Thursday, January 30, 2014



A sweet bird nested on top of a homemade paper-pot, 
decorated with papers,fabrics,handmade flower and a little 
rusted wire ! 

The crown is rusted metal.

And ofcourse she take care of her tiny stone egg!

Today I don`t fly, but sail to Sweeden, and from there 
with bus to Copenhagen, to take care of my grandkids,
while mom is  visiting family.

I look so forward seing them ,and having some wonderful dayes 
with them, while my husbond stayes athome to keep the house
frost-free !!!

There will be not much time being on the computer, so sweet friends,
see you when  I`m back again monday.
Take care out there !!!

Warmest hugs and love 
from Dorthe

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I had fun creating this little tag in black and white, using both
fabric and papers-  this sweet image is from one of  June Mac`s wonderful
older sheets - so beautiful.

Here I stamped the image on a piece of linnen, and added old papers,
as well as new- to create a little collage, in nature colours,
which I love.

The close up, shows how the fabric only recieved a diffused stamp
of the girl, which I like ,as it makes it look real altered!!

The last christmas gift I recieved ,after it had been traveling for a long time.
Dear SHERRY from / had posted this
 fantastic cone long before christmas,-but it only arrived just before,the 23-12!!

Sherry created the cone with brownish/black long haired material, 
and a long ,long tail of many different laces and ties-
and nested a colourful sweet origami bird on top.

Look how lovely she fits in colours - it was wrapped in the 
wonderful piece of fabric you can see underneath!!
Thank you  so much ,dear Sherry,-you are alwayes such a kind and sweet blog friend.

The last photo today is from yesterday, before it started snowing again.. but when it had
turned very cold, as you can see on this beautiful sky!!
..Today all is white and ...still cold.

My dear friends,  and followers, I hope your weekend
has been good and are filled with great experiences and happy hours, relaxing and having fun.
I wish you all a new and beautiful week ahead!

Warm hugs and love from Dorthe

Saturday, January 18, 2014


A new little paper collage I created in my favorite douche tones, using 
paper napkins , Spellbinders cutout, old text from hand written book,music
sheet , and stamps .

I love the wonderful image!

This arrived a little time ago from a very sweet friend  TERRI  from Artful Affirmations.
Isen`t it the most beautiful package!

The first thing I unwrapped was this lovely lace and paper bag, filled with 
sweet little soft pink wrapped gifts and the beautiful old card.

Inside them I found the beautiful shells filled with pearls, smaller shells,
buttons ,an egg, feathers- and all wrapped in tulle and lovely seambinding in the 
same tone.
The nature finds ,are pieces that dear Terri have all found on her trips to the beach.
Here you can see the inside papers in the bag !

And OHHH , look at this little dearest angel, she so lovingly send me,
the doll is an old Milk Tab doll,  and Terri, dressed her and decorated 
her to this most beautiful angel ,for me.

Isen`t she so lovely with her Halo ,tree, and the tiny tags she is holding.
Thank you dearest Terri, I almost never recieve an angel  ,so she is extra
dear to me.

Terri added little old religious charms ,too,-

a wonderful tag, with lace and seambinding ,

and this other beautiful card .

I am overwhelmed with all this beauty, of lovelyness,
softest pink ,white and nature elements , THANK YOU
from my heart dear sweet Terri.


Before saying happy weekend to you all, I will also welcome 
all new followers,- you are so very appriciated and welcome, I hope I can find time to
visit you all back, again.

Love and hugs and
a wonderful weekend to you all !

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Once in November I ordered this sweet and beautiful hanger from 
my very dear friend, Paula .
We have been friends for many,many years now, and have followed each
other through both  hard and happy years- and I love her very much.
I Could not other than fall in love ,when seing  this in      Paulas Etsy shop   , and had to have 
her lovely little bird nesting in it`s own pocket.

Isen`t it the sweetest !! , and the dear soul added one more strawberry,
lovely lace and buttons ,-Paula sews almost everything by hand
and so beautiful!!

But OH my goodness- look at all this amazing ,and beautiful pieces
that Paula had packed for me.
I was totally overwhelmed when recieving all this lovelyness.
Sweetest friend, you so totally spoiled me ,from your
amazing good heart!

As a special christmas gift Paula had crocheted this wonderful  necklace,
that is so beautiful, and so warm for wintertime. I love to wear it, and it fits 
so many of my blouses.

And the dear heart ,also made me this lovely and adorable heart.
Isen`t it beautiful!!!

On top of all that another hanger, with miss chocolate birdie,
resting beautifully, with her gorgeous wing of old laces, and the big 
bow of seambinding. 
I so love all dear Paula`s handmade beautiful pieces!!

But oh so many other treasures were packed in this box, -like the 
white ckristmas boot ,the sweet pincussion and darling socks.
And I can tell you, that the handkerchief is the most fragile lovely piece ,too!

And see what this dear friend also send me... Paula knows I collect old
children booties, and shoes, and I am so in love with these  3--
click the picture to read the note in the shoe ,please . 

There are the cutest acorns and old flowers,

Look how beautiful...

and this handmade piece, I don`t know what it has been used for... or a bag or a hat,
the silk ribbons are very fragile, and the work so gorgeous.

Two lovely old photoes, and a little cute felted bird, 

A pearl embroidered ribbon and a sweet glittering deer, with the wonderful christmas card for me.

And this  old fantastic fan, Oh how I can see a lovely woman using this a warm summerday!!

Another wonderful treasure is this childs coat, so soft and so lovely
embroidered in a soft blue tone.
Isen`t it beautiful? And isen`t it a fantastic gift.

The last gift from this box of pure goodness, was a magazine, showing 
many pretty and wonderful homes. Thank you so much
my dear ,we can`t buy those mags. in Denmark. 

Dearest sweet friend, Paula, thank you from my heart, you are such a
beautiful person, and I treasure your friendship so much, and am so happy,
that we after so many years still are the best friends,- I`m sure it will last forever.


Welcome  to new followers you are so appreciated all!

And for now thank you for spending time with me enjoying all the beauty in my box.

Much love and hugs and a happy weekend to all dear friend.
Dorthe xx