Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Many month ago my very dear friend JULIA from Vintage With Laces
and I desided to make a swap-  The tema was a journal or book for ATC`s  or tags.
I choosed spring related  , and Julia mode related .

Yesterday the post brought me a big and wonderfull packet from Germany-sorry that it is unpacked without taking photoes---I couldn`t help myself  :)This is the beautifull book dear Julia made for me

look at all the laces and the wonderfull image

And this is when opening it up--all pages were covered in old music paper, and other old book pages.
The ATC is so sweet and lovely.

Another page in the book- filled with beautifull laces- Julia it is a fabolous
piece of art , you have giftet me with.

And here you can see how all the next many pages are made, with little pockets in tull for me to use.

the next packet I also made a big AHHHH when opening, have you ever seen something that sweet,?
spring strawberries ,all in soft pink fabric`s

everyone with a little sweet word- and embroidered with tiny pearls-
I adore them sweetie.

And inside a sweet pink pouch I found this gorgeus soldered bottle-I love the metal buttons and all the wax Julia, used--and you can even lift off the top.

The sweet,dear Julia -also made me a wonderfull spring-cart

and this lovely bookmark- so beautifull hidden in it`s own handmade paper back.

And here you see, the paper back Julia made for the card- and the bag where the bottle was inside.

Julia süsse,- ich bin total in liebe mit all deine wunderschöne sachen-
Thank you from my heart- dearest friend
I will enjoy every time taking your wonderfull book in my hands.
With much love-thank you.

I have made a little teaser for Julia to see, as she has not gotten her packet yet,

Have a wonderfull day, all dear blogging friends- and followers.
Hugs and love -Dorthe

Friday, March 25, 2011

Beautifull tags for ETSY

Today in between sewing a fairi-doll for my shop, I made those 3 tags

The beautifull rose images are all from the wonderfull shop,dear Diane was so generous to share with us :

I used old french book pages- wonderfull embroidered lace-some with pearls.

A : La vie en Rose, text-- and a so beautifull little buckle adorned with
beautifull bling-stones

they are photographed in a lovely bouquet of tulips, I got today from my very dear friend Solvejg,
when we went shopping for grosaryes. They will be in my Etsy-during the week-end.

This is a collage I made for one dear danish blogger friend-
as a birthday gift-together with some other little things.

I used an old fhoto frame-a beautifull image ,(sorry I don`t remember from where)-
old laces-old handwritten text- and a piece of driftwood

How are you all doing ? dear friends---it is good it is friday ,isen`t it ?
I wish you all a very lovely and creative week-end.

I also want to say welcome to new followers, I feel happy and honourd ,whenever seing a new name on my list-Thankyou.

Love and hugs-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

At long last, a few new pieces in my Etsy

Yes, I managed to put 3 new things in my Etsy  :)
This little mermaid angel, made totally from cloth and paper

I like her form- and sweet Paper Whimsy ,face

Number 2- a driftwood angel,-
beautifull in her nature colored clothes,

made from old lace, and cheese-cloth--
also with a Paper Whimsy face.

And number 3- a sweet little pincussion, with a bird-love tag,
and the birds egg.(the image  I got from my dear friend LIZ -thankyou sweet, I think it feets on a tag here)-
and the egg, I made from a plaster one, covered it in lace ,ribbon-and another beautifull Paper-Whimsy face.

You can take the egg, off the pillow, as it is only hanging around a button...

That`s it for today :)--now I will try to visit you ,to see what beautifull things, you are showing.
That`s alwayes a very special and happy time for me...
Supper eaten ,and a  quiet evening, to spend here, with all of you wonderfull friends, and followers.

Blessings, and love to you all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011



Today I am linking up to Rebecca`s  Studio sunday  ,showing a few photoes from my surroundings that inspire me dayly to create, little things like this newly finished
lavender mini pillow-

Just yesterday I saw this  (we call it Christmas Rose) little white beauty in my garten

and all over those sweet little ones are saying hello

Se that long piece of wood ,that my husbond rescued from the sea-12 m long-
I think it is a very beautifull ,and inspirational sight.

Old books I just found last week in Copenhagen -only 2 dollars-which is extreamly cheap here in DK.

And then all over my house ,little collections of all kind-sorry for the pot-we were cooking!

And here from my sitting room--Liz do you recognice that sweet pitcher you gave me?
 Tina your box- and Lisa, your sweet old angels ?

A wonderfull drawing of a danish  actress

All those things, and many more help me create- little pieces like this one card.
Some dayes you have to look a bit more for inspiration,than others- but all the time it is there just in front of me-only waiting to be catched.

I hope you all find inspiration to create something ,today,too-
a little art piece- a wonderfull dinner- making beauty in your homes......
Have a gorgeus day, all

Sunshine hugs and love from

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today  i  made 2 frontpages on little notebooks,
this is made from cloth-laces-paper,-and napkins

and this mostly from cloth and paper

Some time ago I won a fantastic  prize from  DAWN-THE FEATHERED NEST
DAWN is one of the wonderfull artists featured in  Pam Carriker  `S new fantastic book : ART at the SPEED of LIFE

This is a page showing Dawns artickle ,and beautifull art piece.

Dearest Dawn , my very precius friend- also send me a sweet peat pot

filled with beautifull laces -buttons-a piece of scrim-------

AND those 3 so wonderfully smelling and sweet looking egg-soaps-together with an old watch face,-

They are so beautifull, my dear Dawn-and I love the two little tags,you send,too.
Thankyou so ,from my heart, I love everything--and you.

Another wonderfull prize , I won from one of my new dear friends:
Susan from Suztats

See this gorgeus wristcuff, made with laces ,beautifull added little pearls,a flower,where Suz tatted a picot flower in the middle, and the lovely heart.--It is so beautifull, dear Suz

But this was not enough- look at this wonderfull flower, also with a tatted flower in the middle,
beautifull laces-and handcolored embroidery yarn-so lovely colors.

a pair of sweet earrings-butons-pearls- and more-just click the photoes to see all closer.
Thankyou, dearest Suz, so very much, for this beautifull packet.
Suz long ago send me a packet ,with what I originally won ,from her giveaway--but as it was lost in the post-this sweet lady, made me a gorgeus new packet-so very sweet of you, dear friend.

The last thing I show you tonight, is my last OWOH prize

She made among many other OWOH gifts, this little sweet little book- to fill with photoes and notes,
of the loving kind :)    -so cute.

Thank you so very much Therese, I think I will put photoes of my grandchild inside and gift her with that ,next time we see each other.

This got long ,I think--I`m not used to those long posts--hope you followed me till here, so I can wish all of you a wonderfull week-end.
We had the most lovely sunshine day, today- LOVE  it.

Big hugs,- and love from me ,to you

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I`m back again, after taking my grandkid, home to mom and dad,--so just wanted to say HI-and tell I`m ok, -and starting to work again.

Today I made a packet ready to ship-
so this is a little teaser ,as I know the reciever-- a very dear friend ,here in Europe--reads my blog.

She has birthday very soon,-and I just want her packet to arrive on the day-I so hope it was not too late to post it today.

Well, it is on it`s way, and hopefully, there, very soon, :)
I hope you are all well, this wednesday,-it is already very soon week-end again,-time flyes ,far too quickly.
I had a wonderfull week- with the little sweetest girl-and misses her now-even it is good to have time for creating, again.
I wish you a wonderfull rest of the week,-all-
Love and hugs,-Dorthe