Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We don`t celebrate thanksgiving in Denmark, but I wish all
my very dear american friends a much blessed and happy thanksgiving.

Also I will use the opertunity----together with my new fairy angel---
to say thanks to all and everyone, of you wonderfull blogging friends-wherever you
lives -out there in the big world.

It means the world to me, to be in contact,with you-and "speak" with you.
Thankyou all for being there.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Friday, November 19, 2010


Last week, I found some beautifull metal angel wings,that I at once knew would be to some small sweet angels.Ca. 12 cm. high.I added a silvered weed of some kind!!!and a glass bead for halo.

In the same shop, I found those rusted meatl snow flakes,
--I added a sweet image from Paper Wimsy,a paper rosette,and glitter.
Also app. 12 cm. diameter

And this a one of my christmas cards, to sell in my shop-
a little angel made from tissuepaper.

Last week I purchased  wonderfull tags,- one set from  LandOfNodStudios .
Deborah, makes fantastic tags, those are geltransfers-altered in many wayes,
they have a wonderfull feel,to them-and am beautifully distressed on the bagside ,too-

Lokk at the darling mini emvelope she put a sweet note inside,
for me.
I love them dear Deborah

Also I" had" to purchase those lovely ones from  My Vintage Studio

Sharon, made the tags, with beautifull swirls, and text,and added on each a metal angel,
look how beautifull they are,-you know I love angels.

She also giftet me so sweet, with a lovely old christmas card, a mini spoon,a lovely metal oval,
and beautifull ,sweet flowers.
Thanks so very much,dear Sharon,
I love every thing.

Thankyou for dear and sweet comments, this last week- --it is a wonderfull joy,
every morning to wake up to.
I treasure all the contacts I have made here, and would not live without them.

I hope you all enjoy the time, with preparing for christmas ?-I do-even I`m still so bussy,
making ready, for shows, and for my christmas shop, here where I live.

Have a beautifull week-end all
love and hugs, from Dorthe

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beth`s & Karla`s workshop,-and a sweet tutorial from Diane

Many of you surely knows, that Karla and Beth are hawing a new wonderfull workshop,

As I`m too bussy, now, for realy  participating I only had the chance to do one thing,till now.
A darling mitten- --- which is only one of the many beautifull  pieces one can be taught and inspired to do.

If you did not check this out, click here, or press the button in my sidebar,for further information, you will not be dissapointet -those two ladyes are full of gorgeus ideas.

I used the pattern in half, -the dove and holliday schript -banner from the workshop.
and then a Paper Whimsy image.

This piece holds,all that is importent for me in christmas-time.:
The cross- the dove-for piece-the children to grow to strong ,caring adults-
and -love- between all humans

This morning I saw that my dear friend-Diane  gave a sweet and beautifull tutorial, to all of us.

A heart to hang wherever you have a place  ,to show a little beauty.
I could not  let this sunday go, without making my own attempt ,on her dear gift.

I used an image from Vintage Stampers Freebies   printet on cloth
and added a little pearls, and sequins,glitter,buttons,and
a mini madonna charm.

then gathered a piece of tulle, insertet between the front and bag.
Diane uses paper in the back,I chose a piece of old cotton.

This was a wonderfull day with a bit playing around, with those two lovely tutorials,
I also made some dolls faces, and had a walk in the rain....
A pretty lovely sunday.
I hope you all had equal wonderfull dayes, dear friends.

Happy new week to you all-Love and hugs, Dorthe

Friday, November 12, 2010

First Christmas card, and cone. A packet looking as droven over!!!

My first christmas card made this year--I bought the wonderfull sheet from Stampington.
and used the bird,together with bits of this and that....

This little cone (12 cm.long) made of zinc, I sold in my shop many years ago, and I have had some left...
This year I decited to use them, and decorate, them a bit myself.
I used rabbit fur, in grey ,silver band,a beautifull bling,bling and dipped the end of the cone, in silver glitter

I think it looks quit pretty!

Some weeks ago I bought Dawns dear sweet little fairy shoe pattern, -click and have a look!!
Dear Dawn has so many wonderfull tutorials, wonderfull photographed,and explained.
It is so tiny and sweet, I only made one, for now,as I`m so bussy with my dolls

Now hold your breath, and take a look at the package I recieved some weeks ago from USA.
I have never seen something like it, and was almost afraid to open the plactic bag, it was kept inside!!!

But as I could see it came from my dear friend Vicki, I new it had to be my gorgeus beach bird nest.

Vicki makes the most fantastic knitted nests, they are like little jewels,and so lovingly made,
by hand ,of this sweet, and dear woman.

There it was, totally unharmed, beautifull looking, and only with a pair of pearls damaged in the emvelope.
I don`t know what caused this thing-the envelope pressed open ,totally black from some kind of dirt, ----
maybe ran over of something!!!!
but the sweet nest is here, in my house,so wonderfull made ,full of beach treasures, and 3 small handmade eggs ,dos`nt it look fantastic? I so love it dear friend.
Here it rests with a mermaid, given to me from  Bente, a dear danish friend
living in Australia.

Hope you all have a wonderfull friday, and week-end.
Thankyou so much for all the heartwarming wishes from you, to come make dolls with me--
How fantastic it would be, if it was possibly- but I guess it is only in my dreams :)

Thanks for every lovely hello, and comment,
love and hugs, Dorthe

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This week-end 4 women I know well, arrived at my house at 9 o`clock both dayes, to make a doll with me.
We worked in my shop,- close to the working room, where they could use, what needed.
This is two dolls I made, --a fairy-and a witch--made from the same pattern--with very small changes,from one to the other.

This is the witch

here she is,flying on her broom, in my shop

And here a little collage from sunday,-as you can see there are both big thoughts,and happiness,
with wonderfull dolls, created in the end.

I so hope you are all well, and having a wonderfull november ,with beautifull creations, for the season to come----I try to work hard, to have lots of goods, for my christmas sale.
Wishing you all a beautifull week,-
hugs and love, Dorthe
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Friday, November 5, 2010

A thankyou Angel, and some wonderfull buyes-----

This little thankyou angel, from the sea- is on it`s way to a very dear woman,  !!!!

Because, when ordering this beautifull piece----I LOVE it
it is so lovely with the different stones--

This was what I got !!!,-and then all of a sudden I had both -
the one as a wonderfull gift.-I love them very much, they are just my style of jewlery,
and so special, and gorgeus .
Thanks so very much from my heart ,dear Debra, Commongrounds -I am so happy to be a friend af yours.

I have also visited The beautifull blog Ozma of Odds, and dear Rosemary,--
just to fall in love with those two beautifull, and so romantic pieces-

This fantastic, --you should see it in real-- tag,was a gift from this dear.

Here is the first one-- A most lovely little pear princess wagon.....

and the most gorgeus cone, so beautifull in cloth, and with a white rose tucked inside.

You can se the motiphs here,and the sweet little rose ,she made.

I love those beauties, thankyou dear Rosemary.

Last, I want to show my bowl ,filled up with wonderfull white and cream  small
pumpkins, and topped off with the beautifull pear, from Diane and the beautifull cloth pumpkin
from my dear friend, Solvejg.

Happy , and blessed week-end to you all, dear friends--
bloggers,--and every other visitors.
You all makes my day,-- commenting ,and visiting me here.
And I`m feeling so blessed .
Love you
Hugs, Dorthe