Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inspired from JoAnnA`s wish giveaway

Inspired of JoAnnA from and the giveaway
she is having, i made this calender front page,
showing a couple of things i think is so very
importent to me to wish for the new year.

I wish the Angels will guard us on the
way, to a better world, and that we will
be able to hear what they tells us.I wish
for the nature that we will all stop and
think, that we will not disturpe more than
already done , so there will still be birds
singing, and butterflyes in beautifull
flowers, and fertile soil, for our grand-
children to experience.
I wish for a peacefull and loving worl.
That is my sekond wish dear JoAnnA-.
Xo Dorthe

1 comment:

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

beautiful Dorthe!!! I'm so glad you felt inspired. Keep making that wonderful art.
love to you!