Saturday, May 30, 2009

My latest creation

Some months ago I recieved this "weather station " as a gift from my dear friend Mette.
She sends me the most wonderfull gifts.
I took it apart and all the inside-out, paintet it ,filled it with beautifull things,
Closed it up again,
and then I used napkin pieces on the outside .

I like this little story told inside behind the glass.
Dear friends have a wonderfull week-end all

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A new fantastic give-away

This is the place where wonderfull stuff are being made, and where K.C.Willis
the owner are having a wonderfull give-away with lots of wonderfull stuff to
winn. Just take a look there, make a comment, and link to the camp.
I`m going there just now, to take part in this special give-away.
xoxo and happy evening

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


By coinsidence I saw this beautifull immage, from Gaby Braun,
was the one to use in Art Creations Friday
this week , so I had to do an ATC. Well here it is-
I think she looks so sad, and beautifull.

Wishes you all a lovely evening,- thanks so much for wonderfull comments
xoxo,- Dorthe

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The entry for this weeks Mixed Media Monday was about:

Feathered Friends.

I did a fabrick on paper piece, where I used , old cotton,

tulle, -the feather piece is from The last door down the hall

The little Eggs piece I mean is from The feathered Nest,

The "real egg" are little stones from my garden.

Plus a lot of bits and pieces

Its app. 24 cm *17 cm

They promised a very bad weather this afternoon
-thunder and lots of water, so I thought I would
post now, and then shut my computer down.

A very lovely and good evening to all.

xoxo,- Dorthe

Monday, May 25, 2009


I know you saw this two sweeties before,-but not together, and I think they looks
just so sweet and funny standing next to each other.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two finished fairyes

Well here are my two fairyes all finished , and looking pretty,
anyway thats what I think!! I hope you likes them, now dressed
and painted.

This sweetie is looking forward going to a party ,and therefore dressed
in her finest.
Look how she learned to extend her fingers!
This fairy is app. 1/2 METER high.

And here comes a nymph fairy, making a tour on the beach.

She is wearing all the colors of the sea

And on the shore she found a bottle post.
She is also app. 1/2 METER high.

Hope you are all having a beautifull sunday.
Here it`s already 18,00 a`clock and time for making some
dinner, to me and my husbond--a little funny to think that
some of you just ,almost only raised from bed.
Blessings to everyone.
xo Dorthe


Hello All, you just have to take a look here,at this wonderfull blog giveaway
Over at Nadine`s Nook. She filled a box with lots of wonderfull stuff, for one
of us to winn- and everyone can be in, also those who don`t have a blog.
Go to her side and have a look.

AND--take a look here at

to read about the most wonderfull blog give-away ever.

It`s the most generous give-away ,and the prices ,all so wonderfull,-well one can only hope

to be one of the lucky ones.

You just have to visit and make a comment, and that goes for everyone .

Wishes you a wonderfull sunday

xoxo, Dorthe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures from my workroom and shop

This is how it starts--a fairy is being born

Her body-arms and legs sewn, and stuffed
She comes alive

and are now waiting to get dressed,for that you have to wait
till my next blogging, as I`m going to finish them

And last some very sweet lavender sachets
from my shop

Theese all bright white, with pastell accents makes
me feel in real summer spirit.

Wishing you a happy day-all
til alle her i Danmark en dejlig
Kristi himmelfartsdag.
xxoo, Dorthe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gifts from dear friends

Today the mail-woman delivered a package from one very dear friend of mine
-Jytte-. Inside was wonderfull gifts, just look her----
Two porselaine heads ca. 7 cm high, ready to be painted , and used for a special art doll-
The heads are made of the sister of Jytte, that for many years made dolls, but as I understand,
now gave it up.
Also Jytte send me this 3 wonderfull old rusty things , I`m sure I will find a good use
for theese pieces.-And take a look at the beautifull Batik-colored embroidered cloth,
just right for fairy cloths.

The wonderfull childrens heads here, is also made of Jytte`s sister--I love them
and hope I can do them justise, when painting them. Thanks so very much.
Last -take a look at the glass pieces -all collected on the beach near Ringkøbing city
where Jytte lives. Just perfect for my beach-angels.Did`nt show you, --but there was also
chokolate and sweet caramels. UHm , dear Jytte thanks so very much for a wonderfull
gift packet.

A copple of weeks ago I got another packet from a sweet friend also living in Jylland.
Mette made this beautifull glass ornament, that adornent a bag of old Domino pieces.

Also she send me a collection of beautifull roses to work with

and a lot of sweet hearths made of flax,

I took off the hanging band(meant for christmass) and did a little altering
on the heart, -I hope you likes it Mette,-It`s for you.
Thanks so much dear. I feel so very blessed recieving wonderfull gifts from
loving friends, thanks so much both.
And a happy evening for all and everyone reading this.
xoxo Dorthe

Monday, May 18, 2009

A new entry on Mixed Media Monday and a letter in my mailbox

This monday`s challenge on Mixed Media Monday is:
Altered People. I choosed to read the word "Altered"
"direcktly," and did this collage of a person altered from young to old
Today I found a letter arriving all the way from Australia.
Inside was two beautifull ATC`s from Kaeren Sutherland.
Thanks so much Kaeren for the ekstra gift you gave me.
They are both beautifull.(my pictures are a bit unsharp-sorry).
This :LA FEMME was the one I exchanged with Kaeren, who wanted my : Marie ATC shown a copple of weeks ago here on my blog. Thanks so much Kaeren for liking my ATC and for wanting to exchange.

Unfortunatele Kaeren dos`nt have a blog yet.
Thanks for so wonderfull comments on my art, it realy makes me feel
very happy and gives me so much energi to go on trying.
XOXO Dorthe

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first mixed media art award

Look what I found at Mixed Media Monday, today--- :( This wonderfull text below)

"This week Gillian has selected this amazing piece by Dorthe for Art of the Week. Like me, Gillian likes everything about it! Congratulations, Dorthe, and thanks again, Gillian!"

What an honour to be chosen, with my first entry :Helping Hand (klick and have a look)I`m so very greatfull. Thanks a lot Gillian dear.

I wish you all a very lovely sunday
mine could`nt be better.
XOXO Dorthe

Friday, May 15, 2009

Had to make one more

After participating in Mixed Media Monday , having fun with this kind of
collage,- I had to make another one.
I love being able to incorporate all kind of stuff.
This one contains : driftwood,lace, papers, tea-collored cheesecloth,
pressed flowers, bottons.........
Its called: Among Roses she was the most beautifull..

It`s friday again, --time running much too fast--hope you are all getting a
piecefull and happy week-end.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I told you some dayes ago, I joined :Mixed Media Monday group.
Every week they have a challenge going on,-and this weeks challenge
is to do an artpiece over the words : Helping hand--
So here is my try---the picture is a bit blurry, so I will try to take another
one tomorrow, but untill then I hope you get the idea.
(click on the picture to wiev it in a bigger size.)

This wonderfull buquet of flowers my daughter gave me sunday for mothers day
among other beautifull things. Is`nt it wonderfull? Thanks alot dear.

Hope you all are having a beautifull tuesday--here for sure it was-
XOXO Dorthe

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Many years ago, I saw a free pattern somewhere, showing a fairy lookingsomething like this Nymph. The pattern have since changed a bit, and i Don`tremember where I found it anymore. But on and off I have been doing this littleNymph. She is ca. 12 cm long and the price is dollar 14,- plus mail.or DKR. 85,- plus forsendelse.

I want to wish everyone all over the world, where you are celebrating the
day of mothers, a very happy day.
The tulips shown is from my garten, and (I think) very special and beautifull .

HAPPY SUNDAY to all visitors and dear blogfriends.
XOXO Dorthe

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have long wanted to try my hand on some ATC`s , and when I then joined the
That is a group where you can show and exchange ATC`s , it was time .
So here is my first attempts. I hope you likes them.


Another workshop doll

Yet another doll made with some of the tecnicks from the class of JoAnnA
She rests on an old spring, her wings are made os paper,and cloth, and she is
dressed in tulle,and old lace.

Hope you are all having a wonderfull thursday dear friends.
XOXO Dorthe

Monday, May 4, 2009

A promised picture gift

I long ago promised to blog this picture once again in big size
so her it is. Took me some time to find out,how to.
Please feel free to use it in your art.

Wishes you all a lovely monday
XOXO Dorthe
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Friday, May 1, 2009


A present for you to use, i think she is lovely


Just for you


XOXO Dorthe


Two small angels from my heart, made from an old tablecloth, and bits and pieces

I`m selling them for 13 dollars a piece, or Dkr. 75,00

And here some beautifull old embroderies used for lavendersachets, all made for hanging

as well for laying somewhere just lookin lovely ,-the price is 11,- dollars or Dkr. 65,00

Well here we are again, on friday,-everything passing so quickly,It`s like yesterday I was with my two grandchildren ,-and then there has already passed a week-

Thanks to everyone wisiting and commenting on my blog,-it`s a great joy for mee.

All have a wonderfull week-end

XOXO Dorthe