Thursday, August 25, 2011


Not much bigger than an ATC- is this hanger, with the beautiful PW image.
The :Chambers Bros ticket, was a big roll I was lucky to buy, from an antique store in Denmark.

Petite lavender cussion  -10 x 15 cm. --Here I used a rather new image from DEZINAWORLD 
June has some wonderful sheets and lovely blogs ,and I often visits for a little buy- as I think she offers to very resonable prices-and very sweet images.
The image is printed on canvas sheet.

The number 2 lavender cussion  is  9 x  18 cm- and unfortunately I can`t remember from where the image came,-sorry.  It is printed on fabric--on both cussions-I used old laces and sari silk ribbons.

How are you doing all  ?
Here it has almost turned into autumn- and today we had a very beautiful day.
I hope you , also experiences happy hours, today .
Wishes you all the best.
Hugs and love

P.S. I`m linking to Junes  Fun Friday  go have a look.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fantastic fleamarket finds- and DEBRAS 2 years blog giveaway

This was for me, being VERY lucky- my eyes went wide open seing those old watch parts, on a market some weeks ago.

 I love this box!

Also found funny papers, and the beautiful embroidered little table piece

Another beautiful collection in soft pink, holding lovelyes from friends all over the world.
Doesen`t it look sweet?

And have you been visiting with dear DEBRA from Common Ground ?
She is having a wonderful giveaway , after having had 2 years blog birthday resently.
I will not tell you ,what she is giving away- JUST GO SEE YOURSELF -I would love winning them all :)

Hope your week-end will be pieceful, and happy.
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My sweet tattered angel  (already sold in my shop)--
to a sweet lady, living in Jylland-whom own 2 other dolls already.

As you can see she is looking out for new adventures,- I`m sure she will be happy in her new home :)

Can you understand, I was so very exited when a big package from my dear Lisa  Tarnished and Tattered had arrived,while I was in the wedding of my niece!!!
Lisa told me some time ago it was on it`s way, and there it was welcoming me home--
This was her so special, and very beautiful gift to me- isen`t it wonderful?
The most gorgeus nature collage, -the fern covered with wax, and also the other leaves-and the GREAT  iron handle filled with dried pieces from Lisa`s nature, --I felt so overwhelmed- both from the beautiful art- and that Lisa picked those elements in her part of the world,- and send them to me in Denmark, as a most special part of her collage -for my birthday.They all survived the travel-

I hope you when clicking the photoes ,can see this wonderful art piece ,it is truly amazing, -I love the sweet girl in the old photo,the old pin- and the wooden handle on top -
Lisa ,you are fantastic- -- I love it , dear.

A card from one end of the world, to the other- showing time differences -
it is wonderful,-can you see the one watch is a real  one-and sewed to the card.

Also I was gifted with this bunch of beautiful nature fabric`s- some of which Lisa colored herself, in soft green tones- they are beautiful.

Do you remember Lisa not long ago, had a little tutorial about using those tissues for printing -leaving you with great transparent sheets, to use in your art--WOOHOOO this dear friend also send me a package of that, and I can`t wait to try them :)

And see behind in this picture- a big cardstock filled with many different laces- the beautiful little handmade carpet,  and a wonderful old book cover.
The sweet card  contains an :M----M for Mathilde...

Lisa`s dear sweet girl Lily wanted to add this funny and darling doll, for Mathilde- as she have one herself-
isen`t that the sweetest ? Mathilde will just love her, I know. THANKYOU DEAR LILY.

And WOW- Lisa also send this amazing book to me- filled with beautiful nature art and inspiration-it is
a very beautiful book

here is just one page to show you-----fantastic root -dolls --and the book shows amazing nature art pieces.
Thankyou, dearest Lisa, you spoiled me, and made me very happy--your wonderful collage will hang in my new "office"  for me to treasure together with other loved things you made.
-I will show photoes from there, when it is finished.

And here  Mathilde---she told me some time ago ,why I had not given her a heart !
so last week I sewed this and send it of to her- it is napkins on fabric- and a photo of the dearest girl I know.

Hope you are all having a happy week- with beautiful hours spend with family and friends.
Thankyou so much for lovely comments, and visits, and welcome to all new followers, I am so happy you are ther, sharing a part of my life with me.
Hugs, and love-

Friday, August 12, 2011


I am home again after the most beautiful wedding-It took place in so wonderful surroundings ,and was filled with sweet and lovely people , and lots of fantastic music-if you read my last post you know the the bride -Ditte and her -now husbond- Sigurd are both fantastic musicians-..
And here  she is --the beautiful and so ,so sweet bride-( my niece ) she did the dress herself-isen`t it so wonderfully made? it is laced in the back- and the tulle hanging under the skirt, looked so sweet.

A piece of  a collage card made to say thankyou to a very sweet friend -for a lovely nature gift.

I also love to  show you this wonderful birthday present that my dearest friend Paula ( whom have become very special close to me ) send me-- -here is a sneak peak from opening the packet! 

And see here all the beautiful packed gifts-I was so overwhelmed.

Have you seen the most beautiful tag dearest Paula made for me- we both love pinks !
There was also pretty white linens- folded and with seambinding and a sweet tag, and other beautiful old laces- ----and OH MY -
a pair of old baby leather boots-very used and very wonderful.Sweet Paula know how difficult it is to find them here, and so lovingly send me a pair. Thankyou my dear friend.

The box Paula made enterily herself, of cardboard, and "dressed" it in wonderful paper, and the sweetest fairi image on top. Inside was among buttons,also two pair of lovely earrings-you can see them in the photo below.Can you also see the other wonderful laces and  the cute pink tag.

Here they are, gorgeus ,don`t you think?

and this most beautiful heart, made from Paula`s heart to mine-I know-
with the little pocket with old text from an english/french word book.

She also sewed this sweetest needle bag from old beautiful laces,to me
 -inside is needles and other sewing notions. (Also love the cute tissue paper :)  )
and ,see this beautiful pillow, so wonderfully filled with the most cute baby socks-lovely vintage flover, old cabinet card, and music paper.As I took the photo , in this angle you can`t see the gorgeus old lace below on the pocket. Paula sweetie everything is so very beautiful, my dear .

A close up, of the sweetest socks -they are adorable. 

And the last photo  showing the pillow, filled with all the gorgeus things-
and in front, a beautiful old creamer-isen`t it just fantastic?
I love the white and gold together!

I can`t tell you what those beautiful and lovely gifts all means to me, -only that I worship them so much, and that they filles my heart with joy, every day looking at them
Thankyou my precius friend, Paula- I love you, and send you blessings.
I`m happy to be back again- and to be very bussy in my shop-even it takes time from blogging- but I hope I will soon have visited you all , dear friends.
Thankyou to new follovers- many of whom I can`t see have a blog of their own ? I am so happy to see you on my blog- Thankyou .
To all and everyone out there
Hugs and love-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SUMMER CREATIONS and a vacation

Here is a new angel, sweet and long-legged waiting in my shop, to be sold,
she is dressed in old laces-and beautiful fabric`s.

And maybe you remember me telling that my dear friend Anni and I desided to make each other a tussi mussi for each our birthdayes, which are both in june.So this is what I made her

it is real big, and the fabric ,folded around the form is partly old,partly new.

There is a little bird living on top of it, and I enjoyed hanging the sweet tools in rusted metal, to show the garden team , so beautifully added with the sweet girls.
I`m so sorry I do not remember from where it is, -if you know ,please tell me ,so I can tell it here.

I am glad Anni loves it.

A late beautiful yellow rose in my garden- which apart from this one, only holds pink,rosa, white, and lilla, coloured roses.-But it is so lovely, so I keep it.

Friday morning, we will take on a little vacation- and to my niece`s wedding.
Ditte is a fantastic fiddler and have played all over the world
She is marring her dear Sigurd, also a wonderful musician
You can click the  last link to see,them both on You Tupe.I love them.

My sweet friend Lena, will live here while we are gone, and take care of the shop- I am so garteful for that.

I will not be in touch for 5 dayes  :(  but I so look forward to this few dayes away, -so you will hear from me when returning wednesday, next week.
Much love and many hugs,- thankyou to all my lovely friends commenting here, it is bringing me so much happines.