Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My doll to Lovey-A wonderfull new shop--and a fantastic "party" invitation

As Lovey recieved my followers giveaway yesterday, I thought I would show her to you
I made her a little special regard from the Baltic sea, with the -L -on, so she knew where
she belongs now!

She traveled very proper dressed as you see, here, thanks for loving her Lovey.

My dear friend Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered, just opened a new shop,that you find,

clicking on this button ,on her blog.
You have to visit ,and enjoy Lisas wonderfull art, that she shares, and offers there.
You will find beautifull things, to buy, and cherish for the rest of your life, Lisa is
making the most gorgeus art.


And have you seen ,that Karen from My Desert Cottage
has invited us all to the most gorgeus party.This is the second annual blog party for all to share their creative place, may it be a corner on your table, or your studio.All you have to do, is share photoes of your spot in your world , where your creations are made.
Go and take a look for yourself, at Karen`s blog,
I`m surely participating in this wonderfull "meeting" hold in June.

Well it seems I`m suddenly posting much more, than I used to, and as summer are soon to come, I will not be able to continue doing than, as I hope and expect to be bussy in my shop,----
but for now, there is so many things I like to share.
I`m sending love and hugs, to all of you sweet friends,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet driftwood angels from the Baltic Sea

This beatifull but cold weekend I stayed inside my studio, making this two driftwood angelsThey are both app. 22 cm.high -decorated with old laces, and buttons

This one even is so freindly,that a bird layea an egg ,in a little nest.

They are both 165,-dkr. app. 30 dollars.

They are happy smiling, expecting the water soon to warmer.

Two week ago I was so lucky to wind this ever so sweet piece from a giveaway at

Quill Cottage , miss Sandy

It is so wonderfull in all its spring colors ,and the so sweet emage, Miss Sandy used.

Thankyou so very much, for being the lucky one.

A wonderfull giveaway over at Marie

from Lost Bird Studio
take a look, at her wonderfull blog, I`m sure you will love it.

Well of to my studio, and a call from a dear friend Anni
I wish you all, a wonderfull monday.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Collage in white and beige, A BEAUTIFULL GIFT

First bloom, then fly!
My white collage is made on wood, and with both fabric and paper.
Old lace ,old book pages, and paper from dear KC. I ordered some of the fantastic bird nest paper she sells in her workshop.It is faboulous.

One of my so dear friends, Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered, just made me very happy.
Satturday the post brought me a packet, with her name on, and when opening ,I could not believe what I saw: two old plaster angels so sweet, and completely impossibly to find here in DK.
The dear sweet, knows I love them, and even she collects these angels herself, she decided to give this two away to me. Lisa you are the most dear friend, and sweet woman, Thank you ,thank you.

---Look the beautifull card too, and this little resin bubble,she made ,with a heart inside!

And the two bigger ones, with old children faces inside, they are so wonderfull
Lisa, -I will make something beautifull for myselves using them.

Also she made the whole packet scent beautifull, with this
fantastic lavender pillow,bird.
I feel so blessed ,and happy Lisa -your gifts made my day,special and
full of joy.

Lisa`s blog is a place to dream and be so very inspired of all
the wonderfull art pieces she creates. Please
take a look ,to see for yourselves.

Sweet Lisa, I truly love all you send me, and I`m totally in love with all you creates, but the
most beautifull gift, is that you far away thought of me, and wanted to make me happy.
For that I thank you from all my heart.
As I also do with all the other wonderfull signs of love I recieve here.

Thanks all for the beauty you are giving me in my lif, dear friends.
Blessings, Dorthe

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A token of friendship and love,-and a collage

Today, in spite of the Islandisch volcano , spitting asches, and therefore making flying impossibly, I recieved a so special and beautifull gift, from a very sweet and dear friend -VICKI
Do you guess what i is?????

Look at this tag, giving a little hint,

take a close look....and you see the eggs???

and all the so very beautifull green -in every kind of shade-
knitted to the most dreamy,and fantastic birdsnest

It is realy a little dream, -the colours don`t do it justice, -they are so much more
juicy and spring green, and Vicki ,used all kind of different yarns--
about 40 kind!!!! to create this fantastic nest.
I feel so very blessed to recieve this beautifull, and loving gift,
from so far away,- and I treasure our friendship so very much Vicki, dear.
Take a look at Vicki`s blog, to discover many more beautifull and whimsy
nests, and so many other fantastic knitted things,-to admire,-or to buy.
I`m so in love with this ,sweet nest, -it looks alive ,and so ready
to become a home for one of my old cotton birds.
Thankyou, dear-I love your gift.

One of my collages , in fabric and paper,
in lilac tones.
Tomorrow it is friday again,-
and another week has past,-but it was filled with beauty and love, recieved
from all the wonderfull friendships,here in blogland.
I feel so very blessed ,- thanks to you all.
I wishes you a happy and lovely week-end.
Blessings ,Dorthe

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny collages, and a nymph---

Two very small collages, made yesterday, maybe 20*12 cm.,both
hanging in a piece of driftwood

I also made 6 small nymphs,-here is one of them, they are app. 15 cm high

Few dayes ago I recieved a wonderfull package, from a dear friend of mine-JYTTE-
who had collected several different old and wonderfull things, for me to use in my
creating. I contained old newspapers, photoes, porcelain from electric stuff, photo negatives,

Beautifull old envelopes, with wonderfull patterned inside, wooden hearts, tiny tags,
a bottle, dollshoe, and.................
So wonderfull to open a packet full of new inspirational creating things. Thanks so very much Jytte.
At long last we have kind of a spring weather here!-well it is still cold, not much coming up in my garden---
but not as cold as last week, and the sun shined all day, -so lovely.
Hope you are all having a wonderfull day.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Erosion Bundle opened,fantastic buy,beautifull gifts

Not long ago my dear friend VIOLA showed a so fantastic collage on her blog.
It is made of fabric,papers,buttons,stamps,lace,metal,-all together becoming a most beautifull, and gorgeus collage-----I had to aks to buy it.
And I was so happy when Viola said yes.
Look how she painted all ,to be a whole....
I so love it.,it is a wonderfull piece of art,dear.
When opening the packet, I found that it was also filled with the most wonderfull gifts. First this tag,so very beautifull,-look how the colours all matches..and with the collage,too
--love the fantastic feathers.

And look at this! I have admired it when seeing it on Violas blog,because of its wonderfull beauty,
it is a very special ATC, with so much work in it.
Thanks so much again sweetie.

And this wonderfull bird theemed canwas ,made with beeswax, is so soft to touch,lovely.
And read the text, --made me smile!!!!

also added was this very old ,
and beautifully looking little" book"
I feel so blessed, recieving such gorgeus gifts,
I love the art of Viola, she has a very giftet talent, and is a most sweet and dear friend.

Thankyou so ,my dear Viola, from my heart,
I love my gifts and all you do, very much, and am so happy being your friend,
you are so generous, ------and- lieb- to me.


Also I have to show you ,the result of my Erosion bundle.It was to open up today, and I was not dissapointed!!!!
This is a piece of copper, starting to turn gree,-love it

And the fabric here, got the look of almost a batic colored
piece of cloth,because of a red fabric laying on top.
The papers,also took color of water, and rust, and is now very beautifull looking
in a more brown tone, and the lace got the most special,light rose colored
tone, with a little bit of rust in it,too.

This was a special and exiting experiment, and I will certainly take part next year again--
now a little bit more "educated", in how,-and with what.....
Wishing you all, a happy evening, and all the best for tomorrow,
Love and hugs,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the winner is

The day has arrived to pick a winner of my 100 followers giveaway

I asked my husbond to pick a number for me ,and he just said -46-
so I counted twice,and ended both times on


you are the winner of my doll.
so dear ,please write me your adress
and she will fly to you.
A warmheartet thank you to all of you that wrote me so many sweet,
and wonderfull comments,on my giveaway.It made me feel
very happy each time opening up a new comment.
And it makes me smile with joy, meeting all you dear followers,every day.This is a fantastic world and i`m so greatfull being a part of it.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tomorrow is the day for choosing a winner

Hi all dear friends , just a little reminder, that tomorrow is the day
for picking a winner for my giveaway!!!!!!!! Last change to comment,
for those that might wish to....

And a new little ( 18 cm high) mermaid , she is 17 dollars, and 95,-dkr.

Hope you are having a lovely day, all over the world, and wishing everybody luck with tomorrow.
Love and hugs ,Dorthe

Monday, April 12, 2010

A little of this and that

This is the gift I send to my sweet friend JULIA from
.She made this wonderfull collage from my gifts, and when asking if I could show it here,she dearly said yes. She is a fantastic crafter, as you will see visiting her blog.

I scanned this in for you to use, but could not get reed of the yellow in the left,??????
but I think it is a beautifull drawing.

Here is my erosion bundle, that is to be opened the 15/4, so not many dayes left to go.....I`m so very exited to see, what it looks like inside.

A new little spring doll, also about 32 cm high and 325
50 dollars.

She is made out of almost only old fabricks.

Well enough for today, I`m off to my studio.
Wishing you all a happy monday,with lots of creative pleasure.
Love and hugs

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The first tutorial in ArtistClass Spring, and a beautifull Gift.

When I saw that Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered was one of the artists that offered a
tutorial, in Mary`s Artist Class, I was sure I wanted to take part in this wonderfull event for the 3 time.
Lisa is a dear friend, and she makes the most beautifull, and special art,-I love her style, and have several pieces from her.
She made a Mothers day collage tutorial for this class,
and here is my interpretation.

My center piece is made with packing tape transfer, as I did not have the actual
materials.It is mounted on many different laces, that are glued to an old book cover.

Here is the mother mounted on an old crystal
and the beautifull image from a magazine, a painting from
a danish painter.
I first met Sissie
when she won my first giveaway, and since then we have "talked" together
here in this wonderfull blogland.
Sissie is a so very dear, and sweet person, and a maker of the most beautifull and
romantic pillows.Her blog is filled with fantastic photoes from her beautifull home,and from her shop,filled with all the most lovely creations of hers.

Look what this sweet woman ,send me ,just like that-----
A little packet full of the most gorgeus old laces,rolled around a sweet tag.

Inside this organza bag,there was a little box filled to the brim with
small wonders of

this beauties,-Sissie ,I loved them when you showed them on
your blog, thanks so much dear.

and on top of that a card with a beautifull heavy old lace

I did not want to roll it off,but here a little glimpse of the card.

And here, all the lovely things. As you can see there was even a piece
of band with flowers too,
Dear Sissie, this is a wonderfull gift, and you are a very dear woman,-sweet friend,
thanks from my heart for such a precius gift.
Entering this blog land, I never immagined what kind of happines,love,and
dear,sweet weemen I would meet.
It is overwhelming, and a daily joy to be here.I can only hope, you feel, I`m returning
some of all this love, to all you fantastic friends, out there.
Love and hugs, Dorthe