Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the winner is

The day has arrived to pick a winner of my 100 followers giveaway

I asked my husbond to pick a number for me ,and he just said -46-
so I counted twice,and ended both times on


you are the winner of my doll.
so dear ,please write me your adress
and she will fly to you.
A warmheartet thank you to all of you that wrote me so many sweet,
and wonderfull comments,on my giveaway.It made me feel
very happy each time opening up a new comment.
And it makes me smile with joy, meeting all you dear followers,every day.This is a fantastic world and i`m so greatfull being a part of it.
Love and hugs,Dorthe


Lululiz said...

Lovey is a very very lucky girl to have won your giveaway, congratulations to her. Sigh, it is difficult to be a graceful loser when the prize was so beautiful ;-)

Lovey said...

Oh my gracious! Me? I won....yeah! What a wonderful surprise! thank you Dorthe from all parts of my heart! To have such a wonderful gift from you is well...such a blessing! I will take wonderful care of your beautiful girl! Yeah and yippee for selecting Me! Smiles and hugs!

crafty creations said...

Congrats Lovey - I'm not jealous really I'm not !!!! :):):)

Lisa said...

such a beautiful treasure you've given away Dorthe..congrats Lovey!

Silke Powers said...

Oh, she is so lucky!!! Congrats to her! Your giveaways are always the most beautiful... Love, Silke

Debby said...

Congrats to sweet Lovey!!!!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Congratulations to Lovey! No wonder she is so happy to have won one of your beautiful dolls, dear Dorthe! I'm very happy every day when I look at the one you made for me!
Lots of kys og knus,

Linda M. said...

Congratulations to Lovey! The doll is beautiful Dorthe. I was wondering about the beautiful flower you posted. Is it a painting or an altered photo? Have a wonderful day... said...

Lovey...I send you my big congratulations. It's your luckey day.
And yes (lululiz)'s difficult to be a graceful loser.

BellaRosa said...

Dorthe amor, I am soo happy for Lovey, she is such a dear amor and I know your doll will have such a wonderful home with her :) Have a lovely week amor! Besos, Rose

Sue said...

Congrats to Lovey...lucky, lucky lady!!


Ingrid said...

You are one lucky girl,congratulations,im not jealous at all............:-)
Tack för denna spännande giveaway Dorthe,önskar dig en skön vårvecka

Vicki Boster said...

Sweetest congradulations to Lovey for winning the beautiful doll! She will bring with her the loving charm and warmth of dear sweet Dorthe - so enjoy her!

Dorthe - just wanted to tell you that I posted a second slideshow of baby shower pictures on the blog - just below the first one. It contains all the pictures - just in caase you want to see them~~~

I am counting the days until my little precious doll arives-

Rebecca said...

Congratulations to Lovey! What a lucky gal to have such a sweet doll. She is lovely.
Have a wonderful week,
Many Blessings

Ruth said...

Many congratulations to Lovey. She is very lucky. These dolls are just so fantastic.

Lovey said...

Thanks everyone for all the warm wishes. I'm thrilled to have won this beauty from our sweet hugs to you all!
Smiles and xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lovey! Lucky Lady! :-)


Hopemore Studio said...

Another wonderful giveaway Dorthe! Congrats to Lovey.


Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe dear -
Your little nest is on its way to you tomorrow! Please email me your mailing address!