Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear sweet friends ,
one year have almost gone again,- a year
filled with beautiful experienses, wonderful comments,and 
blogging goodness, from all over the world.
I want to tell you,that I feel so very blessed,
having met and become friends with you!

I wish you all a most happy and wonderful
healthy,and lovely New Year 2013

Thankyou from my heart ,for being a part of
my world ,you are all deeply treasured.

Lets pray that the year we enter in some hours,will
look brighter and more safe than the one, we leave behind,
--that will be my biggest wish for our New Year!!

Much love and hugs


Are you ready to see more beautiful blog goodness ?
I want to show you some more lovely gifts I have recieved for christmas!

First from my dear sweet Marie, a lovely tag with
wintery glitter

And the most beautiful soldered charm,hidden in the sweet paperbag with
a shiny glitter star.
Thankyou swetie, they are lovely.

My lovely friend, Lynne used the same image,but as a stamp,
I think,and placed the angel on a wonderful pink background!

And here on a canvas in a glittering winter wonderland!
Isen`t it beautiful?

She also gifted me with a beautiful note pad, and a lovely scented lavender pillow.

A wonderful old photo,beautiful laces and velvet ribbon,
tyed with black rick-rack ,and 2 papermache hearts for me to play with.
Thankyou dearest Lynne.,

From  dear Nancy, the most wonderful little collaged hanger ,
and the very beautiful tag- I also love the tiny tree, she so dearly
added to her lovely gifts.
Thankyou so very much my dear Nancy. 

My dear  friend Vicki  send me one of her wonderful - what is the name ?
things for warming neck and chest in this cold weather, they are made from old
sweaters and cardigens, and they are a great and lovely thing to
wear in wintertime.
Thankyou so much my dear Vicki, how very sweet of you.

And the last one for today, came from a new blog friend from this year,
dear Katherine
She send me this beautiful card hidden in organza, and therefore a bit 
difficult to photograph,but very special,-

and this wonderful ornament.
Thankyou so much dear Katherine,

Thankyou all dear wonderful friends, you all added a special joy ,to this christmas.

Welcome to new followers you are very much appreciated!
I will be shortly back to wish you all a wonderful New Year..
Till then enjoy this last day of 2012

Love and hugs,

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I`m home again,after almost 4 wonderful dayes,
with my daughter,SIL, and the kids,---
and wanted to start showing you some gorgeous gifts from  dear blogging friends!
I will show them almost in the order, they arrived to me.

Can you imagine my heart running a bit wilder, when seing this darling angel,
I recieved from my sweet dear  friend YVONNE 

Isen`t she beautiful, and lovely, and kissable? So wonderful 
made with gorgeous details,-and all sewn and embroidered by Yvonne!

She arrived in this happy christmas bag so wonderful also, and with so
many sweet messages!

Yvonne whom I admire much,both as a warmhearted and strong woman,
and as an amazing artist ,also created this gorgeous collage, here hanging on a cabinet standing in my 
kitchen area,where it fits perfect to the blue colour!
Thankyou my dear friend- I LOVE every thing -- ,it is not often I recieve dolls -or angels from others,so this gift is extra dear to me Yvonne.

From another very close and dear, to me, friend -- LISA  I recieved this amazingly elegant and 
beautiful christmas stocking, together with something I ordered before christmas!

Isen`t it  Stunning with the fur and beautiful rhinestone brooch-and sewn from
a very pretty quilted fabric.
Thankyou my dearest Lisa, I so love your wonderful gift, and all you create 
and am thankful for our friendship!

And long ago, I also recieved a little packet from dear CINDY,
with the text on the envelope : Not to be opened untill christmas!!
So I have paitiently been waiting! But here is what I found,- a set of beautiful dragonfly earrings,
I know they can be purchased in Cindy`s Etsy shop, so click her name and go visit.
They are wonderful, and I love them, Cindy, thankyou so very much dear friend!

The last one for today came from another sweet friend  SHERRY
She made me this very beautiful envelope in soft cotton batting,
decorated with a wonderful  piece of fabric, with old postcards, and sweet buttons
and lace.

This is the back of it ,I love this fabric, 

and inside a tiny darling crystal angel,  My number two angel this christmas, but not the last one!

Isen`t she lovely, and the envelope so sweet and wonderful.
Thankyou so very much dear Sherry, I love my gifts from you ,too.
I am so blessed and feel very happy for all my precious friendships,I have gathered
because of blogging, I wouldn`t have been the same, without you- and treasure you all,
and that counts  everyone visiting my blog!

There are more wonderful gifts to see, in my next post, -
I hope you all have had a wonderful christmas, and look forward to visiting
you again, in the coming dayes.


Saturday, December 22, 2012


as I`m having compagny from tomorrow, I want to
wish you all, a wonderful christmas.
I hope it will be blessed with happy hours spend
with family and friends.

This heart --,already recieved of a very dear friend of mine-
is a symbol of my feelings for you,
the wonderful hours ,spend here ,with you
have become a very importend part of my life,

I wish you all a beautiful, and blessed christmas.
See you soon again

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My most dear and lovely friend, Suzy, and I agreed in only sending each other a little flat 
before christmas gift, to bless each other with a heartfelt greeting before christmas.
I recieved this most stunning and amazing beautiful heart from    Suzy.

It is a gorgeous and very fabolous art work, and I
so love it.

Kept in white-beige-greenish and a little blue, it is the most wonderful heart.
I don`t know if you can see it, but Suzy used sari ribbons to create the heart with,which gives a fantastic effect. The images is such a piecefull picture of the angel and child, and I love the sweet tassels.
She used different laces, and all anchored on top of  sackcloth 
Suzy send me blessings with this beautiful piece, and I truly feel blessed  recieving this gift and even more your wonderful friendship, my dearest Suzy, 
Thankyou from my heart.

As Suzy now also have recieved my gift for her, I will  show it, too.
I made her this collage , telling a story of a child being born,
while the angels are joyful  watching. 

They are from an very old danish  magazine,
and I used the original piece- there are many different layers of paper and fabric and also a dried 
leaf  which together with the shining stars, shows Heaven and Erth and the magic that
happened ! 

It is also in neutral colours -white ,beige  and black with the little silver.

I want to welcome new followers, I am so happy you have found me and my blog, 
I know you are all very bussy this week ,and hope you don`t
stress yourself too much!

I send you  hugs and love
and in case I will not return before christmas I
 wisches you all a wonderful christmas, and the most happy new year to come.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I love making hearts, and even more to  dear friends.On this first one, I tryed a new thing ,(that I read about on a wonderful blog-now forgot the name) . I bleached a live leaf, and ended up with this
fantastic result, harmonating wonderfully with the rusted old key, and sepia toned image!

Here I uses some dyed laces from my own stach, I know I used
acrylic watered down paint. This Paper Whimsy girl, is one
of my favorites.

Also have sewn some little cards this year. this one I added
embossed papers  made with a Tim Holz embossing folder.

And this one stamped with a stamp from I think was Bo Bunny,
I love this tiny sewed collage cards, and 
hope the recievers does ,too :-)
(sorry for the blurred photoes )

The sun shines on the snow filled island today, and it is a beautiful day.
I wish all of you out there ,-be it in summer or winter destinations,
a wonderful week filled with happy plannings for the coming christmas.

Many hugs and love

Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is my windowssil in my "office" -now decorated for christmas.
This is only a part of it, but some of you may recognice your
beautiful creations. I love to display my many gifts and purchases so I see
them every day sitting here.

The sweet glass globe with the beautiful tree inside, is from sweet DAWN-
The  tree with the glass ball on top,the collage hanging from the curtain,the baby shoe with wings, and most beautiful heart with crystal,hanging, is purchases and gift from dear KIMBERLY--the sweet heart laying from another dear friend REBECCA--and the wonderful hand I purchased from BECKY  On A wing and a Prayer. The card with wonderful santa is from last year ,from my dear VIOLA.
Please click the names ,and go visit all those wonderful friends and artist, to see more.

I made some different christmas cards, using mostly fabric, stamped or
transferred with beautiful images,--here you see two of them.

And this is from today, -my garden totally decked with beautiful snow,-
and inside in the window, my Advents wreats -a tradition in Denmark,
it is made on a wooden pedestal, and an old metal wreath from the
fifties-wherein i layed moss,some white and silvery paper flowers,a bow ,
and silver and snow dust, on the green moss. We light one candle
every sunday in Advent untill christmas.

I love the orchids  blooming beautifully now.

I hope you have also all started making your home a little cosy ,with 
lovely christmas items, and decorations. I love this time of year, and just
wished that December was much longer,-lol.

Welcome to new followers, I`m so happy you are here,
and hugs and blessings to all dear friends .
XOXO  Dorthe

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Not too long ago, when chatting with my very dear friend MARIE from LOST BIRD STUDIO
We talked about all the little things I was still to create, and the sweet  Marie, at
once thought on how she could help me. She told me she
had a portion of glittery snowflakes and stars, for me to 
make some quick and sweet ornaments from

And before I knew , the post handled me a packet with her name on.
Inside were this wonderful and big amount of lovely wintery glittering
pieces for me to create with.
But my dear friend also send me her most lovely tag,made with this beautiful image of 
Mother Mary, that she also so generously shared for all of us to use,- se her blog it is a freebi!.
CLICK her name and you will find it a few posts back.
Also she gifted me with her oh so beautiful and gorgeous fabric heart ,also decorated with the
wonderful image and lovely button and cross- 
I so love both your wonderful creations,-THANKYOU so very much my dear sweet friend,
and for your help and beautiful friendship, which means a lot to me.

Even longer ago I spotted this gorgeous black hat ,with some velvet
flowers on BETHS shop
together with some older brass stensils
and just had to purchase them at once.

I love the hat, And I love what Beth so sweetly gifted me : the most beautiful collaged little old
book page ,with a page from an old list of something, and a photo of 4 
sweet kids  in a garden, in beautiful dresses-
adorned with  the lid from an
old box Clark`s mercerized crochet O.N.T. and lovely seam bindings.
It is gorgeous  my dear Beth- Thankyou so very much, you 
are alwayes so generous dear friend.
Isen`t it just wonderful, -my light is not the best, but if you click it you can see more details.

Please go visit Beth`s wonderful  ETSY Shops, - which adresses , you will
find on her blog ,if you click her link above.

I hope you all have a beautiful sunday, here we celebrated the first
sunday in Advent, with burning the first light in the wreath.

I want to thankyou all  whom visits me here,- and you even making comments, you 
are all very importent in my life, and I feel blessed being in this blogland community.
I send you 
hugs and love,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EN BESKED TIL MINE DANSKE VENNER OG KUNDER ( A message to my danish costumers)


Min vinter engel ønsker jer alle en dejlig december måned.
Hun er en af de store dukker  på ca. 50 cm.og koster 685,00 kr.
Winter angel greeting you all ,she is waiting for snow to arrive
and dressed in a tiny fur around her shoulders.

Her dress is a dream in white and silver,
she is standing app. 50 cm/ 20 inch high.

I hope you are all having a beautiful week,-here it is grey
and wet, -we are told there will soon arrive snow, and am
preparing us for winter to arrive with chopped wood for the stoves,
and the warmer clothes in front, in the closets!

I wish you all, precious friends ,happy hours 
preparing for christmas.

Hugs and love, 

Thursday, November 22, 2012



A little mossy heart decorated  with snowflake dei  and glitter.

Beautiful leaves hearts and vintage images, on candles.

My shop seen from another angle-I love my wonderful big stowe
here in autumn and winter time.

And here the window against the sea.

Ols shabby chair,  with the leaves hearts.

A white /blue corner

And 3 sisters waiting to be priced and hanged!

Happy weekend to all and everyone out there, and thankyou to all my new
followers, you are so very apriciated.

Hugs and love my wonderful friend.
xx ,Dorthe

Friday, November 16, 2012


Yes I have spend those last dayes trying to decorate my shop for christmas,
but first I want to show you a lovely gift I recieved this week from my dear friend-LYNNE af ADORN

We have exchanged tea-bags for dying, and together with some wonderful fruit
tea bags, Lynne send me this beautiful tag, which is so special to me, as she used an
old photo I had send her long time ago. Lynne scanned it to her computer and printed it out for this wonderful tag.
She dearly also gifted me with two slide mailers to play with .
Please go to se Lynne`s so gorgeous way ,using slide mailers.

If you google her name ,followed by, slide mailers ,you will see all the stunning ones she did 
the last years.
This photo is too sharp in colours, but you can se the ,the fantastic background when clicking it.
Thankyou so very much my dear, you are alwayes such a lovely friend! 

Here some photoes from my shop, they are taken with bliz, and not real in colours
but you get an idea, of what I have done to get the christmas feelings.

Dolls of every kind....

Fabric and wool...

Handpainted beautiful boxes from my friend Solvejg

My little elves (the ones I have tryed to explain some of you dear friends all about :-)  )

A mossy piece with an icon 

More dolls...

Little old coffe cups, old picture with Jesus,--and Mother Mary...

Wool angels and some fayries..

and this primitive angel!

I hope you enjoyed the tour in my shop, seing some of the old and new pieces there
for sale,-some I created myself, and some made from friends,
or purchased.

I want to welcome new followers, I am so happy you are here, 
commenting and following my little world.
I wish for you all a lovely weekend-
to old and new friends.

Love and hugs