Monday, June 30, 2014


As many of you knows, I just celebrated my birthday in June, and I have recieved so
many beautiful gifts, from near and far. I have already showed some on my FB page, so I will
start here, showing the ones from friends not on FB. and after that from my dear other friends.

The first one  I recieved was from my dear friend, Marie

Marie alwayes makes the most wonderful  sweet packages, see the music paper and lovely bird and 
stamped fabric!

And here a great bag, with lavender from Marie`s garden, added.

I love this card ,so lovely with layers of beautiful papers , and the 
wooden letters spelling :SING...

And oh, her amazing collage hanger, with the feathers and the sprig with text.
Isen`t it wonderful, see the little metal nest ,so cute.

In the other package I found one of my dear Marie`s new beautiful
gift wraps ,so adorable , and stunning with the paper rose and the lovely laces.

Inside a sweet pocket, with this gorgeous little soldered hanger. I treasure 
Mari`s soldered pieces ,so much !! And I also- as the bird- sang a little song of happiness,
opening up all your gorgeous gifts to me, my dear friend.

This is the other inside page ,with another pocket,
so adorable with the nest ,sweet bird, and stone charm hanger ,-and
 filled with wonderful images for me to play with.

You can see the bunch here  .

Also this sweet friend, created a tiny matchbox for me, with the most dear image,
and filled with such lovely charms , to play with.

Dearest Marie, thank you again from my heart, you know how much I treasure  our friendship,and your amazing gifts.  


The next comes from another very dear,-and long time, friend -  VIOLA

A most beautiful tag on one of the packages.

And this stunning card , filled with laces and ribbons, and the wonderful four-leaf clover
behind the lovely lady.- so beautiful dear friend.

An envelope with a wonderful collage of the good old dayes  

And a beautiful button card, so wonderfully altered, that it looks from dayes gone by!!
In the little bag, was another fantastic surprice  !!!

This stunning keychain, so beautiful and with glitter on the
image ,as well as from some of the pearls. I so love this and feel so spoiled
my dear Viola. 

And then a canvas ,just amazingly beautiful, with a lot of laces and a little rust,
Viola , liebe, Thank you so very much , for all your gorgeous gifts, I am totally in love with
every piece you have ever send me, and so happy for your friendship .


A new week just started ,and I wish you all joy and happy hours, hoping you are well, and 
feeling good, my sweet friends.

In a few dayes I will show more of my so beautiful gifts from blogging friends.

Till then, take care all !!

Love and hugs, from Dorthe

Friday, June 20, 2014


Last friday I recieved a package from a very dear friend Terri of    Artful Affirmation!
Ofcourse I knew it was not to be opened untill my birthday,coming next week,-but 
on that friday I had to go to hospital for some test results,and as I was very nervous, I felt
that it was meant to be, that Terri`s gift arrived just that morning, and I told myself, it was
ok to open it up, for me to be comforted!

Inside was first this wonderfully beautiful card ,with Mother Mary  looking at me with her 
calming glance.

The other lovely wrapped gift revealed the most adorable and beautiful banner, also with
the same Mother Mary image , so romantic in style, and a little shabby, too.

Beautiful, old laces and ribbons, and the word :Joyful with
shabby roses .

Here is the first piece in the banner in close up, isen`t it gorgeous!! See the tiny
pink ladybug, the flowers of all kind, and wonderful seam bindings.

The third "flag" shows  the  Immaculate Heart of Mary, lovely
pink ribbon on top, and the pink beautiful flower.

You can see it here close up!!

Fourth "flag"  :the word  : Heart, tells us about one of the most importent things in life ,
Having our hearts with us, in all we do, and Terri made this amazingly beautiful piece
from her heart, I know.

This is the last "flag" with beautiful and fantastic old and new  laces ,
buttons, and another cute ladybug . So delightful and a stunning piece all together.

Thank you my dear Terri, your gift warmed my heart and gave me a feeling of ease.
And as many of you knows, everything turned out fine, all tests were as should be, and
I am not to have more tests , for which I`m so grateful.

The beautiful banner now hangs in my window,sending me greetings everyday, from dear Terri, and 
telling me to feel joy and have a happy heart for the everyday`s  little miracles and experiences.
Thank you dearest friend, your gift not only helped me that friday, but it is a daily joy
to see it and know you made it just for me, for which I`m also so very grateful.


It is friday evening here in Denmark, a little rainy but we need that for the garden,
so I`m not complaining, as all is so very dry here.
Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day, I hope it will ,-for all of you
my dear readers and followers.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and love,

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hello dears, I thought I would show you a collage I made
back in february .

I used many different componets, but mostly paper, paper napkins and lace.
I stamped the beautiful image, and painted it after with watercolours,
and  Soft Pastels.

I think the woman so beautifully brings summer and joy.

Also this little chap is a bringer of joy ,whenever it sings to us!!

Most joyfull was also yesterday ,when I was told I do not have to come back
to the hospital for more tests or treatments.
I`m so gratefull.

Isen`t this beautiful, it truly looks like the softest pink velvet  ,
and it smells divine.


I so hope you all ,also feels the joy and happiness in your lives,
and wishes you a wonderful weekend , doing things you love
and enjoy !!

Thank you to new followers, you are so very welcome.

Hugs and love

Thursday, June 5, 2014


As I`m to be with my little family for the weekend, I know there will
not be much time for blogging ,so with this beautiful 
Poppy I wish you all some wonderful dayes ahead.

I hope your weekend will be sunny and lovely, and will look forward
visiting you when I`m back again tuesday !

Till then ,-take care and be well.

Love and hugs, Dorthe