Monday, August 24, 2009


I finished my edition of the wonderfull tutorial from The Feathered Nest ,the -Fairy in a jar.
I used an old silver sugar bowl, and a little glass cover.The glass is just resting upon
the bowl, not glued.

I had to make the little girl almost half as big as she was, so she could fit inside
and placed her in white,with two small eggs.
She also got a lace collar ,and her wings I made
with both the small,and big pattern,so
now she can really fly.

Dawn`s sweet vers, I hung around the top of the glass bell
and hung a glass heart in the end of the string.
I thing Dawn`s little fairy rests very beautifull here.

The picture quality could be better,but I hope
you gets the idea.

Lots of good wishes for a piecefull and happy new week
for all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last week-ends beautifull finds

Can you immagine wearing this beautifull and so very soft underwear ? I think I`m going to try for the wintertime

This old fichu I found at the same flace as the above , and I fell in love with it instantly.

And what do you think of this old microschope slides, still in i`ts own box
with names on everyone.They have been used to make tests from all kind
of annimals, and comes from Germany.

A bunch of beautifull handkerchiefs, some hand-some maschine

Also found a wonderfull tea-pot, to my collection.
As you see it is Romeo and Juliet, and the verce :Romeo,Romeo
stands on the bottom of the pot.

Very small -6 cm high, perfume bottles, that I would love to turn into
some jewelery, using the tecknicks learned from one of the workshops
Enough for today, only have to show this beautifull old mirrow--
rusty , and with the lovely old glass still there
that I got for 25,-dkr. about 4,-dollars
such ( for me ) a great find,
love it.
Hope you are all well ?,and wishes ýou a
beautifull satturday,dear friends.

Hugs and love

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi all, new ATC`s from Den lille lade

Thought I would show you my new ATC `s -if anyone would like to trade ,please write me here or on my mail.adr.

The emages used on all 3, are from Shabby Cottage Studio where you for small
money can get the most wonderfull immages to use in your art.

I then used lots of bits and pieces, stamps, and old musik sheets pieces.

A blue sky and the wiev over the field ,(belonging to us ) to the sea. So beautifull.

Butterflyes on my Butterfly buch----picture taken yesterday -they will soon not be here anymore this year, as autum are approaching.

Today it is cloudy, and not so warm.I`m going to sew some dolls--

Wishing all of you a lovely monday.

XOXO Dorthe

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer fairy, and goodies

I finally after being left allone here , made a new fairy, it was a very empty shop
regarding fairyes, so I`m on with another one today.
Here is Redtop- ca. 50 cm. high, standing, and beautifully dresses.
She is 117 Dollars or 685 Dkr.

I try every week to make a tour looking for goodies here and there on the island.

This is a beautifull glasspainting, I love it.

a very small Mary with child, so beautifull

A suger bowl, cloth brush,and cigaret etui.
The little bowl, I will try to place a fairy inside,I have bought the wonderfull tutorial
of Dawns little fairy in a glass house, and will seehow it looks here.
And the cigaret etui will be great to put some beauti inside.

Are`nt they fantastic those very small leather shoes standing
on my lovely old box ?
I will just enjoy them for now, -then maybe later
do something with them.
Thanks to all , for dear comments on my blog, it means
a lot to me, with all you friends out there.
Wishing you all a wonderfull thursday.
xoxoxo Dorthe

Monday, August 10, 2009

A wonderfull gift all the way from Australia

In Australia lives a danish (bornholmsk) woman--Bente Wright- that many years agowhen wisiting her sister---still living here on the island--- found out that I was -like her- making dolls- and therefore wanted to wisit me in my shop.Ofcourse we talked and exchanged adresses. And on my next birthday I recieved a beautifull doll from Bente. She lives in my bedroom, and have since recieved sisters almost every year from Bente to keep her compagni.And naturally there have been flying dolls the way back to Australia from here.

Here is the wonderfull fairy I found when opening the packet today.Look how beautifull she is made-the mirrow and all. Thankyou so very much Bente, she is wonderfull dear.

I took more pictures of this lovely fairy, but they were very blurry.

Another wonderfull gift I recieved the other day is two old books.It was again my dear friend Christoph from Køln-Germany (a collector of old books)that when visiting a flee-market here ,found these two treasures to me.the two text-pages comes from a book with collections of lots of different handwriting ,ready to be used in pictures.

This is also blurry, excuse me.

And then look here, -do you see what this is ? Old sledges and spools from a loom
the spools still with thread of gold and silk
This wonderfull gift Anette -the wife of Christoph- and dear friend brought me
from Germany. look at the wonder of all this.

Thankyou so much ,
Vielen dank beide , es is so schöne geschenke.

Wishing you all dear friends a wonderfull evening
xoxo ~Dorthe

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Childhood`s beautifull garden !

I never entered Mind Wide Open (a wonderfull place made of my friend Gail ) before, -but this week I read over at Anni`s Art, my dear danish blog friend- about this weeks challenge, and saw the beautifull piece to be used, -and could not resist ........ so here is what I created : "Childhoods beautifull garden" -the garden we all knew, when small- that was a mysterius and beautifull adventure of all things beautifull.

My piece is done with the tecknick from KC Willis Collage Camp, a very wonderfull, place to bee,
where a lot is being learned, and experiensed.
Wishes you all a very relaxed and happy sunday.
xoxo ~~ Dorthe

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wonderfull buyes, and a gift

As the wonderfull artist KC Willis some weeks ago offered the members of : KC Willis Collage camp, to buy one of her so very beautifull art-pieces for a very fayworable price, I just had to ask her to make one for me. I Choosed : Pretty Nose,-because I love this very strong image of a young woman, and the text KC choosed to follow the collage.
And my heart jumped of joy when reciewing the packet today.It is just so very beautifull, -the colors -all the beautifull small accents, and layers, and pieces of materials, and bling-blings-
I love it KC,-thank-you.

And then on top of this treasure there was a gift for me, --just look at this stunning little art-piece, is`nt it georgeus?I love the texture, and the burned edges, and the text,are surely chosen for me,----well KC I alwayes loved palying with dolls, but I sooooo love all your tough weemen too, and I will treasure your art forever.-Tomorrow it will hang on my wall here in front of my computer.

A while ago, I saw this little charming and sweet birdhouse at Chabbycottagestudio,
and fell in love with it, -and now it is hanging in my window, facing the Eastsea in my studio, and is exatly as wonderfull as it looks here in my photos. Just love it, Gail.

Here seen from the back-side----it is beautifully made, and full of small deetails,
what a house for a little bird, just look at the wonderfull colors and stamps.
So what more to wisch?
Beautifull art from wonderfull friends in different places all over the world.
And even more wonderfull, we had such a great week, with my daughter,grandchildren and son in law.-They left today, and I realy miss them ,
so it is very good to have all of you dear friends out there.
Wishing you all a lovely wednesday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guest host on MMM-Natures blue`s and brown`s

Some weeks ago Diane from Arty Antics asked me, if I wanted to be the guest host on MMM, and ofcourse I felt very honoured , and said thanks , at once.

I had just bought this small and sweet chess board, and wanted to do something with it.

So this is my piece: called Natures blue`s and brown`s.

Here it is hanging outside, on an old wreath.

And here as it looks ,hanging on a white wall.

I`m still having my little family here, so not time yet for ,spending time enjoying your blogs, and commenting. But I will return tuesday evening, and take a lovely tour wisiting every one.

Till then lots of