Friday, June 20, 2014


Last friday I recieved a package from a very dear friend Terri of    Artful Affirmation!
Ofcourse I knew it was not to be opened untill my birthday,coming next week,-but 
on that friday I had to go to hospital for some test results,and as I was very nervous, I felt
that it was meant to be, that Terri`s gift arrived just that morning, and I told myself, it was
ok to open it up, for me to be comforted!

Inside was first this wonderfully beautiful card ,with Mother Mary  looking at me with her 
calming glance.

The other lovely wrapped gift revealed the most adorable and beautiful banner, also with
the same Mother Mary image , so romantic in style, and a little shabby, too.

Beautiful, old laces and ribbons, and the word :Joyful with
shabby roses .

Here is the first piece in the banner in close up, isen`t it gorgeous!! See the tiny
pink ladybug, the flowers of all kind, and wonderful seam bindings.

The third "flag" shows  the  Immaculate Heart of Mary, lovely
pink ribbon on top, and the pink beautiful flower.

You can see it here close up!!

Fourth "flag"  :the word  : Heart, tells us about one of the most importent things in life ,
Having our hearts with us, in all we do, and Terri made this amazingly beautiful piece
from her heart, I know.

This is the last "flag" with beautiful and fantastic old and new  laces ,
buttons, and another cute ladybug . So delightful and a stunning piece all together.

Thank you my dear Terri, your gift warmed my heart and gave me a feeling of ease.
And as many of you knows, everything turned out fine, all tests were as should be, and
I am not to have more tests , for which I`m so grateful.

The beautiful banner now hangs in my window,sending me greetings everyday, from dear Terri, and 
telling me to feel joy and have a happy heart for the everyday`s  little miracles and experiences.
Thank you dearest friend, your gift not only helped me that friday, but it is a daily joy
to see it and know you made it just for me, for which I`m also so very grateful.


It is friday evening here in Denmark, a little rainy but we need that for the garden,
so I`m not complaining, as all is so very dry here.
Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day, I hope it will ,-for all of you
my dear readers and followers.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and love,


Anonymous said...

I believe it was fate that this gift arrived on a day when you were in need of comfort and I can imagine the comfort you received when you opened such a gift from her heart, to you. It is exquisite.
Dear Dorthe, you bring comfort and warm to the lives of so many, I am glad you received it from your dear friend with this gift she created for you.

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Dorthe, Yes, it was meant to be that you open your gift. I feel it gave you comfort before going to the hospital and I am so happy all is good!!
The card is beautiful and the banner is just gorgeous. It looks beautiful hanging in your window to enjoy each day.
Wishing you the best birthday ever to go along with your good health reports.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Your words are always an encouragement and send such an uplift to my day.

Have a blessed weekend.

butterfly said...

What a perfectly timed arrival to give you strength and calm before the hospital appointment - and look how it protected you for the results too! I'm sure Terri will be delighted her early birthday gift played such an important role that day.
Alison xx

my cup of tea said...

What a beautiful gift from a dear friend! Terri is such a beautiful artist. So happy things are better and no more tests!

Astrid Maclean said...

Such a beautiful and lovingly made gift! The little banner is delightful, each detail so beautifully put together, truly stunning and the card is gorgeous too! Hope you have the most wonderful birthday when it comes and enjoy your sunny Saturday!

Dortesjs said...

waue dorte hvor er det bare smukt det banner og stort stort arbejde der er lagt i at lave det. HÅber at du har det godt. tillykke med din fødselsdag ved ik lige dato men jeg gætter det så er i denne el nær fremtid. tak for alle dine søde kommentarer hos mig. skønt med trofaste besøgende. knus

whyte said...

What a beautiful gift and wonderful thought from your friend! So much detail and beautiful lace in the artwork! So glad you are done with your tests, Dorthe! Relieved!

~*~Patty S said...

A gift as gorgeous as this would be welcome any time...
Terri is oh so talented and very generous with her amazing creativity!
This beautiful banner is so you dear Dorthe ♥ has found the perfect home...
We are starting our first day of summer with cloudy skies and gentle rain which is also good for the garden...
Happy Summer Solstice dear one...

Jayne said...

Some things happen for a reason which is beyond our comprehension. Your gift arrived as a comfort to you whilst you were awaiting important results. I am so glad that everything turned out well and that you do not have to have any more tests. You will enjoy your birthday with a light heart Dorthe. x

Jayne said...

Some things happen for a reason which is beyond our comprehension. Your gift arrived as a comfort to you whilst you were awaiting important results. I am so glad that everything turned out well and that you do not have to have any more tests. You will enjoy your birthday with a light heart Dorthe. x

Jayne said...

Some things happen for a reason which is beyond our comprehension. Your gift arrived as a comfort to you whilst you were awaiting important results. I am so glad that everything turned out well and that you do not have to have any more tests. You will enjoy your birthday with a light heart Dorthe. x

May said...

Such Beautiful gifts Dorthe, Made with much love from your dear friend...Happy Birthday to you when it arrives...Have a happy safe weekend... Hugs May x x

morkaren said...

Kære Dorte, den pakke kom jo som "sendt fra himlen" for at berolige dig, så det var vel forsynet der, der spillede ind, jeg vil da også ønske dig hjertelig tillykke med din fødselsdag, og jeg håber helbredet også har det godt. knus morkaren.

Bente said...

Kortet er nydelig, Dorthe. Så fredfylt.
Vimplene er også helt skjønne. Herlig med venner som sender så vakre gaver.

God klem fra meg

Suztats said...

What a lovely, lace and heart-filled gift! You were meant to open it when it arrived, I think, Dorthe.
So glad all your tests were as they should be! Blessings.

Marci said...

A beautiful gift! Hope you have a great birthday.

sharon said...

Terri's banner is so beautiful, with all of her handwork and all of her gorgeous details. It was meant to be for you at that precise time that day for you to open, and brought you the comfort you needed. I am so happy that all is well now, and behind you. Enjoy your gift from Terri every day, as we enjoy you! Hugs!!

Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, I am so relieved to hear your tests are done and that all is as it should be. The gift came at a perfect time. I admire anyone who can take the time to create something so lovely.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous banners, oh lucky you. Did I miss your big day, belated Happy Birthday....I am always running these days. xox

Viola said...

Liebe Dorthe, was für ein tolles Geschenk!! Einfach traumhaft schön!
Bin so froh, dass es Dir wieder gut geht. Kys, kys, Viola

Terri said...

Hello Dear Dorthe, I have e-mailed you a couple times over the past two weeks, once today as well. Maybe they are not getting through.

I am so glad you received this gift on your day to the hospital and that it cheered you : )

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Happy Birthday, Süße!!! Ich wünsche Dir einen ganz wundervollen, sonnigen Tag und viel Spaß bei Allem was Du heute tust. Ich trinke heute Abend ein Gläschen auf Dich! Cheers :)!!!
Genieße die schönen Geschenke. Ich hoffe, meine Karte ist angekommen. Alles Liebe für die nächsten 365 Tage. Ich drück Dich ganz doll und sende Dir ganz viele liebe Geburtstagsgrüße,
Deine Julia

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Happy Birthday my dear Dorthe.
Terri's banner is simply gorgeous and I also think you were meant to open it. Enjoy.

Caterina Giglio said...

oh what sweetness to see it everyday! just wonderful, dear Dorthe! xoxo

butterfly said...

Another beautiful piece of vintage art - what a joy this must have been to unpack and unfold, finding all those beautiful details.
Alison xx

JoAnne said...

Happy belated birthday Dorthe! I agree that you were meant to open that beautiful banner. xo

JansArtyJunk said...

What a gorgeous, lace and heart-filled banner! I think you were meant to open it when it arrived ;) Glad to hear that everything turned out fine with your tests and I hope you have the happiest of Birthdays too dearest Dorthe :) x x

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I am so sorry your mother is in the hospital and I will keep her in my prayers for better days ahead. Take care of yourself as you have busy days back and forth. Lovely to see your pretties once again.
Blessings and prayers

June said...

I am so relieved dear Dorthe that the test were all okay. How happy that makes me! Your gifts are so lovely...that banner is truly beautiful!
A beautiful gift for a beautiful lady!
sending hugs...

Tanya said...

THIS is just stunning - I am glad that your health continues to give you SUCH good news. Love to you, my friend - XOXO

Lululiz said...

Terri created such beautiful gifts for you, how wonderful.