Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspired and facinated of beautifull pillows

Since I first saw the very beautifull pillows ,made with old lace and fabric, I have been very facinated , and watching another today, I thought, they would be a wonderfull inspiration,
for very small lavender pillows.

So this was the first I made, using old handkerchief, laces, and placed a tag,
inside the pocket.

This second one, is also made with very old laces, and on the tag, I used an image
chosen from a beautifull book-page I recieved from my dear friend Liz .
I love this old engravings,-and Liz so sweet gifted me with some bird-images.
Thanks so much dear.

This white metal-bowl, alwayes holds varius displayes,-and just
now I have collected some , of my very dear gifts, and buyes,to make a spring display

The most beautifull lace on tag,and clothespin, I got in a very special and beautifull eastergift
from my so dear , and close friend -and very talented artist Julia
The little pillow ,I won in a giveaway from Marie
She has become a new, and dear friend ,too.

And then two of my latest buyes, the beautifull pear, from Diane
a wonderfull woman that I am happy to ,too call my friend

and the birds drawing -it is so sweet, ---purchased from Michelle Palmer.
Well I know I just showed the two last art pieces , but i wanted to do those two fantastic
artists credit again, I so love their work

Last photo is from my yard, showing an old iron urn with a
gorgeus Petunia in the most fantastic soft pink color.
I think it looks so very beautifull.

It started to rain, and storm now, 9,30 evening, it is dark and cold,
Hope my newsowed little things can cope with this autumn - like

Dear friends, thanks for every kind and loving word on my blog,
it makes me feel so very happy, and means more than I can express.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring is here at last,----with fantastic post delivered

My springfairy greets you all, telling you how happy she is ,that at last spring showed up, here on my insel ,too.

Dosn`t she look happy, and content? She already left me, to live on another adress.

Beautifull flowers greets me in the garden ,now-love the pink colors as you see.

I have followed Michelle Palmer `s blog ,and long wanted
to own one of her so beautifull drawings. So when her post with drawings
upon old sugar sacks, appeared, and I saw this baby birds, I was sold!
They are so sweet, and allive,

and look how great it looks on the old sack.
Love the feather on top.

Michelle also added 2 bags, of sweet image copies,
that I will love to use, for new inspiration on cards, and collages.
Thanks so much Michelle.
Another buy, last week was from dear Diane .
I so love her paperwork, but the last few weeks, she started showing
those wonderfull pears, -they are both machine-and handstiched,and Diane is doing such a
beautifull handwork,-I just could`nt resist those two very gorgeus picusions.

One of them may be given away as a gift!!!!!!!

Not long ago I was so very fortunate to win a giveaway, from Marie -Spun by me.
Marie had found a very special, and beautifull book to give away.
The Beatrix Potter-A journal.
If you have seen it, you knows what a magical, book it is, -full of small surprices,
to open up, little messages, and an owerall story about Beatrix`s life.
Marie wrapped it beautifully , and gifted me with a card, in the same
color tones,

Inside the card ,she even added a sweet tag with the most beautifull
,fine old laces wrapped around.
Thankyou so much sweet Marie, I already long to read , and experience
this special land of adventures, with my grandchild, Mathilde.
I know she will love it as I do.

A little peek, on one of the pages..........
Isn`t it adorable?

Wanted in fact to show more,-but I think this post is long enough ,
so it has to wait.
I hope for all of you, to have a lovely evening.
hugs and love,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

new adds to my shop, and a wonderfull giveaway-winn

I tryed to make some new items to my shop, this week, even I wanted to stay out in the garden.
But I just have to create, and finish new things for the shop,-hoping soon to see, some turists-

This little driftwoodangels, ( ca, 10 cm ) with dress made from Thai silk, and with an old Bornholm map copi in front,--- put in cellophane an closed with artpaper, stamped with my name and adress , I think looks proof,- I filled an old danish glass bowl with them.

Also turned those old embroideryes, (15*18 cm) into lavender pillows. I made the little paper cut out, to show my stamp ,and to add the price on the back.

And here comes, my newest doll, --fairy--she is very sophisticated, and has her own will.

She is app.50 cm high,- dressed in old coffe colored lace, and papers. Her hair is marabou feathers, and the wings are made with special moss.


My giveaway winn from LEE and Tammy (click to se Lee`s blog here).

I was so very lucky ,to winn this new zine ,made of Lee, and Tammy.
Tammy ( see her blog here).
They called it Twigs and Feathers, and it is a wonderfull mix, of
new techniques, lovely qouetes and beautifull stories,and pictures.
A wonderfull spring zine, full of small goodies, and tips.

They even added two beautifull tags, and two sweet flowers.

Thanks so very much Lee, and Tammy, you are bringing on the mood, to make dreams real,
follow ones wishes, and making it come true.
I am happy to own one of your`s first dreams that came true.
Here in Denmark we are celebreiting the whitssunday today, and tomorrow is also a hollyday.
My mother was here to have dinner with us, and we had a lovely evening.
I hope you all ,also have a great sunday,
and wish you all the best.
Thanks so much for being out there, you all means very much to mee.
Hugs and love

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


First of all, I want to ,from my heart thankyou all of you that postet here,wishing me a wonderfull trip ,to stay with my grandchildren, -It made me so very happy, and I endeed had a beautifull, and happy week-end . I so love those kids, and they makes me feel loved ,too.
This is my new, one tag, also made with immages from Paperwhimsy, like the ones
from last post (the adress is back there). The other papers used ,is from a book full of
artpapers, bought here.
I don`t know about this, I posted it as a little thankyou to all of you, to use in your art, if you wants to.Maybe you can clean it up yourself in Photoshop, I am not able to do that, but it
symbolices the wonderfull sisterhood, I have met in blogland, on my blog.

I think that it was this toad ,that made me buy the gorgeus sheet from Paperwhimsy ,I think
he is so charming, and maybe a princess, -and not the prins!!!
The piece of fabric on left corner ,is filled with pailettes, but not easy ,to see here.

Have you ever seen this flower filled with ruffles? The head is only a quarter in sice of what
it shows here, but so beautifull, ofcourse I can`t remember the name,now I want to tell you!!!!!

And at long last my tulips have started blooming , I love this "rosy" ones.

Thanks all of you, for being here,- close in friendship,- and loving thoughts,
I`m returning both, with a very thankfull heart.

Love and hugs, to you all,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tags made from new wonderfull images

Yesterday I discovered some wonderfull new digi-sheets over at
PAPERWHIMSY ,That I had to buy immedeatly.

And today I used a few of them to create this two tags. I love those old engravings,used with
natural colors.
I may be a bit inspired of DIANE and her beautifull tags, in my color choise!!
Hope it is ok sweet lady?

The wordbook piece is from the same digi-sheet.

Tomorrow I`m going to Copenhagen for the week-end to take care of my grandchildren.
Can`t wait to see them, it is almost 1, 5 montht ago,I was last there.

I`m wishing you all a beautifull week-end.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wood fairy, and more beautifull art from Diane

As you know ,I do like to work with all kind of things from nature, so when I
found a beautifull piece of wood, in my husbonds firewood stack, I immediatly
saved it, and made this wood fairy. Her upper body is made of fabric, but arms and
lower body, are wood, from our land.

I like her peat pot hat ,and the little bird, living with her.

Yesterday I recieved post from Diane again. I had asked this dear lady
if she would make me some tags,of the very special kind ,she invented,
with a little bag in front.
And I just love what she send me, and can`t get enough of her
beautifull,-and beautifully made art-you are a faboulous artist, Diane.
Thanks so much for taking you time ,in your bussy scedule,to
create for me.

Aren`t they so very lovely?

This with the feather so dramatic,and all of
them made to hold a little special something,
inside the bag.

Here a collage where you can also se how beautifull it was wrapped,and some of the
gifts Diane so very dearly ,send me last week.

Even it was very cold this morning, we ended up with the most beautifull weather,
sunny and quiet, such a lovely day.
Hope all of you was equal happy .
Love and hugs, Dorthe

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

beautifull flowers, a wonderfull giveaway winn--and a wonderfull bunch of fabric, you can winn

My dear husbond waked me up, this morning , with tea ready, and this beautifull buquet of
roses- aren`t they wonderfull.

And yesterday I was giftet too,-
the giveaway I won, from dear Marie of Lost Bird Studio, had arrived as I returned home from a very small fleamarket.

This is the calender in metal with an old world fhoto , to use now and forever because of the great way with the magnets, that can be moved around.

And look at this so beautifull lavender pillow,-it is beauty and simplicity in one,
look at the beautifull wrapping underneath.
If you did not visit Marie before, please take a look at her so beautifull,
blog, and creations.

And this so sweet mini packet,(Marie it
was such a joy to recieve ,all the wonderfull wrapping,too, and I have saved all of them ,dear.)
isn`t it lovely?

Inside was a gorgeus soldered charm ,-one side the Tour Eiffel
and on the other side this little wonder.

And this was not all, -a sweet little notebook was part
of this fantastic giveaway gifts I recieved.
What better ,than saving notes inside here,
while thinking of beautifull France.

The card is as french as can be, and there was also beautifull
paper napkins,for me to use,in future creations.
I`m so happy ,that I was the one to winn this goodies, I love them all,dear friend.
Thanks so very much,for your wonderfull creations,and all the
beauty of France.


As you may have seen on my sidebar, there is a button ,that tells ,about a
gorgeus giveaway, for folks like us, loving beautifull fabric.
It is my new and very dear friend Diane
whom is offering this giveaway ,of her own designed fabric.
Take a look on her so fantastic beautifull blog, to see this bright colored
happy summer line, you here have a chance to winn, and to see the
wonderfull art pieces she is doing.

Well,enough for today,
I had a wonderfull and lovely day,at home -and visiting my 87 year old mother,
whom is still living in her own house, and doing good,---
then meeting with all you dear friends here, thanks to all who brightened my day
wishing me a happy mothers day, and thanks to all, whom visited.
I would`nt live without you.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy mothers day

Today I have so many things to show,-and wonderfull giveawayes to tell about,
but time run from me, and it is late here now,so it will have to wait till tomorrow.
Instead I will wish everyone a happy sunday with this beautifull old photo, showing
the feminine part of a danish family.

I thought it was a perfect little freebie for all of you, and a lovely way of wishing all mothers
a happy mothers day, tomorrow.
Blessings ,and hugd.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

M Y little birdhouse.

I almost finished my birdhouse, made from Karen`s (My Desert Cottage) workshop on Artists Class ,only have to find a beautifull flower to the foot, but wanted to show it now.

I used an old beautifull chair`s leg, that I mounted my very small birdhouse on.
Then found a piece of wood in the work room of my use for foot.

The bird, is not too clever, as he builted the nest in the opening of the house!!!!
The beautifull piece under the nest is an old iron handle,that I painted white, and under that placed a prisme.

I altered and rusted a piece of copper ,all shiny and new,-now as if it was there for ages...

Then mounted a piece of old wood cutting.The leg was beautifull old, so I just painted all the rest to look alike. Karen Thanks for a wonderfull tutorial, I so enjoyed trying to do this,even it was not possible to get all the materials here in Denmark.

This is just a little teaser, something packet and sent today, to a very sweet lady, who needs to be surprised herself,too--lol.(photo a little blurry ,but it`s ok, for now)

It is raining like it will never stop here, this evening,- so our dry ground, will feel well tomorrow.
I hope you are all feeling well too, and sending love and hugs.