Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The most lovely gift of friendship .


My dear friend Tracey from 
Send me these beautiful and gorgeous gifts for
my Birthday 

The loveliest heart , with the most adorable flowers 
Hand sewn wit pearls , and the wonderful mix of fabrics and laces . 

The two cards equal beautiful, here the  flower snd bird card, 
I love it so much , and so admire Traceys painting of
both flowers  and bird . Isent it gorgeous .

And lastly there was this tiny brooch in felt. 
Im overwhelmed Tracey with all the beauty
You send me .
Thankyou so much dear friend . 

Hugs and love to you all

Saturday, June 6, 2020


I wanted to show you some of my latest Eco-dyed papers 
so here goes ....

I used different leaves and a few flowers, 
below rose leaves , which always gives a lovely print, for me .

I don`t remember all , but  I used old book pages ,khadi paper, 
and old  envelopes .

This is beautiful in real life !!

Here I used Alun leaves  ( Heuchera) which tends to
give this beautiful tone . 

This is a bough from an Elderberry, still with green berries.

Another rose leaf ,- and below I used tiny Daisies,
giving this print ,which I love . 

And below on e of the collages made using a print as 
background .
 The link should hopefully take you to her online classes ,and this 
Botanical Collage  Miniclass.

It is a wonderful experience to dye with nature items, and to follow 
Kate in showing and doing how to !!

Have a lovely weekend- 
Hugs and love

Monday, May 18, 2020


I was inspired online to create this folded tiny book ,- not too easy
to photograph , and I don`t know if it makes any sense for you,


But here you can see how the pages are getting smaller
each time it is opening up a new page .

some close up, 

the two smallest pages 

I`m sorry the colors are not optimal here -

here close up of the cluster 

I stay in my romantic mood as you see, and have used papers
from Papergarden-fi again (most of  the faces ).

I created little clusters and tags and embossed the white paper napkins 
which gives beautiful results .

I hope it gives an idea even it is a bad picture , but by clicking the photos,
 you can see bigger pictures. 

I hope you are all doing good and wish you a lovely new week .

Take care
Hugs and love

Thursday, May 7, 2020


Hello , again, I hope you are all well out there .

Here are some more pages in the little book , and as you can see, they
are all created with torn papers and bits of fabric, again. 

The flowers I have made are after inspiration from https://www.sigitascoffeestains.com/ and seen
in one of her you-tube tutorials , Thank you again Sigita.

Here I used an old envelope , once given to me by
Anni , and originally send from the island I live on , to someone
near Copenhagen .

There are more to come , meanwhile I hope to stay safe , and 
wish all of you the very same !!

Hugs and love 

Friday, April 24, 2020

First two spreads in the Nellie book and a beautiful gift

As some of you know nelliescreativetouch.com have generously offered 
A free class , which I was lucky to be a part of ,-- you can read more about it here :
https://www.instagram.com/p/B--BWxNA4BH/ but it might have closed by now !!!!!

These are spreads from ithe inside book ,and most are little clusters I created 

I used many different bits and pieces .

This beautiful gift arrived to me from my dear friend Marie 
Isent it Amazing , a folder Holding lots of beautiful tags . 

I love all she created for me 

Wonderful tags in inside lovely pockets 

Im sorry if this looks Strange , but Im forsed to blog from my  phone 
as I cant suddenly download my photos to my computer . 
Dearest Marie thankyou so very much for all this goodness
You are a wonderful artist and friend. 

Sending you all hopes for you staying safe
Love and hugs

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The almost last pages in my journal -

HAPPY EASTER to you all , I hope you spend cosy , safe and lovely days ,
even we spend them at home and alone , most of us. 

Here are the next five spreads in my junk-journal ,

The materials are mostly the same , as described in the first post
of this ,-  here I also used a piece of an old floor cloth , lovely tattered ,
you see it near the bird-  (please click the photoes for more clearly see the details ) 

Maybe you can see the little handrolled flower, which I was inspired
to flatten , after watching one of  : Sigitacoffeestains   you-tube ,-to make it more suitable for a journal, - Thank you Sigita . In right page you see a tiny tag peaking out from a pocket .

Here a ruffle on the left on top of old paper, and to the right a little pocket
with another tag inside .

Handmade flower and yo-yo ,  a bit of slow-stitching 
laces and machine stitching .

And for now the last one , papers from  The Paper Garden again
(see link in my earlier post )  paper napkins and more machine stitching .
I`m not satisfied with the photos, but hope you can see better when clicking them .

I also hope you are all safe and keep going, in this our new world. It gives heavy 
thoughts , and even tears on some days, and therefore this community is so important
for so many of us, sharing our creations, and thoughts , thank you for being there !!

Hugs and love Dorthe 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


It seems rather a long time since I was here,, but wanted to
show you what I have been trying to distract myself with through the 
last many weeks, of covid-19 worry .

The book is made with old coffee dyed papers, and envelopes , and here
are the first 5 spreads . I used old pieces of papers, and fabrics, from my 
paper and fabric junk-boks - handmade flowers and tags. 
If you click the photo, you will have a bigger image . 

And papers from https://papergarden.fi/gb/ a lovely Finnish shop .like
the Lily -of -the -Valley above and others. The birds are all from
an old nature journal.

The stamps are from FB : June Mac ------and the tree stamp below ,and some words

There are little clusters like the one below flower rosettes
and old book pages, already yellowed by time . 

I so hope you are all safe and well ,-- here we try the best and
only goes out for a walk every day, and not meeting many persons .

Take care dear friends, all over the world, we are in this all together
and we will stay positive , hopefully, with a daily creative time . 

Hugs and love