in such a sweet hanging pocket is perfect for you. Lavender is so relaxing. Creative Blissful Gifts...

JansArtyJunk said...

Hi Dorthe, Wow.. what beautiful gifts..The Journal is stunning and your page is a beauty too...Jan x

June said...

Such treasures you have received from your friend Yvonne dear Dorthe! You truly are blessed with creative friends who love you.
hugs from here...

suziqu's thread works said...

I couldn't think of a more beautiful page to create for your new journal wrap from Yvonne. It is so beautiful and I am sure Yvonne will be thrilled!
The birds, leaves and colours are so gently soft.
I hope you received my email just sent sweet friend,
Much love,

Jillayne said...

Another lovely journal Dorthe - what a beautiful gift! I especially love the little stamp - how sweet it is.
Summer is for lazy days and visiting - enjoy your grand-children's visit - I hope you have a wonderful time!

sharon said...

A beautiful page in the most gorgeous journal ever sweet friend! It is just amazing, and then all the other gifts too, this is what makes our lives and friendships so special, and we are so blessed! Your summer with your family has been so beautiful, so keep enjoying! Hugs and love!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like it's the best for her, when she had suffered for so long already. I hope you can deal with the situation and wish you a lot of strength.
Oh my gosh, I received your beautiful birthday card but totally forgot to send you a message. Please forgive me! It seems that now that I'm 50, I all of a sudden forget more than just some weeks ago, lol. There were a few more incidents over the last days. Well, let's hope it's only temporary. Thank you so much for the lovely card, dearest Dorthe.
No, there was no new post. I had been happy that I had found out how to add those share buttons to my posts until I saw that they show up on the static pages of my blog as well. In trying to repair this today, I first messed up my contact form and when I had fixed that, my share buttons were totally gone. I wish I knew HTML and wouldn't have to rely on codes that are published on blogs or webpages, sigh.
Our new kitty wants to play. I had found her in a tree a few days after Cecil's death. I better get her busy, so that she will sleep in the night and not jump around in our bed :).
Sending very big hugs to you, sweet friend. I'll be thinking of you.
Lots of love,