Thursday, January 9, 2014


Once in November I ordered this sweet and beautiful hanger from 
my very dear friend, Paula .
We have been friends for many,many years now, and have followed each
other through both  hard and happy years- and I love her very much.
I Could not other than fall in love ,when seing  this in      Paulas Etsy shop   , and had to have 
her lovely little bird nesting in it`s own pocket.

Isen`t it the sweetest !! , and the dear soul added one more strawberry,
lovely lace and buttons ,-Paula sews almost everything by hand
and so beautiful!!

But OH my goodness- look at all this amazing ,and beautiful pieces
that Paula had packed for me.
I was totally overwhelmed when recieving all this lovelyness.
Sweetest friend, you so totally spoiled me ,from your
amazing good heart!

As a special christmas gift Paula had crocheted this wonderful  necklace,
that is so beautiful, and so warm for wintertime. I love to wear it, and it fits 
so many of my blouses.

And the dear heart ,also made me this lovely and adorable heart.
Isen`t it beautiful!!!

On top of all that another hanger, with miss chocolate birdie,
resting beautifully, with her gorgeous wing of old laces, and the big 
bow of seambinding. 
I so love all dear Paula`s handmade beautiful pieces!!

But oh so many other treasures were packed in this box, -like the 
white ckristmas boot ,the sweet pincussion and darling socks.
And I can tell you, that the handkerchief is the most fragile lovely piece ,too!

And see what this dear friend also send me... Paula knows I collect old
children booties, and shoes, and I am so in love with these  3--
click the picture to read the note in the shoe ,please . 

There are the cutest acorns and old flowers,

Look how beautiful...

and this handmade piece, I don`t know what it has been used for... or a bag or a hat,
the silk ribbons are very fragile, and the work so gorgeous.

Two lovely old photoes, and a little cute felted bird, 

A pearl embroidered ribbon and a sweet glittering deer, with the wonderful christmas card for me.

And this  old fantastic fan, Oh how I can see a lovely woman using this a warm summerday!!

Another wonderful treasure is this childs coat, so soft and so lovely
embroidered in a soft blue tone.
Isen`t it beautiful? And isen`t it a fantastic gift.

The last gift from this box of pure goodness, was a magazine, showing 
many pretty and wonderful homes. Thank you so much
my dear ,we can`t buy those mags. in Denmark. 

Dearest sweet friend, Paula, thank you from my heart, you are such a
beautiful person, and I treasure your friendship so much, and am so happy,
that we after so many years still are the best friends,- I`m sure it will last forever.


Welcome  to new followers you are so appreciated all!

And for now thank you for spending time with me enjoying all the beauty in my box.

Much love and hugs and a happy weekend to all dear friend.
Dorthe xx


Maureen said...

Wow! What incredible gifts from an incredible friend! You are truly lucky Dorthe.

Terri said...

Hello Dear Dorthe,
Paula really did gift you the most amazing things. How loving and creative she is! I love everything, and really adore those vintage shoes.

Jayne said...

What gorgeous treasures your friend Paula has sent to you Dorthe. Each individual item is just so wonderful, the shoes are particularly beautiful. How lovely of your friend to pack a box full of treasures for you to unpack. The child's coat is just a true gem, such stitching and style. It must have taken you a long time to unwrap all of your gifts. I love the necklace she made too. So wonderful to have such a generous friend Dorthe x

Lululiz said...

Oh my good lord, what an amazing parcel! It must have felt like Christmas, Easter, birthday, all rolled into one twice over! Beautiful, beautiful gifts from an amazing friend.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What lovely, sweet things dear Paula sent you! She is such a sweetheart! Everything she sent is so darling! My favorite is the heart pillow that say s"Dearest Heart"!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What beautiful treasures you have received from sweet Paula! Each one if just the sweetest! How fun to get such a lovely package! You are a dear one Dorthe! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmed but in a beautiful way, you surely had tears in your eyes at the generosity of your friend and the touching gifts she created for you, the necklace, the strawberries and the other bird but it is that she knows you inside and out, exactly what you favour in life, such as those adorable shoes, I wonder what stories they would tell us.
A beautiful post of friendship.
Wishes to you
P.S. I will chat soon :)

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Dorthe, what amazing treasures you received from your dear friend! Each one is amazing by itself, but together they are like a real treasure house and so lovingly put together!! Those little baby shoes are amazing. A gift from the heart!!

marda said...

What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. To open this amazing package and find all these treasures inside. How lucky to have such a friend.

June said...

Oh how beautiful this is dear Dorthe!!! What treasures you have received from Paula. So many beautiful things for you to enjoy and love. I can only imagine how you felt as you unwrapped such a box full of goodness!
sending hugs from here...

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe
Yndige, bedårende ting. Det var virkelig sødt af hende med de ekstra ting, hun lagde til din bestilling.
Nu er det snart weekend. Jeg ønsker dig en dejlig en af slagsen.
Knus, Emilie

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello dear Dorthe,
what an amazing package of love you received from your dear friend.
Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful weekend.Talk to you soon.
Sending hugs and love,

Suztats said...

Oh my goodness!! Amazing treasures from her heart to yours. What a wonderful blessing to have loving friends!
Enjoy your new gifts.

Dortesjs said...

What incredible gifts from an incredible friend you have so many sweet friends Dorthe.

May said...

Stunning package of beauty...the little bird is divine, Love the bootees amazing gifts from you dear friend....enjoy... Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x x

Bente said...

Hei kjære Dorhe
Så utrolig fine gaver du har fått. De barneskoene var helt utrolig fine. Og det hun har laget til deg, de nydelige pippene. Fantastisk.

Ønsker deg ei finfin helg

God klem fra meg

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe,
You received such a wonderful package of gifts from your friend's heart. Each treasure is gorgeous. I love the details and the work and love that goes into these pieces.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe,
You received such a wonderful package of gifts from your friend's heart. Each treasure is gorgeous. I love the details and the work and love that goes into these pieces.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear your friend Paula knows you very well with all of these treasures. Each one extraordinary. Very special blessings when given from the heart of a friend. Loving Hugs Dear...

Shane Pollard said...

Hello dearest Dorthe
It's so lovely to see you have posted - I'm running late!

What treasures Paula has made for you - she is so talented and kind.
You must have been "over the moon" to open such a parcel and find so many beautiful pieces.

I love little children's clothes and that sweet little coat is exquisite.
You are a very special friend to receive this.
I would hang it in my bedroom with another sweet baby's dress I found at a Brocante in France a couple of years ago. Where will you hang yours Dorthe?

Wishing you a happy weekend staying cosy and warm by the fireside!
Hugs and love

butterfly said...

Goodness me - what a collection of beautiful things - from the wonderful hanger that Paula made so exquisitely - to all those amazing vintage pieces. The little booties are so adorable. Beautiful things from one beautiful person to another beautiful person, dear Dorthe!
Alison xx

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Paula has spoiled you with lots of wonderful gifts. You deserve them very much, dearest Dorthe. Enjoy and have fun playing with all the lovely gifts and goodies.
Have a happy weekend!
Mange kys og knus,

Sarina said...

Hello Dorthe,
It is unbelievable,what she sent you. It's amazing. Such beautiful, romantic things. The lovely baby shoes, the little jacket: treasures.
What a wonderful friend.
But you are a dear friend too,Dorthe.
Wishing you a warm and happy weekend,

Baggaraggs: said...

Wow, The Mother Load of beautiful. amazing. I love it all. Hugs, Robin

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Your friend Paula has send you some wonderful treasures dear Dorthe, what a sweet friend. Har ringet men ikke truffet dig hjemme, har du travlt med at føjte rundt ha ha, nu du har tid til det.Vi snakke ved.
Hugs Anni

Karina Beck said...

Sikke du altid bliver begavet. Og med flotte ting!
Rigtig god weekend.

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow Dorthe, she totally spoiled you You are Dearly Loved .
Hugs Lynn

~*~Patty S said...

So many lovely and special gifts from your sweet and generous friend Paula...I can only imagine just how delighted you are Dorthe and overwhelmed in such a wonderful way...the soft whites and pinks and chocolate browns are all amazing!
Thank you for sharing with us ♥
Hope you are having a happy Sunday dear one and that you got to take a walk by the sea...

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Wow dear Dorthe!
Just how special are you to sweet Paula. She has created so much beauty in each handmade gift and then on top sent you so many gorgeous things like the little shoes and child's coat - things which are rare, and I can tell that Paula has spent some lovely hours putting it all together just for you.
She is the sweetest woman!
I can see you still smiling from here my dear friend. Enjoy it all as I know you will!
My love and hugs to you too!

Unknown said...

My goodness, Dorthe! Your friend has sent you wonderful and delightful things. These kids shoes I love most. So sweet! I am happy with you. Have a nice week, my friend.

Minna Perälä said...

What a gift!!! All the things Paula has sent you are truly amazing pieces. Your friendship is so very special..

I am sorry about that bad translation in my blog.I got that felted deer from my mom as a christmas present. The bunnies I have made myself :-))

Anneke said...

dear Dorhte
this is amazing, what a beautiful parcel with all kinds of delightful things.
you must be overwelmed to get this and she is such a precious friend
have a nice week my friend and hugs to you, and i know that you will give each present , a lovely place.
hugs from Ann

PattieJ said...

Ooooh I love all the sweet treasures your dear friend dent you!!! What a blessing she is!! She does beautiful work too! I'm going to go check out her shop right now.


sharon said...

Wow, what an amazing bunch of gifts! The old baby boots are incredible, and all the crochet, oh, you will be running out of room soon Dorthe..hehe! You deserve all of these gifts and more!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a wonderful and generous box of goodies...blogging friends are the best! Thanks so much for stopping by, Dorthe, and for your sweet comments!

Caterina Giglio said...

so many precious pieces... very sweet!

KFE Design said...

Det var da en fantastisk gave - jeg kan godt forstå, at du er glad. Har uregelmæssigt fulgt din blog, men glæder mig til at følge den fast nu.

Nancy Dynes said...

Oh my, Dorthe! What a treasure trove!! the baby boots are precious, as is everything else, especially the beautiful handmade items!! A one of a kind gift from an amazing friend!!

Nancy Dynes said...

Oh my, Dorthe! What a treasure trove! The baby boots are precious, as is everything else, especially the beautiful handmade items. A one of a kind gift from an amazing friend!

Melody said...

Such an exquisite gift. She truly is a special friend

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Kæreste ven - sikke mange helt fantastiske ting - smukke godter til mange kreative timer!!
Knus kære

Alexandra said...

Das sieht alles traumhaft schön aus :)
liebe Grüße und viele knuddels

AppleApricot Wen said...

wow dear, you're sooooo spoilt by her! But you deserve every bit of it. Enjoy all the gorgeousness and happiness!
Thank you also for your well wishes, I'm feeling better now thank goodness :)
Big hugs, Wendy