Friday, November 25, 2016


Many years my dear friend Solvejg, made this tree for my shop, 
and I decided to buy one myself , it was green back then, but in my
new "white" sitting room, " it looks better in white, and my husbond 
sweetly painted it for me .

I have hung the most beautiful tags and ornaments
onto its branches,--all pieces I have received from
very dear blogging friends, over the years.

They are all beautiful, serene,

Lovely and sweet,

So beautifully created ,

All showing the joy , 

and spirit of Christmas.

I feel so blessed to have so many friends, with warm hearts
all over the world, and I treasure the different ,
winter creations, which are all unpacked, every year.
These are only a few examples , more will be added later .

This tree created by stacking lots of paper bits on top of each other,--
another Danish friend created for a Christmas Market, I visited
last weekend.  I think they are so lovely ,and this stands in an old
silvery cup, which you unfortunately, can`t see, in the photo.

I hope your weekend have started lovely, and wishes you 2 beautiful days ahead !!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American friends !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe,--
and thank you for visiting my blog, it is a joy
seeing you here!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So what would be more wonderful, than spending time 
creating a little Christmas joy !! 

This ornament is created from a wooden Christmas ball,
given to me from my very dear friend Lynne , together with the 
leaf and pom,pom`s , too. Thank you my lovely friend.

I first painted it all white, then used a lot of gesso to form the snow feeling,
and on the leaf I also added : Crust velvet white flock, showing up 
almost like soft snow. The acorns are filled with two pom,pom`s ,and around them I added
more of them, with a lot of Diamond Dust.

I made the flower, and added two beautiful real crystals ,
from where it can hang. 

Something else, a sneak peak of a card, where I used 
beautiful old embroidered fabric, another handmade rose, and even
some brown packaging material, from a packet from USA. 
You know I like to mix  fabric and papers.

And last, natures beauty!!
what could be more gorgeous, than these, almost ,skeleton leaves,
I found on one of my walks, and brought home !!

I hope you all are finding time to cozy up with ,whatever
makes you happy to create, and to enjoy quiet and inspirational
hours !!

Hugs and love