Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Fairy doll., and a wonderfull packet

Hej Mette , her er hun så , hvad siger du ?

A fairy made for a sweet costumer, i hope
its alowed to say i used some material
from her wedding dress to this litte one
traveling into her new ,wedded life.

Her back, with the words:Love Journey

Old musik-paper, with a romantic tune.

And then look what was in my mail
yesterday, wow.My dear friend Jytte
made a packet for me again, and as we
seems to have a lot in commen, i love all
the things she sends me.
Look here two hearts for me, thanks so much dear.

Beautifull embroderi, and old soft cotton

The most dear little collar

Two small books in leather binding

A silver brusch and lots of lovely things

And one more old beautifull collar

Well im a lucky woman
I wish you all, a blessed and happy evening
XOXO Dorthe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

news from my hand

I have for a long time tryed making some
new stuff, but did`nt had the curage to
show it here.Mainly becourse i did`nt
think it was good enough, but also be-
cause i think i hav`nt got my comple-
tely own style.Not that im trying to do
what others do, but influensed of all the
wonderfull things i ame.
Well Dear Nellie told me to just go ahead,
so here is some of my attemts.
My Valentine heart are made with old
laces, newspaper,emage of a fairy, and
a rusty crown . its about 22 cm high.

Im selling it for dkr. 95,00
or dollars 19,00

My little wallhang apr. 25cm.*20cm
is made from old linnen,sackcloth, laces,
an free image from Dawn with the
sweet birds,-its hanging from a rusty old
big nail.
The little nest are made of fibers of all
kind. I hope you like it?
its dkr. 165,-, dollar 33,-

Well erybody have a wonderfull thuesday.
XOXO Dorthe

Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear me ive been tagged of my dear friend

Tina from TinyBear, a very fantastic bear-maker.

Its kind of difficult finding things about one-
selves, so i asked my husbond, who with a
grin, said : everything.
So let me try:

1: Im a much too big fan of flea-markets
can almost get stomach-pain if i cant go.

2: Im almost fanatic with magazines, first
and foremost the ones coming from
Stampington, but also things like Victoria
Romantic Homes and all such .

3: I love the nature surrounding me very much,
but im kind of too lazy to take a walk everyday.

4: Im also very much taken with the white and
french look, and love,the norvegian magazine
Vakre Hem,but when it comes to changing here,
i cant beare to paint ,my old, and beautifully
paintet furnitures (made by Solvejg a dear friend)
in white .

5: I love getting special orders, from costumers,
for doll-making, but when it comes to making
the doll, im getting kind of nervous that the
finished product wount match,what the costu-
mer had in mind-stupid i guess, -they know
its impossible for me to see exatly what they
do their head.

6: Im the kind of woman, that likes to think
of myselves,as a romantic country-girl
( and i ame), but really im feeling kind of
better staying near a town where im closer
to a lot of other things than nature.

I tag:

early morning thoughts Nellie
Viola Saray-Viola
Artick Sanja
Moa Mo`a Romig-Boyles
Anita My Country Cottage Garten
Arte Ego Alicja

Here are the rules dear friends:

THE RULES (for this game of tag)








7. DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN (not actually a rule)

I wish all and everyone a wonderfull weekend

xo Dorthe

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back home to mr.frost, and a sweet packet

Returning from yet another wonderfull week,
looking after my two grandchildren, this
two lovely hearts was wayting for me.
I ordered them from Anita from Germany

They are so beautifully made, i love the
birds with :"Angels can land everywhere"
makes me feel calm.
They are gifts to someone special.

Look how sweet she decorated the enwelope.
Mr Frost was here today, everything looks
white , and with a mysterius mist ,so beau-
And the sunrise too.

Well wish you all a wonderfull wednesday.
Hugs Dorthe

Monday, January 12, 2009

The wonder of nature

This little wonder i found hanging from a
busch a week ago , taking a walk .
Ofc ourse i had to take it home with me,
and do something with it.

I have this little marble centrepiece that
needed something for the spring.
So here it is , an old cottonbird has layed
a few eggs there, and calls it now its Castle.

I used one of Dawns altered bird emages
to hang from the side, with an old key,
and a rusty piece.Its wayting for the sign

Here you see it on top of a little sweet
shelf, hanging over this wonderfull
little closet that my husbond made
for me many years ago, and my friend
Solvejg painted.
Its so sweet.
I wanted to show you some more pictures,
but blogger wount let me for the moment.
Im gone to my daughter for the next
6 dayes, - so till im back -have a lot of
happy dayes all.
xoxo Dorthe

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nellies wonderfull book

I couldnt resist it,-had to buy this ,more than,
wonderfull book from Nellie.
Look how beautifull it is.
Its a little book where you can fill the pages
with sekret thoughts or memories of
special moments. And that is what im going
to do.

see the old lace, and homespun cotton.

All the sides are laid with eighter wonderfull

old papers or fabric. And in between Nellie
giftet the reciever (me) with old pictures


and beautifull fabricks.

Even some metal medaillons, and old hand
writings, and transparensies are inside this book
made with loving hands.

Have you ever seen such a beautifull book?
Nellie i will write all my small and happy
sekrets in it, and alwayes feel happy to
hold it in my hands.
Im so happy i came first to buy this little
I wish you all a wonderfull satterday.
Hugs Dorthe

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inspired from JoAnnA`s wish giveaway

Inspired of JoAnnA from and the giveaway
she is having, i made this calender front page,
showing a couple of things i think is so very
importent to me to wish for the new year.

I wish the Angels will guard us on the
way, to a better world, and that we will
be able to hear what they tells us.I wish
for the nature that we will all stop and
think, that we will not disturpe more than
already done , so there will still be birds
singing, and butterflyes in beautifull
flowers, and fertile soil, for our grand-
children to experience.
I wish for a peacefull and loving worl.
That is my sekond wish dear JoAnnA-.
Xo Dorthe

The first snow

This is how it looks from my window in my
sleeping room.
I know you saw the viuw before, but this
time with snow.

And then two pictures for you to use,
if you wants to.
The first a madonna very old, and
beautifull.Its in an little icon and hanging on
my wall.

The next is from a "Mode de Paris"
journal, and the original piece. This i found
in a market, its framed in white .

Wishing you all a very happy thursday.
Hugs Dorthe

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A wonderfull giveaway

HALLO ALL , take a look over at JoAnnA`s
where she is having a great giveaway.

Its a darling art angel on bottle.
I would be happy to show you the picture,
but my system tells me everytime i try
that it is having a format it cant use,.

So dear friends take a look over there.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The first beach walk in 2009

Today my husbond and i took a very cold but
beautifull walk, on the beach near our home.
The sun was shining and there were driftwood to collect,
look a beautifull pile i got.
Now it has to dry before i can create with it.

Hope you are all enjoying the first day of the year.
Hugs from Dorthe