Thursday, May 28, 2015


My dear daughter and grandchild, gifted us unexpectedly with their visit
in the Pentecost days , and we had some wonderful and cozy days together!!

So many things have been and are going on just now, so I have not 
created too much lately. But a few things have left my studio, like
this tag being a part of a gift for a very dear friend.

One of my lovely tulips blooming at last, 

and my little crab apple tree have been so beautiful looking,too.
In Denmark we call it a Paradise apple tree !!

This, some of you, might seen on fb, and it is still not finished , but lying here wayting for
more inspiration , which will hopefully come soon.

Weather is cold and windy once again, it seems this spring will not
really get warm and lovely, -so I hope summer will soon be here,
and change the cold to warmer days !

I hope you are all well and feeling good dear friends, and sends you
hugs and love.

Dorthe x

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I love using my birds stamps, and with the beautiful new tree stamp,
I created my own little rosy spring garden,

with birds " in love" collecting to nest material,-

while listening to the nature`s music!!

I used inks to colour ,-stencil and a little lace ,with the 
different papers, some of which I embossed,first, and 
rolled a white fabric rose!!

This more lilac than pink geranium, sits in my studio window,
making me happy whenever watching !!

I hope, dear friends, you all have a wonderful weekend, whether you are on your
way to autumn and winter, or like here to spring and summer !

Hugs and love
from Dorthe

Sunday, May 10, 2015

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY , my dear friends.

I was celebrated so very beautifully ,with this stunning bouquet from my dear daughter.
I love her choices and the white/rosa beauties.

My mother whom is no longer here, is dearly missed, but I had a very happy day,
with my husbond whom also spoiled me with flowers,
breakfast an a gorgeous dinner now wayting.

Last week I recieved this purchase from dear Kimberly   , a lovely friend of mine,
I so love her creations and  this had to find its way to me.

Here it is hanging on a glassdome, hiding two figurines of 
Mary, and with two lovely old rosaries hanging outside.

As Kimberly is the sweetest soul, she always send a beautiful gift ,
with the purchases, and I was so happy for this wonderful
collection of seambindings ,wrapped around a beautiful old photo ,
hold in place with her own created pinns of beauty, and dangling
from some twine her gorgeous charms, painted grey, and with the 
glittering crowns on top.
Thank you so much my dear friend.

From another very dear friend Manu   I recieved a most beautiful
spring card, just because she is a dear woman. 
Isen`t it lovely with the tulips, and layering of papers and fabric, lace and flowers.
And inside her words of friendship ,which meant so much to me.
Thank you my dear Manu, so very much .

Ending with this little wiev from my window sill ,with tiny sprigs 
with apple blossoms in an old glass, and a tag I recieved long ago
from my very,dear and lovely friend Lynne , -I love it and her
words, -and have it displayed here for me to enjoy ,always.

Thank you for visiting me, dear friends, it means so much to me, that you
say Hello, or comment on my blog. 

Sending you all 
love and hugs