Friday, October 30, 2009

Thankyou so much Mette

Mette is a wonderfull friend living in Jylland .We met many years ago here in my shop, and
found out we like many of the same things. Mette is a very giving and loving woman,and alwayes when visiting my shop ,she brings beautifull things to me.
You have to see here, I know this post got long, but I wanted to show most of the wonderfull pieces she brought me.

This doll she told me belonged to her family, Isn`t it fantastic she gave me such a treasure.
old sewing stuff, zinck crosses and birds

beautifull cards in white

old music sheets

This wonderfull glass charm, she is making together with her mother
a sweet lady I also happen to know.

old laces and her sweet card to me.

a kerchief holder,beautifull embroderied

This wonderfull paper hold, folder is wonderfull

look at the inside

And this old beautifull back, wow

isn`t it fantastic?

Mette they are all wonderfull gifts, -and there are more ,just thought this post is long enough.

Thanks once more dear friend.
I wish you and everyone reading this post a wonderfull friday-
Hugs and love Dorthe

Monday, October 26, 2009

A quick hallo from my studio and privat

With christmass soon to be here, I`m working very hard on my angels and other dolls
like thise two beauties, that with all their sisters ,will soon be for sale.

Many of them as you see, is of a white theme , but there are other kinds in colors
coming very soon.

This chandelier,that I love, is french ,and hanging in my privat, it is for the moment being
dressed up with Soldered charms from many of my blogging friends, and some made of me.
Soldering is something I hope to do more of after christmass.

I hope you will have a great monday, -here the weather is kind of rainy,and foggy, -a great weather to create inside.

Hugs and love


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Only 4 dayes till Artist Class

Mary Green from Green Paper is offering this wonderfull online class, where she has
brought together a lot of fantastic artists , that all shares : the how to do - some of their beautifull art pieces.

Here is some of the artists, and Mary tells there will be more to come:

They are all giving us a chance to create with them a wonderfull piece
of art ----- ,TAKE A LOOK HERE:
I already signed up, and can`t wait till sunday where the whole thing starts.
It all looks so very exiting Mary, I`m so looking forward to all the fun.
Well dear friends I hope some of you will join, this great class,
so we can share all the wonderfull houers to come.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The wonderfull buyes

I have to tell you about JoAnnA (Mosshill Studio) ,
This sweet and dear woman that herself suffered from breastcancer, and whoès husbond
has newly been operated for a big tumor in his brain ,twice,- is one of the most talented
Artists I know. I love what she is doing, and as you know I was the very happy winner
of her little Emmily`es dress some week ago.
So when I saw, she offered this so very beautifull collage on Etsy, I had to buy it.
It is now on my wall, here in my little computer corner,where I see it everyday.

And believe me, it is even more wonderfull than shown in the photo.JoAnnA
has e very special hand, with all she is doing, that gives you a feeling of
eternity, long ago beauty, and love.

Is`nt it fantastic ?

And then this dear friend also send me a wonderfull present- lots of her own
created Art Sheets, to use for projects coming up.
Thanks so much dearest JoAnnA, I will enjoy working with them.

Theese next pictures is from a new lovely book, from COUNTRY LIVING
"Merry & Bright" -that another of my dear friends
offered on her shop , -and as it looked great, and I
can`t find such things here in DK, I ordered it from her.

It is full of wonderfull pictures showing all kind of beautifull christmas things
to get inspired from.

So thankyou dear Dawn for sending it all the way to me in Denmark.

Well guess it was enough for today, a lot of work is waiting for me, now that my two
sweet grandchildren have returned home to mom and dad again.

I wish all of you a great monday.

Lots og XOXO

Wonderfull special Award

This wonderfull Award that I humble have recieved from SILKE contains
everything beautifull, that I try to honour every day.
Thankyou so very much dear Silke , I`m so honoured for being considered such a friend for you .
And I`m happyly returning it to you, as I can truly say you are such a friend to me too.
As for sending it out in the world , I will do it like that:
To everyone that came to my blog and stayed, to all dear friends, in blogland, and the ones not having a blog, to my loving friends on earth, I`M passing this special Award on to all of you.

So today I am planting another tree. The Quercus shumardii or Shumard Oak. It is a handsome large tree with straight axis and broad, rounded open crown. It withstands strong hurricane winds, extreme heat, is tall and straight and just plain beautiful. I have more trees to plant but rest assured those who have virtual trees and acorns planted and distributed in their honor have one common virtue, they are loyal friends regardless of race, creed, political affiliations and geography. Here, I honor womanhood and friendship and there is nothing more wondrous a blessing for anyone than for a friend who came and never left your side.”
Thankyou to all of you
Love and hugs from me,
and a blessed monday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Angel in Tutsi ? or Cone ?

When sommer was still here, A priest wisited my shop, to ask if I would make
an angel in a cone to use for Advent, when telling the christmas evangelium, for
the children in church. I ofcourse was happy to recieve such an order, and as
December aproaching I started the project.

Here I have finished modeling the face in wooddust, painted it,and giwing her hair

Almost finished in her white dress, and a little cross

Hiding a bit in her brown suede cone, with golden stars

And then taking a full wiew on the world

Her wings are ca. 1/2 meter wide, made in white material, and almost cowered
in feathers, her hands are holding tight to the cone.
I hope the children will love her, when she tells the story
about the birth of Jesus Christ.
Tomorrow my two sweet grandchildren comes all the way from Copenhagen,
to stay here with us for the autumn holliday without their
I`m loooking very much forward seing them ,and having lots of fun in
the week to come------only I guess blogging is going to rest till next week-end.
So till then I wish everyone a great week.
XOXO Dorthe

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The honest scrap Award

Some week ago I recieved a new reward : The Honest Scrap Award from
Lisa is a new blogger, and a wonderfull artist, that I`m happy to "know".
Her blog is a great place to visit, which I do every time she have news to show.
well I guess I have to try telling some honest stuff about myself.
1)I`m a grandmother that are almost too much in love with my two grandchildren
(if that is possible)
2) I`m a terrible collector of EVERYTHING -my husbond sayes-
3)I try eating healthy food, but love sauce
4)look here:my best meal is sliced roasted pork with white parsly sauce, uhhhm
5) I`m afraid of the big water, and do not swimm,and don`t go to the beach in sommertime to get suntanned.
6) I`m a very soft woman,that often are too sensitive,and therefore often
letting myself being hurt from things that realy don`nt matter
7) I`m spending far too much time on my computer,wisiting all you wonderfull bloggers
(Sayes my husbond)
8) Since little girl I have been afraid of the darckness-,trying to work on that
9)My faworite flowers are roses, and I`m having one from each of my best
friends and my sisters,in my garden,that all were
birthday wishes.
10)I got a new and wonderfull life,when started blogging, it has given me so
many wonderfull friends and houers of beauty and fun,
Thanks for that all of you out there.
I know that I now ought to place this award on to 10 new bloggers, but as I
find it very difficult choosing I will just ask everyone, What would be your 10
honest answers if being asked?????
Wishing you all a wonderfull Tuesday
Can`t wait to wisit you again.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday with wonderfull things from the postman

Some weeks ago JoAnnA from Mosshill Studio had a give away that everyone who joined her workshop: Emilee`s Dress could participate in.
And the price ,was the little dress she had created to be used to teach this workshop.
I so love JoAnnA`s wonderfull art, so ofcourse I joined,-and with me many others, -so I almost forgot about it.
So recieving a mail from dear JoAnnA one morning telling me I was the winner, almost knocked me off my chair, I just could`nt believe this wonderfull dress was mine.

Just take a look at it, isn`t it precius and wonderfull -

Se this little easel ,she made herself , and the button
covered in old newspaper, the little bird in the old glove...
and the brusches in the glove ,she has used for many art works.
I`m so very happy, and proud to own this beatifull piece JoAnnA,
It is hanging on my wall under a tiny cupboard with small old dolls,and dolls heads inside.
I just love it sweetie, thankyou from my heart.

Look at these wonderfull Things I ordered from
Pat from The Whyte paper.
These are small bags, beautified with old photoes,stamps,
papers and a little bling,bling.Inside a combination card.

They are all very sweet and I love them.

An then these small tags,-everyone with old stamps,
and papers, all of them genuine,-They are so sweet Pat.
These lillac tiny tags I want to use for christmas
gifts, I know my friends will love them.
But that`s not enough, look what that sweet woman,gave me
extra, just because she had a little trouble with Etsy.........
Wonderfull tags to use as they are, or work with-

This sweet magnet, now sitting on my freeser

another great round tag, and a beautifull ATC
I love all you did Pat .And thanks so very much for your wonderfull gifts.

On top of this I also got an award from
a very new wonderfull blogger, Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered
But as this post has gotten so very long I think I will post about that tomorrow.
Thankyou for today
wishing you all the very best day.
XO Dorthe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few pictures from my exibition

One of the last roses bluming in front of the shop,I think it is so gorgeus.

As you maybe read here, i`m having an exibition on our local hospital, where
9 of my dolls now are to see in two big glass montre`s.
I tryed to take some beautifull pictures ,but as I`m not pro with a camera, and as I had so much
ligt behind the one glass montre, they are not realy good,but I guess you will get an idea.

Here are some fairies

living in the wood together, enjoying the compagni, and restfull

And in the other glass montre, some creatures
from the sea, are joining together
for a cosy meeting.

Nymphs and mermaids together.

I hope you can see them a bit better, when clicking on the photos.
Hope you are having a wonderfull week-end dear friends.
Thanks so much for lovely comments ,
it alwayes makes me very happy.
Hugs and love