Tuesday, January 27, 2009

news from my hand

I have for a long time tryed making some
new stuff, but did`nt had the curage to
show it here.Mainly becourse i did`nt
think it was good enough, but also be-
cause i think i hav`nt got my comple-
tely own style.Not that im trying to do
what others do, but influensed of all the
wonderfull things i ame.
Well Dear Nellie told me to just go ahead,
so here is some of my attemts.
My Valentine heart are made with old
laces, newspaper,emage of a fairy, and
a rusty crown . its about 22 cm high.

Im selling it for dkr. 95,00
or dollars 19,00

My little wallhang apr. 25cm.*20cm
is made from old linnen,sackcloth, laces,
an free image from Dawn with the
sweet birds,-its hanging from a rusty old
big nail.
The little nest are made of fibers of all
kind. I hope you like it?
its dkr. 165,-, dollar 33,-

Well erybody have a wonderfull thuesday.
XOXO Dorthe


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!!! Dorthe!!! These treasures are both so BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm SO glad that you posted them...Your artwork is AMAZING! Magical ~ hugs to you sweet friend!! xxoo, Dawn

Viola said...

How wonderful, Dorthe! Love them both! Great work! :o)

My Creative House said...

Meget flot artwork, dit hjerte er så fint og også de små vægophæng, tror ikke man kan ungå at få lidt af alt det men ser rundt omkring med i ens egne arbejder, din side er ny for mig, her er der bestemt også noget der inspirere mig, dine feer er helt fantastiske.

Sanja said...

both are beautiful Dorthe!