Saturday, September 29, 2012


And that means halloween and witches,
here is one of mine, just waiting to celebrate

This tag made from papers from
Paper Whimsy-     Lilac and Lavender, and stamp from 
The Stampsmith    I enjoyed creating a few dayes ago.. I love the lilac tones!

And all of you knowing dear ROBIN from the Baggaraggs
have surely already seen that this gorgeous envelope was made by her,using 
papers and fabrics, it is so beautiful..

And her card  made from an old paperbag, is a 
unique piece of art

This sweet friend of mine send me some gorgeous gifts ,some time ago, and with 
halloween aproaching it is time to show ,my new dear friends from Robin.
Aren`t they wonderful, I so love those Monarc sisters, which will
join some friends I purchased last year from their creator.
They are so whimsy and  tiny lovely.

Robin alwayes finds treasures for me, that she knows is difficult to find
here in Denmark, --

I`m so happy for the old pieces of flowers and leaves, and the wonderful 
stamps-thankyou ,friend of mine.

And those ribbons ,oh Robin, and one of them packet with a piece 
of your fabolous homemade fabric ribbon.

I was also gifted with a packet full of  those beautiful,beautiful, butterflyes,in
cardstock so very fairy like, I have never seen anything like it here.

Well off to work in the studio, 
I love your little friends, I love you  :-)

I let them greet you all, and wish you a 
very beautiful Oktober with stunning colours in nature, 
and beautiful hours with family and friends.

from Dorthe

Monday, September 24, 2012


               As many of you knows, my two grandkids have visited last week, and we have had                 wonderful dayes together. Here they are :Sister and brother,-aren`t they sweet?                                    one     of the most beautiful gifts to recieve in this world                                                                   is grandchildren!!!

But I also have recieved other kind of beautiful  gifts lately :-)
Like this so wonderful packed ones from one of my dearest friends
Isen`t it a most romantic and lovely packet?

And look at these, both so exclusive in laces and lovely bling.
And I love Suzy`s beautiful tag,-it is a wonderful extra gift to open up
such gorgeous packages.

Inside one was a fabolous collage, so rich in stunning fabrics, and laces, and 
with a most wonderful angel image- please CLICK my photoes to see
the details ,

of  golden tulle, old jewelry piece, the sweet "flower" and
the most beautiful layers of papers and fabric, as only 
Suzy can mingle them! 

In another packet I found a collection of
gorgeous old and new laces, and emboridered pieces.

and in the sweet lace pouch with the bling charm was an old worn
brass box holding a wonderful little box of wonderful cream for
my face, which dear Suzy bought from the woman,
whom makes the cream herself. 
And have you seen the gorgeous silk threads my sweet friend also send me-
they are so lovely soft,and beautiful coloured.
Suzy my sweet friend, THANKYOU  from my heart for your 
beautiful gifts- you are a wonderful friend- alwayes there for me,
in both good and bad dayes ,THANKYOU.

And can you believe, I was also lucky to win an extra giveaway, when NANCY
for some time ago had a giveaway.
This lovely sweet pouch made from the most beautiful fabric,and with a beautiful image.

And dear Nancy also added one of her adorable tags--I love your tags,Nancy--
and some wonderful mother of pearls buttons and rosa seambindings .
THANKYOU so very much dear friend, it was a wonderful surprice.

And now it is back to normal again.....
The kids will be missed very much, -and I have to get back to
is approching,and there must be made many ,many dolls,charms,cards,collages-
and other christmas related items,for the coming season.
BUT,- first I will be back visiting all of you,to see what beauties you have created,
while I was away- I know I will find a lot of wonderful posts to
go through,and look forward to it.

I send you all warm hugs and love.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I alwayes gets smitten with all the wonderful Halloween creations
I see on the internet visiting my friends, and so I wanted to 
make a sweet witch myself!

She is dressed in real velvet ,and her shawl is a lovely piece of
 machine embroidered black fabric. She wears some witchy things in her hands,
and am app. 45 cm high.

I also wants to show you a beautiful packet I recieved from my lovely
friend Lynne  some long time ago..... I`m sorry it takes me that long,for the moment being, to blog 
about my gifts! I know I have more to show!!
Dear Lynne had created the most beautiful paper bag to hold
all the most lovely and delicate dyed pieces, for me.

Please click on the photo to see it more close up, it is so wonderful!
And so is the lovely cheececloth in most wonderful shades of pink-peach and light blue.

Here is more and many ribbons and laces too- also Lynne dyed some tags for me ---

and created this very beautiful one- which I adore.

Isen`t it all so beautiful. 
I alwayes admire that Lynne uses home dyed fabrics for her amazing creations,and love
her colour choises, just look at this bunch of loveliness.

Thankyou my dear sweet friend- it was so generous of you, and I 
will be happy to create with it all, after having admired it for a while first!

Friday I travel to Copenhagen to stay for the week-end, and then bring my two grandchildren 
with me home monday,- to grandpa and Bornholm.
They will visit us for the week, and I am so happy, to have them
here - to play, laugh and have fun!

There will not be much time, if any, for posting and visiting you my dear friends,
but I will be back again , eager to see all you have been
up to, while I am full time grandma :-)

In the meantime -take care and be happy-
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Also to my new followers, I welcome you from my heart.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Collage using my new Stampsmith stamp!

Hello all, and happy weekend friends!

This collage in white / black, I made using a beautiful 
stamp from the Stampsmith `s  collection called Cleopatra and friends!

I know many of you already knows those wonderful stamps,
but if not just click the name, to see what is in the Stampsmith  shop!

I first saw this beautiful rubberstamp sheet over at my lovely
friend Lynne`S blog, where she creates the most beautiful 
collages ,cards and tags- and I was at once tempted to buy it.
Lynne kindly helped me contact Estelle from Stampsmith, and from then, there was not 
any hessitating in ordering.

I think she is a beauty,- miss Portia - and made her live between beautiful 
old and newer laces, and a little bling ,too.

I also wanted to show you some most beautiful dyed fabrics and laces
dear Lynne have send me, but my photoes have to be taken over again (very bad light on them)
- so you will have to wait a few dayes to see those gorgeous ,
and so lovely pieces from my dear friend.

How is your saturday ? I hope it is happy and blessed, and wishes you
a beautiful sunday, too-

Hugs and love ,
from Dorthe