Sunday, February 26, 2012



many beautiful and special fabrics. I also used  Tyvek- first painting it in brown tones, -then sewing it on top of the collage, and after that burning it away again.

you can see it in those two photoes , it looks very special, and 3 dimentional!

I also used beautiful embroidered pieces and tulle,and laces

I want to give credit to Audrey Hernandez,,- whom showed this tecnique in a Somerset Studio.

This photo I did some weeks ago , when my husbond and I made a walk to a nearby mini town,---Arriving to Melsted, all the trees near the sea, was fillled with magpies- ---this is how it looked -not this one tree,only---but in maybe 10 other trees also- Fantastic!

How is your sunday ,dear friends ? I hope you enjoy it, and hope you are warm and cosy, wherever you read this . I think it is amazing ,and really difficult to understand, that many of you ,from all over the world will in a few minutes ,maybe click into my blog to read this.
I feel so blessed to be a member of this beautiful club of ours- and thankyou all of you visiting, and everyone commenting, it means so much to me.

Hugs and love

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I feel blessed , having found dear friends from afar!

                    I want to show you more beautiful gifts recieved from friends in blogland!
This so lovely tag, my dear friend Lynne from ADORN send me for Valentine`s day

 I love the beautiful lady in soft blue, with her gorgeous gown and hat

 She looks to me as if she is off to an English Horce race.......... Dearest Lynne, thankyou so much- ,you are such a lovely friend,and I am- as you know- in love with your beautiful creations, and happy we have met.

 And this wonderful gifts came from another dear lady Jillayne from A FINE Seam

 See how very beautiful she packed it, I love the button string crocheted together

 And this wonderful piece of babric was inside as a gift to me ,together with the sweetest handsewn and quilted star . This beautiful angel card - also sewn enterily in hand. I so love it dear Jillayne,with the beautiful paper background and the bow with a shiny golden heart.

 Here a close up ,of the fabolous fabric with schripture on. It will stay in my stach a while to be admired- before I can handle to cut it- :-)

 And the other side of the lovely star, with " PEACE" embroidered on top-
 A close up ,of the bow with the tiny heart, isen`t it the cutest ?- I think it so beautifully shows and symbolises the love and friendships built between bloggers, from all over the world. And I am so thankful to have found a dear friend in Jillayne.  Thankyou dear, for this so beautiful gift, from you and your clever hands.

Today we at last have a sunny day, it has been raining and raining for dayes, -one good thing about that, is that it took the snow almost ,away.
Dearest friends, I hope you are all well, and wishes you a beautiful thursday-
Welcome to all the new followers, I am so happy to see you, and will try to visit all of you.

Lots of hugs and love to you all.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


And look how very beautiful it was packed,this totally surprising packet from dear

The napkin in french  and the most lovely heart , so sweet.

Inside I first found the wonderful little bag-see the heart with the french Pour vous- made on paper background. Isen`T it the most beautiful  hiding spot for ATC`s or cards - I so love it, Marie.

and looking inside was one of Marie`s beautiful note books- See the tiniet nest with the pearly eggs, and the blue bird she used,-- pure beauty.

and I also love this tag she had hidden inside the notebook-- with the sweet text and button

Also this dear sweet friend spoiled me with a peg rolled with wonderful cotton lace, and the most lovely card.

The inside of the notebook reveals a coupon good for one hug anytime :-)
I hope to get it one day Marie. You made me so happy with this special and beautiful packet, thankyou from my heart dearest friend.

I have also recieved a beautiful packet from another of my dear blogging friends, JILLAYNE- A Fine Seam ,which I will show you next time.

For now I wish you a beautiful sunday-
I also want to thank all new followers, you are all so treasured.

Hugs and love to everyone out there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


near and far- I wish you all a very happy Valentine`s day-and will use this special day, to say thankyou to you all , for a year filled with kindness and love-new wonderful friendships,-new followers,- and special moments visiting your blogs.-
It all means so very much to me.

This heart I made to Lena, my dear friend here on the island, --when we last week were invited for dinner.
I hope you  all have a beautiful day.
Hugs and love ,Dorthe

Sunday, February 12, 2012


But first I want to tell what I experiensed yesterday ,reading Tina`s blog :
From March first , Google Friends Connect is no more supporting  the NON Google community-that means that everyone not having a  blogspot .com blog will not be able to follow  via Google connect- --also maybe it will later disappear from ---which means there will also not be any blog list!

SO IF YOU STILL WANT TO BE ABLE TO FOLLOW ME AND EACH OTHER ,all you have to do is connect to the new followers tool, -that you see on my left sidebar, just on top of the Google one.
Just sign in and create your own account- it is all free-  you simple click "follow me" at the new "LINKY "tool--and after having created an account yourself, you can follow me and everyone else connecting to LINKY.

And now to the Valentine swap, which Kimberly from Art Joy Stuff hosted, and sweetly invited me to take part in.

We were to make 5 ATC`s to send to her, and then she  would mix and match-and return 5 others to each participant.

This is a collage of the five I made and send along.

------------- this is number 6--six because  I made one extra for Kimberly :)

And this sweet package is the one holding Kimberly`s ATC

Here is another sweet plastic bag holding another one, and following are the ones I recieved.

this is from  ERICA from Zunkychic
isen`t it the sweetest little angel

Marlene from Uniquelyella made this beauty- my photo does not show all the lovely glitter.

made this sweet one, with a lovely rose border

And from Sylvia from Little Treasures- this cute clown dacing along-

and from Kimberly this lovely fairy tag--love the flowers and her arrow ,and a wonderful domino charm.
Thankyou to you all, I enjoyed partisipating in this "love" swap- and I love all the pretty ATC`s I recieved.
Thankyou Kimberly for hosting and for your lovely extra charm gift.

to you dear friends.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I love beautiful old images of birds, and this in black and white is a favorite-and as many of  you know, I also love nature images, so this combination alwayes is  beautiful ,I think.

Can you see the button in the right side, they are made by ABBY, from Abby`s Paperie Garden--click the photo to see it closer. Sweet Abby sells thise beautiful paper buttons in her Etsy shop.

One of my very dear blog-and telephone friends here in Denmark--dear Anni- desited that it was time for us   to meet, and that it was most practically done, in Copenhagen-where both  she and I have our daughters.So after I left Mathilde with her parents, we met ,and had a very happy, and wonderful time together, for the most of the day,till my buss to Sweden and home ,arrived.
It was first time we were face to face, so we had joked about what would happen,if   suddenly we could not talk at all! This photo of us,was taken by Anni`s sweet daughter ,whom came to meet her, when we said goodby--can you tell it was cold!

Well -there were not many pauses, LOL .We  visited some special shops ,we both love-bought a few things- laughed and talked-
had lunch at a great place where they serve most disches from the Mediteranium countryes so yummy--
and exchanged our christmas gifts.
This wonderful  retro  tag  was outside my  packet-

Which was this so very beautiful, and gorgeous heart pillow,

I love all the handmade laces and doilies , and the beautiful images Anni used.

It fits wonderfully at the top of my coutch- and the colours Anni choosed are perfect for this spot.
Thankyou so much dear friend- I love your gift-and I love you-thankyou for the most  beautiful day.

The sea is very cold here ,too-and as you can see there are ice on all the rocks- they promised a bit warmer weather for the week-end-- lets hope they are right.
Hugs and love to you all

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi all dear friends, --we are allone here again,and I thought I would show you a collage I made some weeks ago,-and also a fantastic surprice I recieved with the post.
But first my collage..
as you can see I used lots of old laces and a beautiful angel image.

I covered it with a piece of mica, sewing it on with the mashine.
I also used old papers, tea bag,- and my loved skeleton leaves, in the button right corner.

isent it beautifully packed?

It came from dear SONYA,  of  COUNTING MY BLESSINGS---totally out of the blue, as a bloglove gift.And I am so in love with both creations, and feel so blessed recieving such  gorgeous art pieces, just like that!

Inside the wonderful paperbag, was this stunning card, which my photo does not do justice- as it is a totally beautiful shimmer of the glitter Sonya used, and you can`t see that the angel is standing out from the background, and all the lovely flowers.

Inside the packet was this -I did not believe my eyes- beautiful collaged piece- in the most pretty romantic colours, the rose that Sonya made herself, and the sweet little charms.

I so love it, and also that it hangs from a dryed branch. If you click the photo you can read the text, that have a special meaning for dear Sonya, that I`m now sharing. Isen`t it the most fabolous piece,-I think it is!
Thankyou dearest Sonya from my heart, you made me feel so happy and blessed sweet friend.
The collage in on my door to my private room- hanging on the outside- (and inside is one of Suzy`s beautiful collages.)

I`m sure many,many of you know Sonya, but if not- go visit her lovely blog-just click her name above.

Now this is also goodies- --goodies I found over at another dear friends ETSY SHOP---LIZ  from 
have lots of wonderful things for sale in her shop ,and this french tags I had to have.

Sweet as Liz is , she also made me a beautiful tag, --as a matter of fact done on the back of one of the same tags I bought  :) 
I love this Marie Antoinette picture , and the lovliest laces ,Liz used .

and she even send me those beautiful flower ribbon and the old lovely tulle ribbon-
Dearest Liz, I love it all, and your tag is hanging here in my room,--thankyou so much sweet friend.

If you click this last photo you can read the adress of Liz`s wonderful Etsy shop---go take a look ,---there are new goodies for sale very often.

Here winter has arrived-- not so much with snow, but it is so very cold, and therefore wonderful to stay inside creating, which I will do the coming months .
I hope you are all well, --thankyou for your beautiful comments, they are deeply apriciated-
and welcome to new followers, thankyou all for being here :)

I send you smiles, and
hugs and love.