Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thankyou so much Gillian

Gillian that I met in the workshop of JoAnnA, just honourd me by nominating me with this wonderfull award, thank you so much dear.
Go and have a look at her wonderfull blog Gillians Mixed media musings

I now have to do the following 5 steps:

1. Places the logo on her blog.
2. Link to the person who sent the award to her.
3. Nominates 10 blogs (one each day).
4. Post links to the ten blogs she nominates.
5. Leaves a message on the blog of the nominees

I,- --as Gillian,- will however post all 10 here in one time, so here we go,--
I`ll nominate partly some people here in blogland, that are very dear to me,,-and partly
some that I "don`t know" but whoe`s blogs I have followed for some time.



Sandra Evertson
Boxwood Cottage
Graphic Fairy
Lilla Blanka

I`m alwayes smiling after wisiting yours blogs.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonderfull gifts from a dear friend

I just have to show you , what was waiting for me today, after returning home
from the weekly trip to buy food, to the whole next week.
This box beautifully closed with a ribbon and an old red rose.
Inside was a piece of thin gold and brown glittering material
the most wonderfull card,-look at that moons face!

Two bags of wonderfull valmue seeds

some old black laces, a piece of white tafetas, metal buttons,print
of old family fhotos, a sweet chick, and a bag of candy -UHM

In a nother packet I got some very pritty ribbons
a couple of stickers with religius motifs, old wonderfull belt buckles
and sweet bird paper hanckerchiefs.
I feel so very blessed to recieve all this wonderfull pieces collected of Jytte
and now given to me.
Thankyou so much dear ,
and love and hugs to you.

I cant understand its already week-end again, -the last one seemed to have been there, just yesterday-well I think I`m getting old,when feeling like that.
Anyway, all the best, and a happy relaxing week-end to all of you.
XOX Dorthe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look what arriwed in my mailbox today

I ordered this little dress: little bird girl from Dawn The Feathered Nest
when I saw it first time on her blog. Unfortunately it was already sold,
but I was so lucky that sweet Dawn told me ,she would make me another
art piece dress. Isn`t it fantastic , I love it--old, fragile, and with the most
wonderfull images put onto it.

Look here how special, and look at the egg charm Dawn hang around the neck
of the handmade hanger.

One pocket shows an image of a birds nest, -and inside a" real" little nest

the other pocket(look at the beautifull stitch) has
birds on a branch,printed on, and to put inside ,she send me some branches
and a little feather from her garden.

I even got a present from dear Dawn, another charm, she made herself
with a beautifull piece of lace inside, -Thanks so much ,its beautifull
Dawn, and I feel blessed to resieve this altogether special packet.
Dawn your little dress is so wonderfull an art piece.
Its hanging on my wall,over the place, in the new painted
office room, where my PC is going to be,when my husbond
have made the shelf for it.
Thanks so much dear friend, I love it .

Hope you are all having a wonderfull week, with spring
waiting around the corner.

XO Dorthe

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi everyone, just have to show you some mermaids,I finished.
They are still waiting for summer ! here on Bornholm is it cold,and windy.
The first ones are all from driftwood,found here on my beach,
They are small, ca.10-15 cm, and all different.

The white spots in the heads on the following pictures is the light doing sobecause I use lack to seal the paper faces.

I like this one with her long hair
And this princess of the sea ,-all of thise small ones
costs D.KR 85,00

This pink lady are a great deal bigger and
-oh my visited of a spider,that means luck here in DK
----40-45 cm long.
She is wearing a piece of old netting
papers from old books,and a piece of rusty metal
found on the beach as well
She costs D.KR. 275,00

The little blue one hanging here on an old rusty window
in my shop,is made of cotton -she is ca, 20 cm high
and the price is D.KR 75,00

Here a bunch of them, of which some are already sold

Hope you all had a wonderfull week-end
and wishes you a great week.
XO Dorthe

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you want to see the last of my creations from the workshop

Here She is , I`m kind of proud of her, ---because JoAnnA challenged us to use
beautifull things we normally won`t part with, ----and I did that.

Her head is an old porcelain head that I repainted, the wings from an old
chandelier I have long kept on my shelf.And the hat from that too.

The body is a very old candlestick, and the beautifull foot from the
chandelier too. I put a little simmili around it.
The beautifull old flowers I got from a dear costumer.
It has been used on dresses on the Royal Theather in

She is dressed in a piece of embroidered material, and braun tulle.

The sun is shining here today
and allthough its a blowing
day too, its so wonderfull to see the sun.
Thankyou everyone that comments and wisit my blog
it means alot to mee.
Wish you a happy tuesday all.
XO Dorthe

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A wonderfull buy from Nelli

Look at this sweet, and lovely little writing- pad
that I bought from Nelli i`snt it just gordius?
It came with the band around the stomach, in sea green like the
upper peace on the pad.

Look here, its where you can write your dreams, or anything else.

And on the inside of the cover Nelli have put an old part from a ledger, I love ledgers.
(Gammel regnskabs bog)

Just love it Nelli, thankyou dear.
Well its saturday again, how time flyes away like little birds, you thought was there, and then away they are.
Wishes you all a beautifull week-end
XOXO Dorthe

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The result of Nellie`s gift

The wonderfull stuff I got from
is now transformed to a doll, done in the spirit told of
JoAnnA from Moss Hill.
I hope yuo like her,?

and ofcourse she carries a book with her
The wings are done of an old book cower, that just was born to be used
in this colors of the sea-

Look at the beautifull old agraman she send me
and the fantastic colored batik material

I like her, and hope you do too.
Have a wonderfull evening/Day -whereever you are
deer readers and bloggers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A wonderfull gift arrived today

This is how it began,-opening the envelope, a wonderfull piece
of cloth wrapped around lots of guddies.

All of them send by my dear friend Nellie

Take a look on her blog, where she is selling
the most fantastic books, you ever had in your hand,
-together with many other art pieces.

Look here , vibrant colors of wool

Two pieces of wooden spools
and lovely old white handmade pieces
of cotton

A fantastic piece of Agraman together with a netting added sequins.

The sweetest doll

Do you think what I do?

This packet is the most wonderfull workshop
packet, filled with almost everything needed
to make another doll, from the workshop at

so I desided to create a -for me -very special doll
that will be named Nellie.
I love it all, and the colors are so beautifull ,in real life,
and fits together, perfect.

Nellie , thank you so much sweetie-
its the most thoughtfull gift, to
enjoy for many years: first opening-then working with,and hopefully
when finished.
Hope you are all feeling well!
XOXO Dorthe