Monday, September 29, 2008

A lillac mermaid, my window sill, and a beautifull wiew

This mermaid i guess is the last one
for 2008. She is 45 cm high , and made for
hanging. She costs dkr. 455,-.

-Min lilla havfrue , der nok er den sidste
for i år er ca. 45 cm. lang, og koster 455,-kr.

One of my window sills with things i like,

and the beautifull wiew a day with lots of
wind from east.

This is how it looks on a windy day, when
looking to the sea from my garden.
Have a lovely tuesday all

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maria og Jesus

Maria og Jesus kan bestilles evt, sammen
med Josef og de vise mænd.
Dukkerne er ca. 45 cm. høje og koster
ca. 450,-~475,- kr.
You can order the dolls Maria and Jesus,
and the wise men too. Each costs 450-475,-dkr.

Finished orders

I just finished some orders to some of
my costumers.
First Maria with the child, made to
one of my friends living in Jylland I
hope you like it ?
and then two fairies, one for a child
orderd from her grandmother,- and the
other made from old and beautifull
material from the family of the woman
who ordered this angel.

I hope everyone likes what i finished
for them.
Have a wonderfull week-end all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


On one of my bureaus stands an old silverbowl
with a chanching exhibition of things i love.
Here my little sweet granddaughter,a rose bear from Tiny Bear made of Tina a friend of mine, an ATC
also from Tina and a beautifull card made of my
daughter to me.
Isnt it a beautifull collection?

Happy thursday and a giveaway

This lovely picture I found a while ago,
and thought I would schare it with you.
But the problem for me is that I dont know
how to post it so that you can
be able to blow it up in a good
size.Can anyone help me?
Hope you can use it anyway.
To day im doing an order on a fairy
to a little girl. I hope you too
have wonderfull things to do.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another wonderfull packet

One month ago I also resieved a beautifull packet.
I had ordered one of Carola from Boxwood cottage sweet pendants
with Marie Antoinette , but in the shadow of my husbonds accident ,
everything else went in the background. But now here she is,
beautifull made, and looking wonderfull on another bureau of mine,
together with other treasures.Thanks a`lot Carola.

Isnt she beautifull ?

Receiving post can fill your heart with joy

Today when opening my mailbox, there was a packet inside
, traveling all the way from the U.S.A.
One week ago, I had the luck being the first to ask for
buying the most wonderfull Nature Journal made of
Dawn, from
And unpacking it was a real joy-so beautifull made, with
sweet ephemera , everything kept in sepia tones , and the
nature theme with birds so georgeus. I love it and will
treasure it for ever.

Thanks dear Dawn.

Here on my Bureau

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just a hallo, with a few pictures from my garden

Look whom visited us in the backgarden,
the other day,-and look at this wonderfull
Have a nice week, and a beautifull week-end.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

trying to get back to normal

Two weeks ago my husband had the
misfortune ,loosing 4 fingers on his
left hand.We are now back from
hospital, slowly trying to get back to life.
I hope you will soon hear from me again.

Me in the mirrow in my shop.