Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear LISA  from Tarnished and Tattered

A wonderfull artist, and very dear friend of mine,
offered us to be a part of her  :Outside the box -challenge,
and I made mine many weeks ago, to be in good time,----only to forget to post
my box today, mainly because my grandchildren takes all my energi for the
moment being.

BUT thanks to JULIA,
my also special,and dear,dear friend I am here, to show you my box.

I went totally romantic, and placed a balletdancer inside the box,
filled it with flowers, and papers,
and made her dance there.

The outside is covered with the copy of a beautifull rosecard,
Lisa once gifted me with, and which colors exatly goes with the ones
chosen here.( sorry you can not see it)

Thanks so very much Lisa, for this great and wonderfull invitation, I enjoyed
making this sweet little box ,very much.
And thanks so much dearest Julia, for making me remember ,today

Love and hugs, to both of you lovely wemen.

I better catch an eye on the two very active persons,that brightens
my dayes,  this week, and makes me forget everything else !!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The evening of Sct.Hans where all the witches flyes to Blogsbjerg

This my witch flying peacefull, in my garden today,was realy supposed to be
eighter burned or have been flying to Blogsbjerg
on the night of 23/6  Sct.Hans evening,-lol

But she looks very happy to still be here.

and not ending her dayes on this fire.!!
Every year this night, fires are made in Denmark  all over,
to symbolize the witch burning in the middle age, where every wice woman,being able to
make "witchcraft" was burned if catched.
A very terribly ,terribly, law.

Tomorrow my two sweet grandchildren comes to visit with us, for the next
8 dayes.

Playing around here, watching the bies collecting honey in all the beautifull flowers

or watching the swaans on the East Sea,
I`m sure we will have a very great and happy time together, and I can`t wait
to hug them tomorrow, when arriwing.

But that also means, not very much blogging,
so I hope you will wait for comments from me ,on your blogs ,till the two
dears, are back home again.
I will miss you, but sooo enjoy the kids,
so till then, everyone have a wonderfull week, -take care, and enjoy
your dayes.
---------------Extra note:  I have got the most wonderfull gifts on my birthday,from friends and blogging
friends, ------They will all be photographed ,for you to see,
when I`m back again,after following the two "babyes" home.

Love and hugs, to all, and see you soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


KC Willis,  a very sweet, and dear woman, and a fantastic artist, are celebrating
her reaching 200 people now following one of her wonderfull online workshops.
I am one of those artists, and I am so happy to be there, and have been learning
so many great and fantastic things.
The workshops are greatly informing, and every thing explained and told for all to take part.

This little Angel piece is a gift from dear KC.


In honor of reaching the amazing milestone of having 200 awesome artists belong to my on-line workshop, KC Willis Collage Camp....I am celebrating. This very fun, informative and-oh-so inspirational class will be only $48 for the next 48 hours. 200 Campers from 9 countries have participated or are currently participating in the workshop where I give away all my fun secrets for making the work that I do. Some you would never me. :-) If you have 43 seconds to spare...take a peek at this.


Love and hugs, and a beautifull wednesday to you all.
Thanks to all new followers, I will be back to you for a visit, 
to  se you .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pair of lavenderhearths-and a gorgeus gift from a dear friend

Had to play a bit yesterday, and do something else than the dolls--and
this two lavenderhearths was the result. The images is from ,
Paper Whimsy and -Digital antiques, they are  not more than 10 cm high.

My garden has started  blooming, and one of the first beauties, are this poppy,
so very beautifull, love the fragility, and fantastic colour.

Jytte,-one of my very sweet-and dear friends here in Denmark,send me the most
wonderfull packet last week, filled with old beautifull things.

This is papers, and tickets  from a hollyday made in France,
many years ago.
love the paper from the bakers shop.

old  beautifull collars

two purses, the black with the same quilted pattern as the white one,
they are so wonderfull to touch,and feel the old material.

some fantastic sewed monograms, --no one does that so beautifull in
hand anymore!

Here the top of the most darling little girls dress,- or maybe supposed
to wear under the dress....-size is for a 2-3 years old girl, and so wonderfull.

Handkerchiefs with  beautifull handmade laces

A music sheet,-did you read the title?? : DOLLS LULLABY
Thankyou Jytte ,I love it--
and inside a whole old alphabet card index ,in blue, not used,-and looking
as if sold yesterday. wow I am loving it, too.
This was a so gorgeus packet, full of the most beautifull old
handmade items, and special things.Thanks so very much dear friend.


A new beautifull giveaway

is having a new wonderfull giveaway.
I won her last one, and I can tell you ,it was the most beautifull things, I recieved from Marie.
You just have to click on her name,to go make a comment,and maybe be the very lucky winner,this time.

Can you imagine that we are already almost through June,
this summer-that is still not as normal summers her,-dissapears so quickly-in 3 dayes it is my birthday,
and normally the roses in my garden has started to bluum,-I sure hope they will do that too, this year.

I want to thank all you wonderfull bloggers that commented on my :where bloggers create-
you made so many dear and sweet comments,-and I have loved visiting all of you,to see
your very special places-I`m not finished, so I hope Karen will keep the adresses for some time.
Thankyou for  this special party, dear Karen, it has been a very great, and joyfull event.

Love and hugs, to you all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where bloggers create-

Now what do you think ????
Here am I in the middle of  all, this is my working space, and
where I love to create-(a customer took this photo)

It is not a beautifull room,but a room full of  inspiration, and all kind of materials,all over,just waiting to be
used, for all kind of creations.

My husbond made me this table ,in two highs, for sitting sewing,-and standing
cutting, or working with collages, or whatever I wants to!

Underneeth shelfs to hold all kind of stuff.

This is the same table, on the other side of the sewingmaschine.

Beautifull old spools of thread-

A little cabinet holding my stamps and inks.

Old silverbowl filled with old kyes

Shelfs full of beautifull things

Wonderfull  olf books

Old and new fabricks

My mother as young woman,

A wall with collections of all kind

Old firebucket with all things rusted

A wiev from my room ,to the shop, --see the figure hanging from the cieling!!
It is one of my very dear friend Matthias Masswig`s  fantastic
mixed media sculptures.

And this is my view to the East-sea from my sewing table.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour, from my very full, and crowded creating space,-as I said,
not beautifull to view, but wonderfull to work in.
Sending you all, love and hugs,
DorthePosted by Picasa

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday, my ( in blogland)  first and very dear friend  Dawn  from The Feathered Nest,- gifted me with a very special gift. Those of you that ---like me---visit Dawn almost every day, knows that she found the most
old wonderfull  herbarium, not long ago.
This so wonderfull set of old pressed beauties, Dawn scanned each and everyone,to sell in her shop--- and also send me as present to use in any work of mine. It is maybe not easy to see here, in mini format,--but they are all so fantastic beautifull, -each and everyone ,even very old,-looking great, and having this  special color of dayes gone bye,that is so beautifull.
Sweet dear Dawn, I`m so very thankfull ,for your wonderfull gift to me, --they are gorgeus to use for nature collages, and I am looking forward using them very soon. You are such a wonderfull artist, and a very treasured friend of mine, thankyou sweetie.
This week I was also honoured with an award---  from  both Debbie  from Mosaic Magpie and  Laura from Fun with this and That., --two wonderfull bloggers, AND IF YOU DON´T KNOW THEM,.PLEASE CLICK THEIR NAMES ,FOR A VISIT  ON THEIR WONDERFULL BLOGS--. I feel so very happy to recieve this from both of you --Thanks so very much,-DEBBIE AND LAURA.

As for the rules, about telling 7 things about myself, and giving it on to 15 other new bloggers, I have to apologize for not doing this.
Instead I will be happy to turn it on --and award all and everyone of you, out there following my blog .
You are all wonderfull bloggers and friends, --and you all deserve this  versatile blogger award.

Saturday it is big party day-----
Karen `s  Where bloggers create , big day.- is finally there...
and I as 450 other participants will post photoes from the tables -or rooms -or !!!! we create in.
Those of you who visited my shop, knows it is a room full of all kind of creative stuff, and -far too much of that-----so for me to make a tidyed up working space, is not a possibility---
Well I tryed ,to do a bit, but you have to see it as is ---certainly not very pretty, but a very exiting and inspirational place to create.
----see you saturday-----
Till then , hugs and love,---Dorthe

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A bathing beauty, and the most wonderfull giveaway gift

What do you think ? is she ready for summer?
I guess she is, already off to the beach (a little bit cold for me)
but  she could just not wait anymore!!
langlegged  50 cm high doll Drk. 365,-
Dollars  57,-

Now this packet  I was the most lucky woman,to win
when Rosemary  from Ozma of Odds
had her beautifull giveaway some weeks ago.
It arrived yesterday, and look how beautifull it was even outside the packet!

Opening it up  all was wrapped in delicius white tissue paper, with dryed rose petals
hidden in the layers, and this wonderfull tag.

Now look here: this beautifull Bourbon rose brooch
in the palest pink, so adorable
I love it Rosemary, and will happyli wear it on a scharf of mine.

It is even beautifull from behind.

The next I opened was this lovely and  darling bird, she already feels at home,
sitting here in my window, looking out on the fantastic nature.

Isn`t she the cutest?

As is this so sweet fairy with her most adorable hen-friend-
it is wonderfull sweetie.

The luscious silk ribbons must be remnants from the court of Marie Antoinette
Could`nt come from anywhere else!!
Look how beautifull all was packed.
Thank you dearest Rosemary from my heart,--as I wrote you, it is soon to be my birthday,and this is the most
special and wonderfull  " birthday gift".
I feel so very blessed  knowing you, and your very beautifull and inspirationall blog.

I have been gifted twice this week with a sweet aword, but this post is already long,
so I will wait till next time, -blogging it.
For now,  I wish all of you,dear friends a hopefully sunny and happy wednesday.
Hugs and love