Thursday, November 27, 2014


Maybe some of you know that I was the lucky winner of dear Wendy `s  beautiful giveaway .
Today I recieved the packet from her, and just take a look at all the 
delightful and lovely gifts , which were inside !

Everything packed with love and so gorgeous ,in blue tones .

See , how sweet .... they are all !!

Wendy created this adorable card for me, with the most dear image , so beautiful
adorned with lovely fabrics, laces and one of her tattered wonderful flowers,and the birdie !!
I love it dear Wendy.

The sweetest ,lovely heart was inside one of the bird packages, so
very beautiful in romantic fabric of blue roses, and with another
gorgeously tattered flower, and on top one made from a ribbon!
What is more to say than BEAUTIFUL !!

And look at this tattered cross , isen`t it also beautiful,
and the button in the middle, a lovely ,lovely idea.

More wonderful tattered and chrocheted flowers , I can`t wait to
use them for something lovely. 

What a beautiful work my dear, I can`t imagine you almost
only stared doing this kind of artwork , and admire your skills
very much.

One of the giveaway pieces was a great and beautiful Brocante magazine from The Netherlands,
-the one on top- but sweet Wendy also send me another one . They are filled with 
wonderful homes, and ideas, and even I can`t read Dutch ,I understand some words !!

My dear Wendy, thank you so very much for all your adorable pieces , I love all you
created for me, What a wonderful day you "made "  me !!


Today I also wish all my American dear friends 
A Happy Thanksgiving !!

May you all have a beautiful day and evening with your dear families!!


Love and hugs
from Dorthe

Monday, November 17, 2014


This vintage ,and neutral coloured card, was created for one of my  friends !

I love the images of the two sisters so much, but don`t remember from where it is, 
also it was already printed out, and therefore it will take lots of time
to refind it again in my files , hehehe.

This other with lots of  christmassy feeling, also was created,
for a Danish friend,- whom luckily, after 14 dayes 
of waiting, recieved it last week !!

I loved to make the snow, with a Tim Holz stencil !!

This coming sunday we are having a big fleamarket , here where we live,
we have gone through all the savings of older furnichures, glasses,
toyes, fabric rests ,pearls, pictures, and much more.
I hope to see a lot of happy people ,wanting to buy something!!

As most of you reading this blog are far,far away, and therefore
really not able to come,- I will just wish you a lovely week, and
a restful and happy weekend.

Hugs and love from Dorthe

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sitting here, this beautiful sunday morning,
with a pale lovely sun shining outside , and beautiful
flowers from my garden,- my heart is so thankfull ,for so many
things. Among them all my wonderful blogging friends, from all over the world.

And one is Sharon Borsavage   ,  a very close and dear friend , 

We have been friends for years now, and I treasure her friendship so very much!
She is an amazing artist , and a very generous one too. 

Look what she send me , just because she has a heart of gold !!! 
I was so thrilled and so happy seing all the beautiful things ,she had collected for me- the
two old brooches are gorgeous, and and will be worn on my  winter 
sweaters and turtlenecks. The pink rosary is hanging in my window and 
being enjoied every day ,too. Isen`t the mirror with the Jesus child sweet !!

AND ,these earrings which Sharon created herself, from  Aquamarine,
Turquoise and a handmade ceramic pearl, with her handmade hooks, and which I
wanted to purchase, was lovingly in the package too!!!

Aren`t they amazing,- I totally love them ,and they dangle
lovely in my ears!!

Another thing I collect is old baby booties, and Sharon also 
gifted me these adorable ones !!

So, am I not the most lucky girl, I feel blessed and so thankfull
my dearest Sharon. Thank you from my heart , you  beautiful soul,
so far away from me . 
To be able to reach out to one another, dosen`t matter
where on the planet we are, is such a wonderful gift , and I have
so many lovely friends all over the worl.


I send you all wishes for a beautiful November start and happy 
hours creating and being with family and friends.

Hugs and love, Dorthe

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Here are two new ones I have just created.!!!

The body I found in an old  ballet book, and the lovely face is from a 
digi sheet I purchased from Itkupilli  ,- -I love her fantastic  Etsy ,filled with amazing sheets !!

I dressed her in laces ,  and silvery fairy wings !

Also added a silver holy, frosted rose and a flag banner 
I stamped ,and cut out !

Here she is in another dress, all white , and airy!

This time wearing a strand of hearts in her hands !

So fun playing with paper and fabric dolls again ,lol.

I also want to make a SHOUT OUT for my dearest friend  Marie-

whom is having a fantastic ,and beautiful giveaway,  ,all,  because of her five years 
blog aniversary...if you are a follower you just have to take a looks
at this gorgeous piece -(and more coming ) !!


Another sweet friend  Wendy from 

Is also hawing the most beautiful giveaway , please visit also 
her,- if you are a follower , you will love what she has
created for one lucky winner , plus what she 
choosed to add !!

That`s it for today, I hope you are all fine and ok, after Halloween evening yesterday, lol.
and wishes you a wonderful weekend !

Hugs and love, Dorthe