Monday, July 27, 2009

Charming Junk on MMM

My piece for this weeks challenge on MMM -I guess this is what charming junk
is all about for me. All the pieces are old,and have belonged to other functions.

This will be my last post for the coming week, as I told you yesterday,
Once again: have a great and happy week, all .
Hugs and love -Dorthe

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My no.2 collage made in KC`s workshop

This collage is made from a lot of vintage material,-cottons, laces,from
tablerunners,and pillowcases, and partygowns, -the pearls used on top,
and on the right side are all new. I found the beautifull immage on Shabby
chic papirskatter , and mounted it all, on very old and stiff heavy cotton.

The coming week, my daughter,son in law and two grandchildren, will be her for summer
hollyday, and I`m so looking forward to se them,- I think,I will not have time, to sit here enjoying visiting you all much, while they are here, so I wish you all -bloggers, and other visitors a great and lovely week. See you soon.
Hugs ~Dorthe

Friday, July 24, 2009


This blue fairy already left me , but I thought you should see her anyway-

She is one of my big dolls app. 55 cm. high , she left me with 2 others to live with
a sweet family, whom every year visits me to buy some dolls. I`m happy she is there
with lots of my other creations-

It`s a bit difficult to see here, but she is in blue and brown colors

and a very sweet little fairy.

Today it is already friday again,the sun is shining , and i`m off to do some dolls,
as all of them left my shop the last 3 dayes,
wonderfull ---and stressing.

Wishing you a very wonderfull week-end

XO Dorthe

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 angels from the Eastsea

Yesterday when just finished 3 driftwood angels, one of my dear customers (Karin)
visited my shop, and wanted to buy, this blue,and silvery angel.-
Only she told me, she had the perfect spot for her, if she could stand on her own.

Here she is after i gave her a food of a beautifull ocean formed piece of wood.

And here hanging before the change. Hope you like her Karin.

This one , a black beauty I gave a little gold here and there
kind of like it.

As you see, the price is 165,00 Dkr. /app. 28 dollars

This last one , the white innocence is also done
with a bit of silver, and white pearls

here hanging in the son outside my studio

Dear friends I hope you will all have a great, and sunny day.
xoxo ~ Dorthe

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gifts from a dear german friend

Look what a german friend of mine-Christoph- brought me after wisiting a fleamarket,here on Bornholm.(He is a big collector of old books) -Seing the front he thought I couls use them,-and Oh I certainly can.
They date from 1881, and are very tiny : 12x10 cm. and so very beautifull -don`t you think?

This text sayes : Glimphs of light

And then a wish for all ,for a lovely monday
with one of my roses .

Hugs to all~Dorthe

Friday, July 17, 2009

Had to try my hand on a pair of tags

Hallo all , a friday hello, to show you some little new tags, I made,
they are done in paper and cloth, and it was very funny and
relaxing doing them.

Some of my danish friends and costumers as well of others from over the world,have had troubles making comments, when not having blogs themselves.
Thanks to Tina my friend over at Tiny Bear, it is now fixed so all and everyone can send a hallo to me when they want, thanks Tina.
Wishing you a sunny, and lovely friday and week-end
XOXO Dorthe

Monday, July 13, 2009

Goodies from Fleamarkets

This beautifull very old little doll I could not resist buying,and
I have to keep her myself

Old half silverware
A beautifull set of plates ,dishes and bowls
all for sale in my shop

An old book with beautifull writing

two ledger paper books dating back to 1926
with beautifull handwriting

and this wonderfull bucket piece

I think it was a very good harvest

Hope you are all having a beautifull monday dear friends.
xoxo ~Dorthe

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My Elder mother( here as a young woman) --so called here in DK., is freind with the birds

And my pumpkin fairy ready to take a walk in the sun--brought her hat!!!
She is already sold.

Wishing you all happiness - joy --and strengh to deal with both good and hard times.
xoxo ~Dorthe

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A summer driftwood Angel, and a beautifull moth

An app. 50 cm. high driftwood angel, whoes hart willingly opens up for everyone.

You just have to open the hingse to se it.

She is for sale in my shop for 350, ( 60 dollars)
plus shipping.

Isent it beautifull, this little moth-resting on my outside window
in my workroom. `The nature is just fantastic.
Wishing you a happy thursday all.
xoxo ~Dorthe

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mixed Media Monday------BEADS

---My hippie sea angel , for this weeks challenge---

She is water painted, and in the tulle around her is bits of seaweed, and remnants
from the beach. Her wings are having spots of wonderfull material with pearls on,
and so has her "feets" . She is app. 25 cm high. Price DK 250,00 plus shipping.
Wishing you all a sweet monday
xo Dorthe

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today I want to ,humble ,pass on this wonderfull avard recieved yesterday from Silke to some few blogging friends,
that have all in many wayes shown what this award is all about :Art Inspiration
Sisterhood, friendship,sharing,and caring.
Thankyou all for being out there, I love times spend with you all, and feels blessed
being a little part of your lives.

Ar Tick

As Silke told me _I will tell you:
You can all pass this award on to other wonderfull people,
or you can just be happy recieving it, in the meaning that you are
all a very importent person to someone else---me.
Please read more of the Award here on CES`s blog

Hope everyone will have a great sunday

xoxo Dorthe

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A wonderfull Award

I feel so very much honoured.

Silke from Metamorphosis, a very sweet and talented woman,
gave me the Bella Sinclair Aword. Just look what it contains.
Art inspiration, Friendship,Sisterhood,Sharing and Caring.
This is the most beautifull Award I have recieved.

Please read more about it at Silke`s blog
Thank you so much dear Silke
it`s a beautifull gift.
For now I will turn this Award on to two dear friends
none of them having a blog, but both have
given me lots of everything this Award contains.
Jytte Juul-Poulsen
Solvejg Olling

Wishing you all a wonderfull evening.
xoxo Dorthe

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A very special birthday present, and a special buy

As some of you know, I turned 60 last week.I had several wonderfull dayes with celebreiting and being with family and friends. I also got many wonderfull gifts, ----and among them this is one that I treasure very much. It arrived today,-all the way from Nellie -USA .
This beautifull book, an artpiece so fantastic, that she made for me ,is a present I will treasure and use every day. It is filled with empty sides for me to fill in with whatever I want, and I love it so much. I know my hands will open and close this with great joy .Thanks so very much dear Nellie.
Look at the front page-it is so beautifull,-handpainted
and with many adventures to explore.
This is the back side,
an old ledger paper

and here the first side, when opening the book

Nellie it is wonderfull.

Also this week I had a wonderfull mail from USA .
This little note-book I bought from another dear friend-

It is so precius to me too, -just look how sweet it is
and look how it was tucked into it`s own little bag-
I love it JoAnnA.and the little heart saying:
made with love-
Thank you dear.
I feel so blessed with the friendships I have ,with wonderfull
caring, and sweet weemen I have come to meet, in blogland.
You all makes me feel happy, thank you.

I whishes you all a lovely week-end
Love and hugs