Monday, January 12, 2009

The wonder of nature

This little wonder i found hanging from a
busch a week ago , taking a walk .
Ofc ourse i had to take it home with me,
and do something with it.

I have this little marble centrepiece that
needed something for the spring.
So here it is , an old cottonbird has layed
a few eggs there, and calls it now its Castle.

I used one of Dawns altered bird emages
to hang from the side, with an old key,
and a rusty piece.Its wayting for the sign

Here you see it on top of a little sweet
shelf, hanging over this wonderfull
little closet that my husbond made
for me many years ago, and my friend
Solvejg painted.
Its so sweet.
I wanted to show you some more pictures,
but blogger wount let me for the moment.
Im gone to my daughter for the next
6 dayes, - so till im back -have a lot of
happy dayes all.
xoxo Dorthe

1 comment:

Mo'a said...

A lovely little nest. I love the way you set it up with a key and a crown.
I have been having fun catching up on your posts.
It is good to be home, but I do miss my Danish family.