Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One of my dear friends celebrated her birthday
lately, and this tag was a  littlen greeting among the other gifts from me.
As we were so near Halloween I could not resist  making her it a bit  dark and spooky!

Have you ever seen such a wonderful charm, handmade ,-with my dear 
grandchildren`s photoes, taken from my blog and used  one on 
each side.

Sweet   TANYA from Bead and Needle, making the most gorgeous 
jewlery, which she sells in her Etsy shop- wrote to ask for my adress, as she had
two old photoes coming from Denmark, which she dearly wanted me to have.

You can see them here, together with all the other gorgeous gifts she send me!
like the rolls of lovely laces in beige and white.

Beside the necklace in colour, dear Tanya also made me two charms in 
black /white to use as another necklace charm---,and one for my christmas tree.I
so admire Tanya`s beautifully soldered charms with all the "pearls" she makes 
around the photoes-aren`t they beautifully made.
And they could not hold any items more dear to me that those two kids!
Thankyou dearest Tanya, for your generous gifts
 you made me so happy - my friend.

Also another dear friend JILLAYNE  from A Fine Seam
have gifted me beautifully.

Those wonderful made napkin holders ,dear Jillayne made me
as a late birthday gifts.
They are in beautiful autumn colours and with the sweet wooden apple button,
and see how lovely she embroidered all around them .

I also recieved those beautiful old French laces , in cream

and green, together with 2 pieces of lovely  eyelet fabric

Aren`t it all so very beautiful- also the cute card,
Jillayne wrote me.

One of the gifts was wrapped in the most beautiful piece of
new fabric with the snowflakes,
and inside was also another piece of  wonderful 
post images and cards printed fabric, which I love,too.
Thankyou my dear Jillayne, for your beautiful gifts,
you are such a lovely friend.


I know time is so very sad, and terrible for many friends in USA after the awful storm,
they had,- and my thoughts goes out to the many whom lost
family, homes and all they had.
I pray for them, there will be a life to treasure, in time to come,
so they can feel happy and safe again.
Love and hugs, 

Friday, October 26, 2012


I made my first card for this years christmas!
Some time ago I saw a danish blogger using those lovely deer`s in a beautiful card,
and so wanted to have this die myself, so after asking for help from my 
FaceBook friends,- Lee wrote me an adress ,and I recieved it 
within a week for less that 100,- danish Kr. (about 15 dollars including shipping)

It is called :
Memory Box Dies, Deer Trio !
I used a beautiful card with "velvet" flowers, and added a lovely image,
some glitter and a little lace,and cheece-cloth.
Aren`t they sweet?

Here a tiny beach angel, dressed for christmas.

My dear friend Lynne,- so lovingly send me this gorgeous canvas,
isen`t is beautiful ? See the dried Hydrangea flower in the corner,
and the wonderfully stamped photo. I think Lynne is a master in stamping those -
looking like photoes- stamps- I can say it is not the most easy task :-)

The images "hides" a little pocket in whitc Lynne
sweetly tucket a :Merci greeting tag, to me.

I so love it ,-the soft colours and beautiful composition.
Thankyou my  dear lovely friend, so much, you are so kind to me, and I love
your wonderful art.

And some weeks ago ,when visiting another dear friend- LIZ -I found the most stunning 
french rosary for sale, and as I could not resist it, I ordered it at once :-)

And look what my sweet Liz, packed for me!
Little lovely envelopes, with lovely buttons- a beautiful old german porzelain doll,
the most lovely white cotton lace and the sweetest sprig of flowers.

AND this most beautiful tag, she created, with a religious theme.
I so love Liz`s gorgeous tags.

Here is the rosary!! It now hangs in my window, here where my computer is situated,
and where I can see it every day, ceveral times- it is so beautiful, and I am happy I was the first to
click the.BUY button :-)
Thankyou dearest Liz, for all the lovely extra gifts , you send me, I tresure 
our friendship very much. 

How are you all ?
I so hope life is good to you, and that your weekend will be  happy and 
beautiful .
I cross my fingers that the hurricane Sandy ,which after having hit, The Caribian,
are now  heading to the Eastern North American coast, --will not cause too major damages to the the people living there. And I send warm thoughts to my friends in that area,hoping you will be safe.

And to new followers, WELCOME,- I am happy you visits me,-
and wisches you and all my friends a happy weekend.
Hugs and love

Sunday, October 21, 2012


to you all, after having been "away" for the last week!

This fairy was made just before my daughter and SIL-and the kids
arrived for autumn holliday.

She is in silver-black and grey, and wears a white crown
on her head. Stands on her own- and is ready for
winter to arrive.

And here is my Mathilde

And my Gustav--I so miss them ,and their 
laughter and smiles.
By now ,they are almost home , and ready for
kindergarten, and school again tomorrow!

I will slowly be back on blogging again, visiting you all 
my precious friends. I hope you all have had a happy weekend,
and wisches you the most beautiful new week.

Hugs and love

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Some time ago I recieved the most amazingly beautiful
journal, from my dear friend Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered.
I love it very much and it is often in my hands-
so naturally I wanted to send something 
beautiful as a thankyou from my heart ,to Lisa.

So I desited to make her one of my fairy dolls.
Here she is , this time all dressed in white. 

Full body,-hanging on my little terrace outside the studio!

Now she is in USA, with my sweet Lisa,
whom I admire and love very much.

I know I showed the whole journal Lisa gifted me with,
but just wanted to add a few photoes again.

Thankyou dear friend.

And another lovely announcement :-)
Theese two dear ones ,are visiting again-
this time with my daughter .
They will be here for the next week,
so maybe you will not see so much to me ,the coming dayes!!!!

I am so thankful, for all your wonderful comments, on my posts,
and for all the ones following me-Thankyou so dear friends.

I wish you a most beautiful weekend and a happy week,all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Here as promised the sweet things I won in a danish giveaway .

It is a name sister, realy, as those wonderful gifts came from Dorte 
from :Fasters korthus

Isen`t the little wreath the most lovely piece-I love how Dorte 
added the smal  paper flower between the lace ,buttons and pearls.
It is maybe 10 cm in diameter and the perfect hanger on a
bough or on the tree.

The card with the baby, Dorte also created, and added 2 sweet
copies of old ones.

Oh and a most wonderful stamp- set

A bag of sweet buttons- (love buttons ) and other charms.

And a bunch of beautiful laces and trims
Thankyou so very much dear Dorte, it was a wonderful packet
and I adore your little wreath.

I know some of you already knows Dorthe, but if not click her name above,
to go visit HER BLOG  ,and see her sweet and wonderful cards.

I hope you are doing great all, and wishes you a 
beautiful rest of this week.

LOVE AND HUGS from Dorthe

Thursday, October 4, 2012



I made this one using a real dried leafe, a beautiful
Paper Whimsy image, -wood piece, from my garden, and
I loved to put brown glitter around the leafe,to make it a bit
frosty :-)

old buttons and pearl embroidered fabric pieces,-
I used gesso and a bit of red ink to match the background letters.

The fun background is an old kind of play card I once
bought from Beth`s ,-Gathering Dust .She has two wonderful Etsy shops....
You can click the link and find them on her blog.

Next time I will show you my first giveaway win from 
a danish blogger friend....
Till then I wish you a very beautiful
Thankyou to everyone following me here, and writing 
dear comments- you all means so much to me.

Hugs and Love