Saturday, June 6, 2020


I wanted to show you some of my latest Eco-dyed papers 
so here goes ....

I used different leaves and a few flowers, 
below rose leaves , which always gives a lovely print, for me .

I don`t remember all , but  I used old book pages ,khadi paper, 
and old  envelopes .

This is beautiful in real life !!

Here I used Alun leaves  ( Heuchera) which tends to
give this beautiful tone . 

This is a bough from an Elderberry, still with green berries.

Another rose leaf ,- and below I used tiny Daisies,
giving this print ,which I love . 

And below on e of the collages made using a print as 
background .
 The link should hopefully take you to her online classes ,and this 
Botanical Collage  Miniclass.

It is a wonderful experience to dye with nature items, and to follow 
Kate in showing and doing how to !!

Have a lovely weekend- 
Hugs and love


froebelsternchen said...

Simply gorgeous, all these are amazing! Have a great Sunday dear Dorthe!
Hugs, Susi

Createology said...

Lovely Eco dyed papers Dorthe Dear. I especially like your use of book pages with the flowers and leaves. You always create the most amazing collages dear. Lovely weekend to you...<3

Elizabeth said...

They are wonderful, Dorthe! They must have been a joy to create! XO

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Love your Eco dyed papers, dear Dorthe. Have a lovely Sunday.
Sending hugs,

Sue Kosec said...

I swear. You can do anything. Proof right here … these are absolutely stunning and oh-so-you!

Great job, Dorthe!

susan hemann said...

how wonderful! I love dyeing paper too. Kate Thompson is great. Did you take her class Sacred Vestments

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Dorthe, these Eco-dyed pages are gorgeous! Looking close is so amazing~ Yes the tones they give are beautifully soft and natural~ Always love to see your work Dorthe; Treasures! Hugs to you friend, karen o

Fliss said...

Such stunning pages Dorthe and I really must try doing this. Your collage is so very beautiful too.
Fliss xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

How lovely to find you have sneaked a blog out without me knowing Dorthe, what a wonderful surprise this evening. Thank you so much for sharing your eco dyed papers, it's a beautiful thing to see those leaves make their mark on your choice of papers. Amazing how you managed to capture those elderberries and the rose leaf is so detailed. You sure have shared your love and process with your finished piece, stunning. There's always a cosy hug when you share with us all.
Hope you are keeping well my friend? Sending hugs Tracey xx

butterfly said...

These are so beautiful, Dorthe - the ones over book print have a mysterious, ethereal quality, and those daisies are just magical. What a wonderful series of prints.
Alison x

Art by Zowie Dixon said...

Oh my, these are just gorgeous Dorthe! Hugs, Zowie x

junemac2 said...

Dorthe the eco dyed paper is gorgeous. I love it. I tried once but sadly no room to do this in my flat. I didnt do a great job either lol. Never mind yours is beautiful. You have the magic touch. I adore the beautiful collage work you make with them too.

Sending special hugs and love

June xx

butterfly said...

Oh dear - I know I left a long comment here... hope it will get to you eventually!
Alison x

Diana Taylor said...

These have turned out beautifully Dorthe, it is such a magical thing to do isn't it, and I love your exquisite collaged piece. It is so atmospheric and delicately beautiful. I shall look forward to seeing more of your lovely papers used in your fabulous work!
Hugs, Diana xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thank you for sharing. These are all beautiful. I might try with some of my Mother's funeral flowers. Several had huge leaves. Hoping life returns to some normalcy soon. Stay Safe.