Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midsummer bonfire- and more fantastic birthday gifts

This was the bonfire we went to see, on the harbor in the nearby city

And here are some wonderful witches- whom did luckyly not end up on the bonfire  ,lol.

As I told in my last post ,I so want to show you all the most wonderful gifts I recieved from dear blogging friends- and as I show them in the order they were here,-today I will share with you some gorgeus artpieces, that came from sweet dear friends in Germany.
This beautiful card was made of a very dear friend  JULIA Vintage With Laces ,please click the photo, to see the wonderfil details, and see the old angel card.

Julia is a wonderful artist,and my close friend,- see this so sweet and gorgeus collage, in the most lovely frame, also with added lace and funny shells.
I love the two friends ,on the beach, and all the sweetness about this wonderful picture.(Could be us ,Julia?)

As I have so many pictures to show, and as I was in such a hurry to open up all this wonderful gifts, everything is unpacked,and also the most lovely lavender pillow, from dear Julia, but it was sweppet in the most lovely old handkerchief, as you see below.

And this gorgeus can with lid, that is also a beach theme, was filled with laces and other lovelyes, just look the next photo. I so love how Julia, made it a tiny bit with rosa tones here and there, also the
beautiful shell on top of the lid-(sorry you can`t see it)

Here is the inside: old spool with silkyarn-beuatiful old price tags,small crystals-
and the laces ,so lovely.

Julia also added an old needle paper , and the most lovely coloured laces.
Thankyou so much sweetest Julia, they are all so beautiful,you spoiled me- and I thankyou from my heart-your picture is on my wall now, with some  other gorgeus gifts from you, my dear.

The other fantastic packet came next day, also from Germany, from my other very special friend,-VIOLA
She is a wonderful artist and very sweet friend ,too.

See the amazing collage she made on top of a piece of barck-it is gorgeus.

and so is this very beautiful picture/collage- I love the frame with old text and numbers-and the beautiful materials, Viola used to make this a very special piece.

See the added beautiful items. 

And this little sweet pillow-can you see the many wonderful layers of lace-love the bit of added red color.

The card dear Viola made and send me, is fantastic,too, see she even found and added the date-24-and the most sweet text.
Viola you also spoiled me with all your most wonderful gifts, dear friend-as I told you ,you have a Viola corner on my wall , with all this and many other beautiful artpieces from you.
Thankyou from my heart -I so love every piece.

I hope you enjoyed seing all the beauties,- I am so very grateful for this most amaxing gifts from dear and treasured friends. There will be some more in my next post- :)
Thankyou for looking,  I wish you all a great day,-and evening.
Love and hugs, to all.

Monday, June 27, 2011


As many of you know I celebrated my birthday fríday-I want to show you some BEAUTIFUL  gifts I have recieved.I will show them in the order I recieved them-over some posts-not to tire you ,lol.
14 dayes or more, ago I recieved a big letter from  SUZY -   Suziqu`s Threadworks.
Suzy and I became quickly dear friends ,and now she is an importent part of my life.
She send me the most fantastic art pieces for my birthday!

This rather big collage, which includes  (as Suzy writes on its bag) many of the things dear to me-- is so
beautiful and lovely. Full of fantastic fabric`s and laces-many layers and beautiful images.
Please CLICK the photoes for more details...

Isen`t it so wonderful? you should see all in real, as the colors are just not all right in my photoes-

Her sweetest card

and the most gorgeus needlebook, I so love it-it is filled with the most fantastic laces and fabric pieces, and so lovely to hold in my hands.--And see this also gorgeus little bag, isen`t it just so very beautiful,---inside Suzy added a wonderful piece of lace and some lovely serviettes.

She told me,this is her first tag,ever-it is so lovely, dear Suzy-thankyou sweetheart-your gifts are fantastic-and I was so very happy to recieve all those lovelyes from your hands and especially from your dear heart, my sweet friend, I love them all.

Also some many dayes ago, I found a very special letter in my post-
The most beautiful  Mail Art envelope from another dear blog friend ,  LENNA  --Creative Lenna.
Lenna makes the most fantastic Mail Art-and journals -you have to visit her blog ,if you don`t know her,yet.

And see this sweetest card inside - I love the beautiful romantic look- all the hearths,and little fat angel.

She so sweetly also added a tag with beautiful handcolored lace, and a plactic bag,filled with the most wonderful lace-and all kind of wonderful bit and pieces,for me to use.
Thankyou dear Lenna,- this was my first Mail Art -and I so love what you send me-dear friend.

As you will soon see ,there are many more fantastic gifts from other very dear friends, from my blogging world, whom also became close friends.
Thank`s for watching, and for your lovely comments, they are dearly appreciated- and the first thing I look for- after having my tea, with my husbond in the mornings :)
I feel so blessed being a part of this warm and loving community.
Love and hugs, to you all.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A card with a very beautiful image, that I think comes from a blog called Artefachts with wonderful freebies.
I placed a beautiful scheleton leave  I found, apun her, and gorgeus lace fabric ,and handmade paper,too
The little hearth is decorated with a bird transfer, lovely embroidered fabric-and the beautiful poem from Emily Dickson-don`t you love it?

3 beauties from my garden, :
an almost white peony

Madame Alfred Carriere

And a very old wild rose in our garden-so beautiful and fragile,
and so quickly gone.....

Tomorrow it is Sct.Hans evening  -a heathen celebartion of midsummer- where we have bonfires all over, and meets in every town ,to see the "witches" being burned- singing midsummer songs, and maybe eat with family or friends. If the weather is not on rain, it is a beautiful evening, in the danish summer.
And friday it is my birthday, not to be very much celebrated- --one dear friend comes for dinner-and that is very cosy, and what I prefer :)
I hope you are all in good spirit, and feeling happy.
And I wish you a beautiful rest of the week.
Love and hugs Dorthe

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This lovely seam binding rolled around sweet tags,
I BOUGHT  from Nancy  of Sugar Lump Studios- I love and admire Nancy`s art, and have enjoyed one of her wonderful classes on the net,too.
Nancy is a very sweet friend.

And then see this beautiful hanger she gifted me with , together with my buy.Isen`t it wonderful, and turning it over...

there was this other dear image. It is to be opened,to change images, which I will never do, as this is a dear gift for me. Thankyou so very much, dearest Nancy, you made me so happy for giving me this , beautiful piece.

And then the gifts from LIZ  (Lululiz in Lalaland) as I promised you in my last post.
Oh my goodnes Liz you spoiled me, with this gorgeus gift packet dear.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful tag, so full of beautiful ribbons, pearls, seashells and glitterbeads-and so wonderfully fitting for my home on the beach.

But this was the real gift, even more beautiful as the tag-I love the image Liz haz used for both ,it is so fantastic with the mermaids dancing there,
and look at the wonderful ribbons and with tassels,-the photo does not do it justice, in colors,and also not realy showing the lovely hearts shimmer.    -It is hanging in my blue kitchen :)
Dearest Liz it is such a beautiful gift, and a gorgeus art piece, you made me, sweet friend.

And on top of those gorgeus pieces ,there were also a sweet and beautifully decorated paper bag, filled with mop buttons-the loveliest little English bone china bowl, with a pretty piece of lace,with a tiny rusted key.

AND a roll of music paper, with a  lovely beige big piece of lace rolled around it.
Liz I`m so very thankful for this fantastic gift from you, that is my birthday gift-Thankyou from my heart dearest friend-you realy surprised me ,and made me happy, I love it all, and will treasure it alwayes.

How was your sundayes ,dear friends? well for many of you, it is not at all finished half as much as mine is-here it is 11 o`clock evening- so soon time for bed .I hope you all in US enjoy your fathers day,-- and everywhere else your sunday.
Thankyou all for being in my are all so very treasured.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Monday, June 13, 2011


I took another class from ZINNIA`s  wonderful workshops on Roses On My Table, this time with domino`s

I love how they turned out , and made a handfull,that I will use in jewlery,
and maybe also just sell as is,-also on my Etsy-

They are sweet little pieces ,to be used in many wayes.

this last one I added fabric to-  I love how it turned out.

And being with the Roses, here is one from my garden,I love that lilac tone, and it even smells wonderful.

this and the next one are  Clematis`s

Both in fantastic colors-the dark grows in front of my shop-the other in my private garden.

My little granddaughter is sick, so I might take some dayes to look after her....and leave the shop to my husbond-we will see-have to talk with my daughter today.
I wish you all some beautiful dayes ,and sends you
love and blessings. Next post I will show you the most fantastic gift I recieved from my dear friend LIZ -LULULIZ IN LALALAND

Thursday, June 9, 2011


As you have maybe notised I added a button on my right sidebar- about a mini dress form tutorial! 
It is Karla, from Karla`s Cottage whom is hosting it ,and it is a very fun ,wonderful, and-- cheap little workshop.
Karla explains in 3 small videos how to make her beautiful dress forms-and I just had to try...

What do you think? I loved doing it

and dress her in beautiful old fabric`s

and even it is summer here, I thought she had to wear a little fur -
The top of her is a sweet cork from a wine bottle :)
I have enjoyed this workshop so much dear Karla-thankyou-

And this beautiful photo taken a few dayes ago, at eleven o`clock night-shows the view ,
while the sun went to bed here -and to shine on the other side of the world.
I too will soon go to sleep, -but first wish you a wonderful day or evening...
I just got my copy of  Sew Sommerset-and will take it with me -relaxing and reading.
Love and hugs, to you dear friends, and a huge thankyou for all your congratulations to me being featured in Pat Winters beautiful magazine- THANKYOU , you are such wonderful friends.
XOXOXO --Dorthe

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Can you imagine my eyes wide open ,when some months ago I had a mail from  PAT WINTER-
the fantastic crazy quilt artist,- asking me to be in her   Magazine : Crazy quilt gatherings
which can be watched a bit and bought from here :

Here is the page, (yes I know my last name is spelled wrong,- not Pat I know-but the publisher  :)  ) but I am so very proud of being featured here,with one of my driftwood angels.

And Pat made a wonderful work of setting my photoes,and the text for me, which she also helped sound, real . Thankyou so very much Pat--I never dreamed of being in your beautiful magazine, dear.

Se how beautiful Pat added beach items, to the page, to mix ,with the item.

I love what you did for me, dear Pat, thankyou so very much.

My beautiful poppies -big and lovely flowers

And a new elf, resting on a wonderful real pumpkin-

Welcome to new followers, I have not had time to visit you, but I will try to,soon -
I am very happy to see you here-thankyou.
And ofcourse I wish you a wonderful sunday all, maybe it like here, is almost going from day-till eveníng-or maybe your day just startet or ended--but to all of you I send
much love and hugs.