Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi everyone, just have to show you some mermaids,I finished.
They are still waiting for summer ! here on Bornholm is it cold,and windy.
The first ones are all from driftwood,found here on my beach,
They are small, ca.10-15 cm, and all different.

The white spots in the heads on the following pictures is the light doing sobecause I use lack to seal the paper faces.

I like this one with her long hair
And this princess of the sea ,-all of thise small ones
costs D.KR 85,00

This pink lady are a great deal bigger and
-oh my visited of a spider,that means luck here in DK
----40-45 cm long.
She is wearing a piece of old netting
papers from old books,and a piece of rusty metal
found on the beach as well
She costs D.KR. 275,00

The little blue one hanging here on an old rusty window
in my shop,is made of cotton -she is ca, 20 cm high
and the price is D.KR 75,00

Here a bunch of them, of which some are already sold

Hope you all had a wonderfull week-end
and wishes you a great week.
XO Dorthe


Viola said...

Great pieces, Dorthe!Love all! In Germany it`s cold and windy too! And it`s raining cats and dogs! :-(

Mo'a said...

I love driftwood and your driftwood mermaids are wonderful.
Spiders are also good luck in Iceland.
I will be in Denmark in just two weeks...I guess I better bring sweaters and a coat :)

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

your dolls Dorthe are so full of character. Keep up the great work hon.

xo joanna